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Just recently there was a tantalising reveal of a new Marvelous AQL 3DS title called Forbidden Magna; some additional details have now come to light, thanks to a kind soul with a copy of Famitsu and a bit of patience.

The game will apparently mostly closely resemble the 3DS Harvest Moon titles, using a mixture of super-deformed characters with 2D illustrations shown during conversations. A lot of the gameplay mechanics revealed so far seem to revolve around using spirits - aiding you in battle as well as dressing up in maid outfits to help run an inn. Spirits that grow to trust lead character Lux will have extra moves and unique events occur.

Battles are completely grid-less, with player characters acting at the exact same time as enemies do using the game's "Connect Lead Time" system, much like Sega's fondly-remembered Valkyria Chronicles.

The official website launches properly next Monday, so we should be able to break down more details then — the Famitsu website has also posted a number of screens and characters names, too. This is set to arrive in Japan this year.

[source gematsu.com, via famitsu.com]