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Nintendo Canada Announces an Awesome Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Contest

Posted by Samantha Sofka

Where's Rain Man when we need him?

Calling all Canadian Nintendo Lifers! Nintendo of Canada Ltd. is currently running a special contest for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. The contest, aptly named "Banana Mania," is open only to Canadian residents and offers one Grand Prize and five second place prizes, both including a copy of Retro Studios' newest Donkey Kong title.

Grand Prize winners will receive a trip for four to the Whistler Blackcomb skiing resort in BC, including flights, accommodation, lift tickets, equipment rentals, and private lessons. They will also receive a Wii U system, bundled with a copy of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Wii Remote Plus and one Nunchuk.

Second place winners will all receive a Wii U, packaged with a copy of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Wii Remote Plus controller and one Nunchuk.

You'd be insane not to be bananas over these prizes! So, how do you enter? Visit Nintendo Canada's official Facebook page and check out the video below for more details.

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Remember, you have until 20th February 2014 at 11:59 pm PT to enter, so get counting!

Thanks to Undead_terror for the tip.


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Warbeard said:

Sweet, harmless and fun - like the rest of Nintendo This doesnt make me wish I lived in Canada, but good on those that do!



MJKOP said:

Nice! Good luck to anyone entering, be nice if someone from Nintendo Life won!



King47 said:

Nintendo Canada is a thing? I thought Canada fell under NOA. Speaking of NOA, I keep hating it more the more I hear about other Nintendos.
Good prizes though.



Katzii said:

@PrincessEevee9 the article, which I'm sure you read extremely thoroughly, quite clearly says "Canada only".

I say good for them. Canada misses out on enough US offers; it's nice for them to have something for once.



antipop621 said:

I'm Canadian. BC is beautiful but I hate traveling and physical activity, so the grand prize doesn't appeal to me at all.

But good luck to the contestants!!



Ruceyod said:

I think this is the first Canadian contest that does include Québec. Joy !

I tried to enter but the page itself doesn't work because it loops back to the front page...



Obito_Sigma said:

Nintendo of Canada? Is that a thing? Huh, I always thought that NoA contests were for Mexico, USA, and Canada. I guess that Canada's going solo. That's fine, more chances of winning for me in the USA!



DreamOn said:

I live in Vancouver. I got rid of Facebook a year ago but the prize might be good enough to make a one-timer account



rjejr said:

Ive been coming to this site for 6 or 7 years - well vc-reviews way back when - and I cant recall ever seeing the words Nintendo and Canada next to each other. But good for them. Im still on the lookout for a deal myself so I know where to buy it. US has so many possibilities both online and off. Too bad Amazon seems to have cut back on its $1 day 1 delivery.



Great_Gonzalez said:

That video was awesome! I want a DK suit like that!!!
Hopefully a shorter version of this can be advertised on TV or as a sponsor for a popular TV show.



Undead_terror said:

I would rather be a runner up then the winner because I wouldn't have to time to go skiing, I just hope I had a good guess.



larry_koopa said:


Is it wrong that I would rather win one of the second place prices..? A trip to BC just doesn't sound very appealing. lol



sinalefa said:

Those prizes sound great. Nice to see they are throwing an extra set of controllers. They should be banana yellow!

Good luck to all who enter.



hYdeks said:

Yes, all 5 of you Canadians who are still Nintendo fans, you should jump on this

I'm sorry, but I'm from Canada and usually gamers here have either Xbox or Playstation, I know absolutely no one with Nintendo stuff, there really isn't much love left for Nintendo in Canada, it seems. Should have made this contest for all of North America, get a nice amount of people to enter



Uberchu said:

@sinalefa I'd rather the red controllers if I could enter, rather than 5 yellow controllers that only 5 will have, and they will end up getting lost in the abyss only to be found millions of years from now when they are worth $1M+



Matts14 said:

This is perfect I'm from Canada love skiing, got my own skis and boots and I love nintendo. Go Canadian olympic team.



MrCanzine said:

One reason I imagine it'd be open only to Canada is the logistics. If some from another country won there could be complications with border crossings or lack of proper passport requirements. I doubt Nintendo wants to deal with bad press when someone is denied their grand prize because of cross-border issues.



Luigi789 said:

wow it seems that other nintendo companies are boosting up the marketing except the U.S sigh :/



Luffy said:

dam wont let me enter. Keeps saying BEFORE YOU ENTER LIKE OUR PAGE. After I like takes me back to starting page and I click enter again its a never ending loop.



Klinny said:

Wow, I didn't even know there was a Nintendo of Canada lol. It won't let me enter at the moment, so I'll try again later.



Jeremyx7 said:

I'm pretty sure I would've won this had it been open to USA residents as guess is a very very calculated estimate. Or at the very least would've come close. I just have a feeling I got it very close, I shall find out when the results come up.



Funny_Moblin said:

@hydeks So true, I feel ya. That's the problem we have. And there's me with my 9 Wii U games, including monster hunter, and no friends to play with online. It's a shame, really.



yokokazuo said:

@hydeks There are a good number of Nintendo fans in my area, but I think that like in most places, there are also a lot of sony/Microsoft fans. I have a few friends who own a Wii U and some who are waiting for the next Zelda or some other game.



Nin_Stream said:

False. Most Canadians I know, have no interest in Xbox. Most are either Nintendo or Sony.



Williaint said:

My guess was Banana.
Is this DKC 5? It may have something to do with 5; that was my guess.

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