Forbidden Magna is an intriguing and beautiful-looking game under development at Marvelous AQL in Japan. If things work out, XSEED has expressed an interest in placing the strategy RPG with potential inn management elements in North American hands as well.

Siliconera had the chance to ask XSEED Executive Vice President Ken Berry whether there has been any consideration to publish Forbidden Magna in North America. They received a positive response:

Oh yes, definitely. It’s still early in the development process. I think moving forward, we will be working much more closely with Marvelous AQL Japan and try to bring as many of their releases to the US as possible.

Berry also confirmed that some former members of Rune Factory developer Neverland, which closed late last year, were retained to continue work on the new title:

Some of the ex-Neverland staff that were working Forbidden Magna, that team once Neverland closed was brought into MAQL’s internal office so they could finish up the game.

Forbidden Magna will be one to keep an eye on as it shapes up, but it looks like something with potential to carve out a niche similar to that of its Rune Factory predecessors, if localised. The 3DS title is currently planned for a 2014 release in Japan.