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NFERNO commented on Natsume Promises a Return to Basics in Harvest...:

How can they go "back to the roots" for games they never made in the first place? All Natsume did was translate the games that Marvelous originally made. Going back and doing something like it was done 15+ years ago is an easy way out. Story of Seasons sets the standard for farming games Natsume, you need new ideas. In other words: Innovate, do something original.



NFERNO commented on Nintendo Officially Confirms It's Distributing...:

Why is Nintendo so slow at getting anything done? The 3DS Amiibo peripheral won't be out til the fall, and now they can't get this done before next year? Luv ya Nintendo but you really shoot yourself in the foot being so slow.



NFERNO commented on Nintendo's 'Stability' 3DS Update 9.5.0-22 Tak...:

If people use their 3DS in an unintended way, and brick it, thats not Nintendo's fault or problem. They don't have to brick it themselves, but I don't see what's wrong with them making it easy for you to brick it if you do something they don't want you doing. Then it's your own fault if it stops working. Nothing illegal about that. For a test, fill your car up with Pepsi, then call your cars manufacturer and try blaming them cause it won't run.



NFERNO commented on Rumour: Wave 3 amiibo Release Dates Revealed f...:

I'm tired of people using the excuse that "Nintendo could not have foreseen the success of Amiibo". They have been around to watch Skylanders sell very very well for the last five years, so if Nintendo wasn't paying attention to that, then they had their heads stuck under a rock.