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XSEED Considering Publishing Forbidden Magna in North America

Posted by Tim Latshaw

A Marvelous proposal

Forbidden Magna is an intriguing and beautiful-looking game under development at Marvelous AQL in Japan. If things work out, XSEED has expressed an interest in placing the strategy RPG with potential inn management elements in North American hands as well.

Siliconera had the chance to ask XSEED Executive Vice President Ken Berry whether there has been any consideration to publish Forbidden Magna in North America. They received a positive response:

Oh yes, definitely. It’s still early in the development process. I think moving forward, we will be working much more closely with Marvelous AQL Japan and try to bring as many of their releases to the US as possible.

Berry also confirmed that some former members of Rune Factory developer Neverland, which closed late last year, were retained to continue work on the new title:

Some of the ex-Neverland staff that were working Forbidden Magna, that team once Neverland closed was brought into MAQL’s internal office so they could finish up the game.

Forbidden Magna will be one to keep an eye on as it shapes up, but it looks like something with potential to carve out a niche similar to that of its Rune Factory predecessors, if localised. The 3DS title is currently planned for a 2014 release in Japan.


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PrincessEevee9 said:

I forgot this game was even being made. Please let this be some kind of hope that someone still cares for the Rune Factory series.



Jampie said:

@Action51 Huh? Am I missing something? D: XSEED didn't publish Xenoblade Chronicles; they published Pandora's Tower and The Last Story. Or were you referring to something else?

Also, I hope this does get localized!



CrazyOtto said:

Marvelous AQL has done alot of things I like (they developed Fortune Street for Wii, ported Skullgirls to the PC, and created the Senran Kagura seires)



andrea987 said:

I read that as Forbidden Manga, for some reason. Which it'll still make sense, actually.
Anyhow, very interesting, let's hope they'll consider Europe too.



Windy said:

I hope this makes it too. Man the 3DS is becoming a RPG/Life-sim juggernaut. I'm really liking the combination of the 2. Runefactory 4 is amazing as is Disneys Magical World. Now if we can get this along with Fantasy Life in North America, we can just keep riding that train. Don't forget Animal Crossing and Tomadachi! You go XSEED!



Fruity_Insanity said:

I want them to finish hammering out the problems for TiTS FC on Steam and SC for PSN/Steam. ;n;

I want my English Kiseki...



Zombie_Barioth said:

I think he just mashed the Project Rainfall games together since two out of three were published by them. It does seem like a game they'd publish too.

Glad to hear XSEED is considering it, I loved the work they did with RF4. As much as I like Natsume I hope they also take over for the series, and let Natsume stick to localizing Harvest Moon.



AVahne said:

Please do so XSEED. The only other 3DS game I want right now is 4 Ultimate. The rest of my portable gaming focus is on Vita and various obscure handhelds.



BinaryFragger said:

Instant purchase if they do.
I usually don't care much about collector's editions of games unless they're from Xseed, they do such a great job (especially with the Ys games on the PSP and Vita).



Klinny said:

I also read it as "Forbidden Manga" haha. This looks really cute, though! I'll be looking forward to hearing more about it



Einherjar said:

@Gelantious I was about to say the same. Just spread the english version, and how about a digital only release ? It saves a LOT of costs helps it spread even further.
The same goes for SMT IV in europe. English version, change lock, slap it onto the eShop and be done with it. Better late (and digital) then never.



CaviarMeths said:

Rune Factory 4 was better than A Link Between Worlds. Yes, indeed. Glad that the core staff was retained, and I'll be looking forward to this title. XSEED is the dude.



antipop621 said:

Cool! I try to support XSEED as much as I can. I'll use this space to plug the incredible Unchained Blades. So sad they sequel will likely never be localize.



Dpullam said:

Sounds like a cool game, and the Nintendo 3DS could always use more games.



Deathgaze said:

Considering Marvelous AQL and XSEED are the exact same company just different name, yeah it's a pretty logical step...

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