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Video: Manami Matsumae Performs Her Awesome Mighty No. 9 Theme Song

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Tune those retro ears


Unfortunately the live performance video and the related source article have been taken down. Below is another version of the theme tune in the meantime...

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Original Article:

The release of Mighty No. 9 may still be over a year away on multiple platforms — including the Wii U and 3DS eShop stores — but we can still enjoy the various snippets of content that emerge. Today brings us a live performance of the theme song, which reminds us how important music can be in building anticipation of a major release.

The performance is from composer Manami Matsumae, the highly-regarded former Capcom employee well known for her relatively recent work on Mega Man 10, while she is also contributing music for Yacht Club Games' upcoming Shovel Knight; it's also set for download release on the Wii U and 3DS.

You can check out the live performance from BitSummit 2014 below.

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User Comments (41)



Silent said:

I'm curious to see how this game will turn out. Unfortunately it's a year away, but that's not a long time. Remember when Pokemon X/Y was announced a year ago?



GuSolarFlare said:

it sounds so cool!!!!! videogames should go back to this music style it sounds so much better!
just like Megaman games!
then again, it is a Megaman game with other name......



Hy8ogen said:

Oh my gawd....Comcept PLEASE MAKE THIS GAME AWESOME!!!!

I wanted a new megaman/megamanX dearly since X6 in 2001.... X7 and X8 are just plain rubbish. 3D is not megaman's thing, 2D side scrolling all the way! Also the graphics.....the X7 and X8's character models looked weird! If it's not Keiji, it's not megaman...



Onett said:

@Hy8ogen What about X8 made it rubbish? The game at its core was still a 2D sidescroller, but with 3D visuals. I understand that there were maybe two stages that were borderline 3D rail shooters but aside from that, it was still a 2D sidescrolling Mega Man X game at heart. Simply put, visuals have very little influence on how fun a game can be if it is crafted well. I have a blast playing Star Fox 64 regardless of Fox's arwing being a triangle with a low poly head sitting on top of a jpeg of his cockpit.

I believe a lot of people call difficult games 'bad games' for various reasons. If so called 'gamers' can get passed the difficulty and quit being jaded, maybe they can appreciate X8 for what it really is, the closest thing we are going to get to a classic X game on the PS2.



Josaku said:

There are more and more reasons to buy this game when it comes out with every report I read. I hope this game will be as good as I want it to be! ^^



Hy8ogen said:

@Onett Okay maybe I did went abit vocal there. It is a okay game, but compared to X1-6, it just felt kind of short. The graphics are weird and overall animation is weird too (especially zero). I just wish Comcept will buy out megaman so they can continue with the series with Inafune Keiji's magic.



Dave24 said:

Wow that SUCKED! Nearly as bad as MM10. It's not even annoying, it's unmemorable.



unrandomsam said:

@GuSilverFlame Doesn't do anything for me. I want music that makes me want to play the game more this isn't that. (Rondo of Blood is that music. Or the music from Panzer Dragoon Saga - even just the title screen music). More than likely its a music choice. When the music changes at the end of A Link Between Worlds I like that one overworld song more than anything in the rest of the game.



GuSolarFlare said:

@unrandomsam well you're mixing genres here(but it's my fault for not being specific) those games you mentioned aren't compatible with this type of music at all.
but yeah I'm tired of all the classical music instruments, it's always the same lately.....



unrandomsam said:

@GuSilverFlame If I like the music I am not even bothered whether it is appropriate to the game or not. (I really like the Music for X4). Not bothered whether it is orchestral or not. Think it might be something I don't like can be made into something I do just by changing the key.



GuSolarFlare said:

@unrandomsam well the keyboard was really out of tone compared to the other parts, maybe because it wasn't pre recorded but it definitely felt out but the rhythm was something I really liked.



Psyclone said:

NICE!!! takes me back to when I was young.. only those who grew up playing Megaman games will appreciate this music



Lunapplebloom said:

Lovely music. Now I wish I had backed this game for a copy. Oh well, I'll be one of it's first customers with music like that. Simply awesome...



JaxonH said:

This is LIVE. The song sounds much better when listening to the official recording.

I love this theme- it's very fitting and well done, as always. This woman is legend among giants. She and David Wise are probably my two favorite individual composers for gaming soundtracks...



DreamOn said:

The three people in the room were confused about when to applaud, which is too bad because that was awesome!



Dpullam said:

That music is actually pretty good. It sounds original and is very catchy.



sinalefa said:

It does not let me see the video, it says that it is a private video. Oh well. I will wait a year from now to hear it in all its (8bit) glory.



Magikarp3 said:

I like the song, I think it's pretty interesting and energetic. Only real complaint (and it's pretty minor) is that there's a lot of elements going on and there's no refrain so to speak, which is probably why people are saying it isn't memorable.



AlternateButtons said:

What a lovely theme. Gotta love those lyrics! How did it go again? "This Video is Private?" Oh my what inspiring lyrics.....speaks to my soul. Absolute euphoria yo.



Uberchu said:

@Lord_Ghirahim I am hell! Videos private, BRB letting out meh hellhounds(!)

EDIT: clicking on the source link says this "This post is not live and only visible to editors"

Better feed my hellounds some super shrooms B4 I let them free...



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Onett At the same time it goes for "easier" games as well. There seem to be a number of people that complain a game is "easy" and then write the game off as a bad game.

Seems like difficulty is just such a taboo subject nowadays. Same with the whole "fun" vs "competition" debate.



ThomasBW84 said:

@sinalefa That's weird, the source article has also been taken down by Destructoid...

I've updated the article with a vid of the main theme from the Kickstarter campaign. Oh well



MAN1AC said:

The Mega Man series has always had GREAT music so I'm glad to see(and hear) that Mighty No. 9 will be the same.

Hopefully the game can live up to all the hype.



MHMason said:

I enjoyed the song, but it definitely doesn't ramp your expectations like in one of the core Mega Man games of yore.



unrandomsam said:

@Ernest_The_Crab The problem I have is Nintendo says they are targetting the games at everybody but they are not they are targetting the games at people who have never played a game before in there life. For something like NSMB all they need to do is have 3 difficulty levels.

Easy like it is now
Normal Bosses take 6 hits. There is only 50% of the number of power up mushrooms.
Hard Bosses take 9 hits. There is only 25% of the number of power ups.

The same game would be then targetted at everyone. (Like they say they are). A little bit more effort would involve each playthrough increasing the difficulty and changing the levels. (Like everybody used to do).

It would be less annoying as well if some games were made easier. (Kirby is coming soon to the 3DS so why not make Yoshi's Island equivalent in difficulty to the SNES version) - Donkey Kong Country Returns is a port so I don't count that.

Going back to 3D Rail Shooters I am not very good at them (Don't dislike them just not played very many) but just because I am not good at them doesn't mean there shouldn't be a reasonable difficulty for people who are good at them. (everyone means everyone.)



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@unrandomsam The problem is Mario games aren't meant to be complicated (I don't mean difficulty level). Nintendo probably prefers a simple setup for the Mario series so it is more pick up and play. It would most likely go against the design for a Mario game for it to have the difficulty setting option instead of a difficulty curve.

This is of course in contrast to a series like Zelda, which the players will most likely play it all in one go anyways or for prolonged periods of time. A rail shooter falls under this category as well as someone generally play it in one sitting.

I don't disagree that the Mario series needs a steeper difficulty curve (seems to always flatten out some point early and then jump up at the end of the game for 1 level).



WaveGhoul said:

I for one love this track, if it's the same exact track(that's available now) Vs the one that was just taken down that is. the beginning riff perfectly captures the sound of a new beginning. for mega man, ahem spiritual successor mighty N.9!



Henmii said:

Can't say anything about the live version since I didn't hear it, but the other version is awesome!



defrb said:

I can only listen to the non_life_performance, and have to say it got the gaming spirit, though it sounds a bit flat. Not bad at all. To be honest this sounded more like a sonic themed song. I can't get that sonic out of my head when listening to this song.

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