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Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS Screens - Issue Twenty Five

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Cute Nintendog! Little Mac! Home-Run Bat! More!

Super Smash Bros. made another Nintendo Direct appearance last week, with 2014 again emphasized as the release window, to remind us that the iconic series isn't far away from a Wii U and 3DS return.

We're a little later than normal with the summary this time, but Masahiro Sakurai continues to use the Super Smash Bros. Director's Room to coax fans along. Last week included a humorous return of the Home-Run bat, while that aforementioned Nintendo Direct appearance was used to reveal Little Mac as a new challenger, a character making his first appearance in the series.

So, as always, last week's screens are below for you to enjoy; you can click on the date heading to visit the Miiverse posts in question and give them a Yeah.

10th February

11th February

12th February

13th February

14th February

Quite a variety on show this week, so let us know what you think in the poll and comments below.

What's your favourite Smash Bros. screen this week? (352 votes)

A cute Nintendog chills in front of the TV


Lucario is a show-off as MARTH (not Chrom) attacks


DK looks stunned as Toon Link hits a Home-Run


Peach can sing a rainbow, and make one too


Little Mac's power punch brings the heat


Um, I can't decide


To be honest, I don't like any of them


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User Comments (66)



Pit-Stain said:

@ThomasBW84 You wrote "Chrom" instead of "Marth" in the second vote.
Anyway, I'm going with the Little Mac announcement. The announcement video was great and hilarious!



sinalefa said:

I had to go with the Nintendog for messing with Sakurai's head. But all pics are nice



LavaTwilight said:

Wow 0% for Peach... Am I the only one to choose that one? OK now I feel a little fruity I can't help it though, it's such a purdy picture!



B-Squared said:

Anytime a newcomer or veteran is shown off in a pic, that is an automatic winner This time though, I gotta go with!



Yosher said:

Home-run bat picture for me. I don't really care much for Little Mac personally, but it's still good that he's in of course.



Shworange said:

Little Mac really was a no brainer for the series. After he was announced you had to wonder why they didn't think to put him in several games ago. He's a friggin boxer afterall!



AlexSora89 said:

It's a draw ("can't decide" option) between Peach's Rainbow and Little Mac's "Falcon Punch (?)".
Also, the bat, because Toon Link.
And the Nintendog pic, because it's from the 3DS version - that is, the one I care about the most.



NintyMan said:

It was a close one between DK's funny face and Little Mac's first pic, but I chose the home-run bat. It looks so cool!



PrincessEevee9 said:

De rainbows across the sky what does it mean. O.O Possible new move for Peach over reveal for Macintosh do main her after all.



SphericalCrusher said:

You mean Marth, not Chrom... DID YOU EVEN PLAY FIRE EMBLEM!!?!?!? /cry

But yeah, I do hope they add Chrom to this game. He's one of my most requested now that they added Lil Mac.



AyeHaley said:

I don't even know if I can live through a MK-less spring, let alone another summer void of anything Smash...Its looking phenomenal, we need this as soon as its ready. Oh hope they release the game early on the eShop just like Wind Waker...That should get people even more excited.

Oh, anyone else certain Nintendo will release Smash or Wii U first? I bet there are enough people who would get a Wii U just so they can play it as soon as possible. (Having other awesome Wii U games to play between smash matches helps)
Launching both versions at the same time will only hurt the Wii U version, unless they give the 3DS version for free when you get the Wii U version or some other kind of bundle.



LztheQuack said:

Everyone knows that the Nintendogs should be a playable fighter too. It's so obvious



Mahemoth said:

uhm, I think it has already been pointed out that Thomas made a little mistake lol. They both look like girls so I can see why.



Gamer846 said:

Those who follow smogon rules cant play as lucario...
Evasion moves are banned xp



Lostog said:

it's already been pointed out, but that's marth; if you're not sure, just google chrom.



Rezalack said:

As much as I love the announcement of Little Mac, I like that picture of Link and DK more. It's just so great looking. Plus that new bat is purddy.



MysticX said:

The expression on Donkey Kong's face makes me wonder exactly where Link hit him with that homreun bat



sinalefa said:


I see it that way too. Having Smash as a "timed exclusive" for Wii U could move some systems. The fact that they show the Wii U version the most also makes me think it will be released first.



CliffordB said:

Am I the only person that thought for a moment that a new Punch-Out!! game for the Wii U was about to be announced in the Nintendo Direct?

I honestly thought that's what was about to be revealed an actual (much needed) brand new Wii U game, I was gutted once I see it was just a character for SSB, MEH!



Lalivero said:

Okay, that Nintendogs pic looks good, is cute, and poor Sakurai's comment, aha. Had to go with it.

That Peach and rainbow pic though, wow.



Gashole said:

... and STILL no release date? Why should we care about all the screenshots and teasers if there's nothing to confirm it?
Oh, wait... it's coming out THIS YEAR.
Nice one, Nintendo. No wonder you're losing money.



littlethinker said:

hey nintendo. I posted something on miiverse that see's who thinks Nabbit should be in super smash bros for wii u/3ds. The results will be posted tomorrow around 4:30 to c who wants nabbit in the new game. If its okay with u guys (nintendo), i will be glad to tell u the controls tomorrow. Thanks. From: castlecrashers81



MysticX said:

@gamerphil07 Come on, DK getting whacked in the nards so hard his eyes bug out > everything else, mind you, little Mac looks cool, but comedy violence with whacky expressions is a very hard act to beat...



ningeek185 said:

These are all great weekly posts, but I have to go with the Home-Run bat. One of the franchise's greatest items, there's no denying the fact that the bat rules all. I don't even think Little Mac can face up to it.



gamerphil07 said:

@MysticX The Home-Run Bat is my favourite Smash item, and I love the picture, but Little Mac has got to be my favourite newcomer.



grimbldoo said:

I voted for her too. I dislike that people vote for pictures just because they showcase a new character. I love Little Mac and will probably main him, but all the other pictures looked better.



SonicBlast said:

Little Mac!! Woo!!

On a serious note, Mac looks great and I can't wait to play as him!



BAGBOY said:

My vote next week will go to the new pic released today, the glorious new item from the legend of zelda: the fairy bottle.



SG9000 said:


Seriously though, that bat looks awesome!

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