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Video: This Pier Solar HD Teaser Trailer Will Make You Weep Tears Of 16-Bit Joy

Posted by Damien McFerran

HD update of WaterMelon's retro RPG is shaping up nicely

Pier Solar HD is one of those Wii U eShop titles that we simply can't wait to get our hands on, having already played and enjoyed the Mega Drive / Genesis original.

Developer WaterMelon has now released a new teaser for the HD edition, which not only ties in with the game's arrival on Steam Greenlight, but also with the announcement that it will be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One.

Feast your eyes and then post a comment to let us know what you think. The game is due out in April.

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3dcaleb said:

not for me. but it does look like a decent game. im sure it will do well.



unrandomsam said:

I would have bought it on the Dreamcast if it wasn't on Steam. (I did for Gunlord).

Dunno what I will do if the add a really bad DRM might get the Dreamcast one then anyway I do want it.



bezerker99 said:

@MAN1AC - I could be wrong but I was under the impression this was going to be Wii U exclusive. (Perhaps I'm thinking of another game....)

EDIT: Yeah, I must be thinking of a different game. Carry on.



MAN1AC said:

This game was announced for the 360, PC, and Sega Dreamcast (LOL) before the Kickstarter had a Wii U stretch goal.



rjejr said:

Too bad thy couldnt update the movement to go w/ the graphics, walking in only 4 directions looks a bit too old school. Wont stop me from playing it, but it may drive me insane if they often move up or down when I want them to go left or right. If its forward only controls like the old Tomb Raiders then I can't even play it. That happened w/ Dragonriders of Pern on the Dreamcast. Waited years thru multiple delays and then all I could do was run around in circles, could just never get the hang of it.

That long rant aside, looks and sounds good.



FX102A said:

@rjejr Are you referring to Tank-style controls, aka the early Resident Evil games? That would be a serious turn off for me too, yet surprisingly was able to use them in the Strike series of games.



Gerbwmu said:

I'm excited for this and Child of Light..........I've always been a sucker for turn based RPG games



TruenoGT said:

I think I like the original art more... the high res mixed with low res never works well IMO. It's like mixing sprites and polygons...



Anguspuss said:

more eshop goodness. So much stuff Im waiting for to come to e shop. Lasteyear was year of Luigi this is year of the e shop.



Reala said:

Actually really want the dreamcast version, but will probably end up getting it on steam



Player4 said:

Wait, what? It's coming to the Dreamcast? Will it there be a physical release? Why is this so confusing to me?

Anyhoo, this game looks pretty neat



rjejr said:

@FX102A - Only RE games I've played are 4 on the Wii and the 1 on the Dreamcast which had more modern movement but now that you mention "tank" I do recall reading about those controls for RE as well. I think "up" was always forward and then left and right were only used for turning, not even sure if down did anything. Always hated those.



JustinH said:

I hope this is really good. Not sure if I'll get it or not — there should be a ton of old-school RPGs coming to the Wii U this year — but I hope if I don't play it, those who do will love it.

@Kodeen That's amazing.



Kirby-life said:

Does anyone know if the music used in the trailer is the in-game music? if it is, I am even more excited for this game.



Haxonberik said:

Yeah, the combination of 16-bit and HD environments doesn't convince me. I'll play the game in full 16-bit if I get it.



Action51 said:

@TruenoGT I agree. I never like the HD hand drawn mixed with pixel art, it ruins the "illusion" of a coherent visual world for my tastes. I love pixel art, and I love hand drawn...but together they feel cut and paste.



NodesforNoids said:

Wii had a bunch of crappy, hour long, motion heavy games and a hint of indie greatness. And people complained and hated it.
Wii U has tons of passionate developers, releasing the 'core' style games (by gamers, for gamers) that people said the Wii was missing and people KEEP complaining.
I didn't buy a Wii because a) paying to play Twilight Princess or RE4 a second time was a stupid idea b) motion controls and c) no dedicated old school RPGs.
Wii U is a treasure trove for real console gamers, games that still feel right on consoles. Steam's great for cheap gamers, but I'm just not cheap enough to think Steam is replacing the tried and true experience. Like holding dedicated hardware, opening a real box, leafing through an instruction booklet.. It's the magic of a new game.
AAA titles are all fine and well if that's your thing, but I never asked for Thief, another Metal Gear Solid, another Tomb Raider Reboot or a FFXIII sequel. Though after playing Galaxy 2 3 years ago, I was more than ready for another zany 3D Mario game. And DKC. They're magic, hearkening back to a happier time in human history while remaining completely timeless. Pier Solar is a wonderful game and should be experienced by every gamer worth their salt.



odd69 said:

i wish this would hurry up and release already. I think it should do well, i sense that WiiU supporters and adopters and Nintendo fans alike just want MORE good content, Indie and Retail.



ricklongo said:

Another eShop title I can't wait for, especially now that Bravely Default reignited my JRPG itch.



Action51 said:

@T7L3R :Yup!

What I look forward to from the new indie movement, is that it lowers the gate of entry for truly talented people who might toil away in obscurity with their great ideas going unrealized working for a big developer being published by one of the monolithic publishers.

They may not have huge budgets, giant marketing departments that can put award show hosts in front of Doritos and Mountain Dew displays, or spark wars about 1080p and 60fps play on "next gen" consoles...but they can create fun and memorable experiences at reasonable prices that don't need to sell ten million copies on release day to pay bloated executive salaries...then turn around and lay off everyone that worked on the game.

Every small developer who does something new or makes a truly fun experience might lead to bigger and better things!



Retrogamer88 said:

well its about time someone stood up and did something like this! i love the 16 bit era (probably my fave besides 8 and 32 bit) and it just looks like a blast, and FYI Action 52 not only has the best name on this site but probably the best picture to boot lol

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