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Multiplayer Sci-Fi Alien Shooter Hive Jump Coming to Wii U

Posted by Liam Doolan

Not for the faint hearted

Undoubtedly drawing inspiration from classic sci-fl horror flicks such as Ridley Scott’s Alien, indie game developer Graphite Labs has revealed via Twitter that it will be bringing its own video game adaption of this classic genre to the Wii U.

Thanks to Nintendo’s “open arms” towards indie development, Hive Jump will be able to offer Wii U owners a fun, frantic and fast-paced multiplayer shooter experience in the style of a beloved 2D platformer. Attached is a back-story, adding a little extra meaning to all the flying bullets, explosions, and alien slaying on-screen.

There’s not much else to reveal right now except for the fact the title is likely to appear on the Wii U in the form of an eShop release – and that it is also slated for a PC release – so while you wait for more details, check out the dark but fluorescent trailer of Hive Jump below, and let us know if you'd be keen on shooting-up some alien baddies in the near future.

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Thanks to Jelani Thompson for the tip.


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andrea987 said:

Well, not exactly a CoD contender, but it could turn out better than Aliens CM...eheh



ToniK said:

Wow, pixel art. Now that's original... Yeah, I played enough of these games on PC in the late 90s. I'll pass.



Emblem said:

@epicdude12302 It does .

Really looking forward to this game I've been following it for a while. The Devs are quiet active on the greenlight page if anyone wants to ask questions.



Spoony_Tech said:

Wow that looks intense but what's up with the dark games lately? I don't want to see half the screen. Look I get it here and Steam World Dig but I want to see the entire screen and not the dark parts. For a game like this the dark seems annoying.



Laxeybobby said:

Well I was excited when reading the intro. Then I saw the video. Come on surely there are only so many retro comadore 90's inspired games the WiiU owners can take. Are we going backward or forward with this console!



mastermp2 said:

Looks cool

But I would have prefered 3D graphics or 16 bit style. This looks between 8 and 16 which is weird



Spanjard said:

Seems like a fun multiplayer game. For the right price, I might get this one.



ULTRA-64 said:

Well count me in, right up my ally this is =)
Also, this has nothing to do with Ridley Scott's 'alien' is clearly James Camerons 'aliens' that has inspired the game. It looks action, not horror based.



SKTTR said:

first time i see this... good oldschool multiplayer fun. is it out soon?



Kaze_Memaryu said:

This reminds me a lot of the PC game Soldat. In a semi-good way.

Though the horror aspect will most likely drown in machine gun barrages.



AVahne said:

If it has local as well as online, I'll bite. I'm already looking forward to HELLDIVERS on Playstation consoles, so having a co-op shooter on a Nintendo platform would be great as well.



ChessboardMan said:

@ULTRA-64 I'd call it Action Horror, rather than simply straight Action. Action is more like Commando, one man against impossible odds, and barely breaking a sweat. While Aliens was a group against impossible odds, where you weren't sure who would make it, if any. There's a lot of action, yes, but a lot of fear and dread too.
This game seems to be going for a rather chaotic brand of action horror. It's trying to add a horror aspect by including the element of the unknown, with the hiding things in darkness thing. Looks fun but more chaotic than I'd expect for horror… though I suppose that Left 4 Dead is also Action Horror, and that can be chaotic too.
I'll be keeping my eye on this…



Dark-Link73 said:

The 2D kind of turned me off but the local multi made me regained interest. I'll be watching this one with some interest



unrandomsam said:

I have played loads (Probably about 20) of games with this type of shooting mechanic and I have never liked any of them apart from the Serious Sam one. (Doesn't feel right moving with the dpad and shooting with the analog stick and I don't like moving with analog for 2D games either.)



Graphitelab said:

Hey guys,
Matt Raithel from the Hive Jump team here. Thanks for reading about the game! We’re all huge Nintendo fans at Graphite and it will be a proud moment indeed when we can load up Hive Jump on the WiiU!

Few questions answered:

We don’t know 100% about online Multi-player for WiiU yet, but local CO-OP is hugely important to making this game work on the WiiU. We grew up on classics like Contra and they were always more fun when playing with friends. That’s what we want to recapture here.

Though it is a bit dark in that early trailer (Just wait – a new one is in the works!), we’re not even close to the final lighting setup for the game in that video. Check out what we’re doing with Sprite Lamp and we hope you’ll stick with us as we try to become the first pixel art title using this method of dynamic pixel lighting!

Speaking of Pixel Art, yeah, we concede it isn’t for everyone. But, it is an art style near and dear to our hearts and we have always had more success when we follow our hearts.

We plan to get it out this year – so we’re not sure if that qualifies as soon or not… hopefully it means "soon"!

So, thanks again for checking out the game, we hope you’ll stick with us as we continue to share more about Hive Jump for WiiU!



Action51 said:

Hey, did anyone else notice the "space marines" helmets and color schemes are kinda-sorta a bit like Samus Aran, Master Chief, Gordon Freeman and...???



sinalefa said:


As with Michael from Nocturnal Games, I commend you for approaching gamers directly.

I have a quick question that no doubt you have heard before. What controllers will you support in the Wii U port? Thanks!



TheRealThanos said:

And how exactly is this not for the faint hearted? I wouldn't even be able to scare my 3 year old nephew with this...

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