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Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Storms to the Top of the Japanese Charts

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

3DS XL (LL) sales enjoy a boost

Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru and Luca’s Wonderful Mysterious Keys has enjoyed its début in the Japanese charts, with its success also bringing a boost to the 3DS; as for Wii U, there's not much to bring cheers.

This week's Media Create results are dominated by two newcomers on the 3DS, with the DQ remake storming to some significant numbers while Puyo Puyo Tetris has a comparitively quiet start. Some evergreen 3DS titles are still making the top 20 cut, though this week doesn't include any Wii U games — the results are below with lifetime sales in parenthesis.

1. [3DS] Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru and Luca’s Wonderful Mysterious Keys – 443,656 (New)
2. [3DS] Puyopuyo Tetris – 44,627 (New)
3. [PS3] Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS. Full Boost – 29,647 (299,587)
4. [3DS] Yokai Watch – 28,407 (401,606)
5. [3DS] Kirby: Triple Deluxe – 24,658 (417,115)
6. [3DS] Puzzle & Dragons Z – 16,876 (1,343,779)
7. [PSV] Terraria – 15,070 (New)
8. [PSV] Super Heroine Chronicle – 14,467 (New)
9. [PS3] Diablo III – 13,204 (54,931)
10. [3DS] Pokemon X and Y – 11,963 (3,937,571)
11. [PS3] Sengoku Basara 4 – 10,968 (217,483)
12. [PS3] Puyopuyo Tetris – 10,306 (New)
13. [PS3] Super Heroine Chronicle – 9,618 (New)
14. [PSV] Puyopuyo Tetris – 8,973 (New)
15. [3DS] Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind – 8,130 (242,806)
16. [3DS] The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – 6,105 (372,647)
17. [PS3] Grand Theft Auto V – 5,799 (701,706)
18. [PSV] Disgaea 4 Return – 5,781 (39,530)
19. [PSV] Ebikore+ Amagami – 5,779 (26,298)
20. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4 – 5,654 (3,214,065)

The hardware results continue the generally quiet trends seen through January, though the 3DS LL (XL) enjoyed a solid boost with the help of Dragon Quest Monsters 2. As for the Wii U, it continues to sell in four figures, a continually disappointing run after its sizeable Holiday season boost; results below include last week's sales in parenthesis.

3DS LL – 36,306 (26,042)
PlayStation Vita – 16,951 (20,457)
3DS – 12,002 (11,420)
PlayStation 3 – 10,240 (14,100)
Wii U – 7,180 (8,072)
PSP – 2,948 (3,366)
PlayStation Vita TV – 1,331 (1,789)
Xbox 360 – 194 (260)

This week's chart results in Japan are all about Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru and Luca’s Wonderful Mysterious Keys. If you want to see more of the game be sure to check out our video of the first 30 minutes and our visual guide to the opening.


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Nintenjoe64 said:

Lets start a little game:
1. How much of a boost will DKCTF give Wii U hardware next week?
2. What weekly rate will it sink to between DKCTF and MK8?
3. When will we get a new Nintendo direct?



Peach64 said:

I'm sure we're going to see the 2DS released in Japan soon because those sales have to be a worry for Nintendo. 2013 numbers were down on 2012, and now they're significantly down on last year despite Kirby and Dragon Quest coming out. 410,000 sold in 6 weeks compared to 735,000 after 6 weeks last year.



Morph said:

The trouble with 3ds now is that apart from sequels there arent many nintendo franchises they can bring to it that havent been done, metroid, fzero and a proper starfox are about it. Im actually quite intested to see what nintendo have in store for us this year, because after yoshi's new island there's nothing on the release schedule



sinalefa said:

The gap between the first and second place in the software chart is huge.



Dpullam said:

I'd love to play Dragon Quest Monsters 2, but unfortunately it doesn't look like it will be arriving in North America anytime soon. It's nice to see that it is still popular in Japan though. At the very least, I'd like to see Dragon Quest 7 get localized in North America, but even that seems to have a slim chance.



Gerbwmu said:

@Nintenjoe64 --
1) 35,000
2) Avg 9,000 per week
3) Direct next Wednesday to hype up DKTF and give release date announcement of 1 Wii U game in late March

Edit — And by next Wednesday I totally meant tomorrow Feb 13th at 5 pm EST to discuss Wii U and 3DS games releasing this spring.........of course I typed this long before they made the announcement.....why?



zeldazero said:

Another perfect example of bad decisions by Nintendo...They keep putting these amazing games on the console that is already doing well!!! This game along with like a dozens others would have given the Wii U a commanding increase in sales but god forbid we give people what they want They need a 3ds virtual console or a 3ds wii u addon to play 3ds games on your tv like they had with the GBA on gamecube.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Nintenjoe64 At this point i just hope Nintendo hasn't abandoned their directs because it's to much of a financial burden. Let's see cut the more Nintendo Power. Get rid of the bi-weekly updates on the 3ds. Plus they seem to revealing some info in he last few weeks that normally would be in a direct. I just hope with all the financial stuff they been dealing with they just haven't had the time to put one together. Maybe DKC:TF will get then off their butts!



8bitforever said:

3DS will get passed up very soon in hardware sales. They have really exhausted the system outside of a few franchises. The Vita is growing in popularity and the PS4 launches in a few weeks in Japan. This sales chart will look very different after 2/22, and likely never go back like this again. The WiiU will also not see a huge boost from DKC:TF because that game isn't a system seller. Nintendo has no damn clue what they are doing anymore it seems and they are headed for a rude awakening. Mark my words: 2/22 will be the day that Nintendo starts losing in Japan.



Jimmy_G_Buckets said:

I don't think DKTF is going to help move consoles. Mario Kart, Smash Bros., Zelda and X should help. I really don't care if the WiiU flops, I'll just keep playing the solid 1st party IPs and the great games on the eshop. C'mon Shovel Knight!



JosieC84 said:

WOO HOO 3DS XL still being the beast. Pity it couldn't be the same for the Wii U @8bitforever what's up with all the hate for Nintendo? I love Sony too but I don't find them any better than Nintendo.



Wolfgabe said:

@8bitforever Keep dreaming. PS Vita still has a relatively long way to go before it ever has a chance of passing 3DS. As for PS4 look at the launch lineup. Most of those games don't even appeal to the Japanese audience. The PS Vita's fate was sealed when it Monster Hunter jumped over to 3DS



Jampie said:

@zeldazero Are you talking about DQM2? If you are, then how is it exactly a 'bad decision by Nintendo' that the game is on the 3DS? The game isn't developed or published by Nintendo if i recall correctly, it's by Square Enix. So why exactly is it Nintendo's fault that it is on the 3DS? Lol. Yeah, Wii U isn't doing well and Nintendo is partly to blame, but I'm getting tired of hearing people blame them for other things not even in their control.



Emblem said:

Another comments section with people talking crap about things they have no clue about yay.



C-Olimar said:

@8bitforever The Japanese are not going to stop buying the 3DS; it will never fall behind Vita. I can't see anything else wrong (imo) with what you said.

In the West, I think the 3DS is going to suffer a post Pokemon/Animal Crossing lull, as less compelling software and poor marketing combine to diminish its fortunes.



unrandomsam said:

1. Very little difference. Somebody dropping the price by £20 and Amazon matching it will make more difference. (Even though if it is reviewed as at least as hard as the last one I will get it).
2. I think it will be fairly similar to what it is now until Mario Kart 8 comes out.
3. No idea.



unrandomsam said:

@8bitforever PS4 won't sell straight away in Japan. PS3 didn't until it had stuff they wanted. Vita still doesn't have that much worth having (There is lots of Jap only UMD's that I would like but basically nothing on the Vita).



DarkCoolEdge said:

The future of both Nintendo systems is troublesome.

Everybody says the 3DS has an amazing catalog but I don't see it. Sure it has a good amount of good games but if you take a look at genres... most of them are lacking. I talk specially about the west, I can't take into consideration the DQ games or others if they can't be played here.

Racing games? FPS? TPS? 3D Action adventure? RPGs besides Atlus' dungeon crawlers? And many more. The only games that have started to abound are the kind of crap that filled both Wii and DS. You only need to look at the eShop in recent times, crappy games for children and some VC games.

I'm not a hater (take a look at my if you don't believe me), I'm concerned about the future of the devices I have and plan to enjoy for years to come.

I don't think there's anything to be said about WiiU. Its future is grim.



zeldazero said:

@Jampie Is it a Nintendo console? Yes. Do you not need permission to put a game on a Nintendo console? Yes. Point being is Nintendo keeps allowing great IP's to go on its prize pony but with nothing on its dying one which is why it is dying. If Sony can say, hey developers, if you make a PS4 game it "has" to be playable on the vita like the wii u gamepad for the Wii U, why can't Nintendo say hey, make your games also playable on both platforms? Needless to say developers really want to make games for the 3DS because of its big install base so they would do whatever they needed to just to release a game on it, even if it meant a quick port to the Wii U. Nobody here can tell me allowing 3DS games to be playable on the Wii U wouldn't make it the console to have and sell way more than Xbox One and PS4.



DarkCoolEdge said:

@zeldazero 3DS' architecture is very different from that of the WiiU which is not the case with Vita.

In fact the 3DS is the only device that doesn't support Unity and never will (they said it recently) or should I say, Unity doesn't support 3DS.



zeldazero said:

@DarkCoolEdge if you read my first comment you would see I said they should make a device like they did for the gamecube, an adaptor that would connect to the wii U that would allow playing 3DS games through the Wii U to a tv. If they did I would easily pay good money for it. Honestly, it is mostly because I love old school J-rpg's and the DS and #ds are the only place to get them anymore and I won't play on a 4 inch screen...



AJWolfTill said:

1) Well DK sold 1 million units on the Wii in Japan, and 300k on the 3ds, I'd be amazed if it took the Wii U beyond 18K units.
2) Judging by the currently known line-up exactly the same as now ~7500 unless they will be rolling out some big momentum push like they did at the end of last year.
3) I really really hope it's this Friday Now that Watch_Dogs is delayed the only solace in the next few months are Indie titles.



Jampie said:

@zeldazero So because it's a Nintendo console, it's Nintendo's fault if SE wants to publish the game on the 3DS. Okay. I definitely still think you're putting the blame on the wrong company for this one. So even if Square Enix doesn't want to develop for the Wii U because it might not make them money, it doesn't matter and they shouldn’t be given that choice of what system they can develop for? The 3DS is by far more popular than the Wii U in Japan right now and I doubt releasing the game on both systems would make a difference.

Should they just forget about making the game at all then if SE shouldn't be allowed to put the game on the 3DS if it isn't made available for the Wii U? That wouldn't be good for Nintendo either. That would probably just ruin 3rd party support for the 3DS and then they may have two failing systems on their hands. I doubt it would be a 'quick port' from the 3DS to the Wii U since the two systems are so different… it would still take time and money. And isn't the reason why PS4 games are playable on the PS Vita because of Remote Play which is done through streaming? So it's not exactly a port that game developers would have to make for the PS4 and PS Vita. Pretty sure the 3DS and Wii U isn't set up like that.

Why should every game be playable on both platforms? Systems need their own exclusives to distinguish themselves from the other systems. Would a majority of the people really go out and buy a Wii U just to play DQM2 if they already had a 3DS that could play it as well? Not everyone is made out of money. The 3DS game would probably be cheaper too. What about the GameCube? Was that a console to have when you were able to play GB/GBC/GBA games on it? Look at the PS Vita TV. Is that selling well? Most likely people who want such things are not the majority, but a vocal minority.



Yomerodes said:

Releasing 3DS games on Wii U would'nt make all that difference...perfect example, Puyo Puyo Tetris, second top seller for 3DS, managed even good sales on Vita...and the Wii U version is nowhere to be seen.



zeldazero said:

@Jampie Vita TV isn't selling well because it doesn't have good games lol. Obviously Nintendo Wii U needs exclusive genius but the problem is unless they sell more consoles the only exclusives it will have are made by itself. And yes, If people could play 3DS games on a wii U I guarantee people would buy a Wii U just to play on a big screen. I bet once regular ds games start showing up on the virtual console people will by a wii U. Put it this way, if the 3ds was the home console with the Wii U's library of games and the Wii U was the handheld with the 3ds's library of games the Wii U would be the one selling better. Also, as the numbers show, people obviously did by the 3DS just to play DQM2 so why wouldn't they have bought the Wii U in the same respect if it had been for that instead??



LoveSugoi said:

Half a million first week? Impressive. They should make a lot from this game. So how about using some of that money to give us a western release?

And what the heck is the PSVita TV? I'm just now noticing it.

@Nintenjoe64: 1. 20K 2. 10K 3. Next Week



Jampie said:

@zeldazero But in your previous posts, you're saying that it should be released for/be available on BOTH systems. If it was an exclusive, yes people would probably go out to get a Wii U, but you weren't saying that. So would a huge majority go out and buy a Wii U just to play it if it's available for the 3DS that they already own? No, as Yomerodes had just shown with another game. You also didn't answer my question about how the GameCube did with its Game Boy Player. I didn't see that many people rushing out to buy a GameCube. Also, I do think that there are plenty of good games that has been released for the PS Vita in Japan, but that still didn't make the PS Vita TV any more popular even if it was cheap and could play games on the TV.

Of course if you were to switch the situations about the amount of games around, then it would sound better, but then the 3DS would be the one doing terribly. So either way, I don't see the point you're trying to make by stating that because one of them would still be doing bad so the problem isn't even solved.

Also, the DS games being available on the Wii U makes sense because currently, Nintendo is not selling anymore DSes or developing for it. Nintendo is trying to sell the 3DS also, not just the Wii U. (EDIT: The addition of some sort of 3DS adapter for the Wii U may benefit some people, but the majority most likely wouldn't be rushing out to get a Wii U and would still go for the 3DS since it's at a lower price point if they were interested in portability and/or majority of the 3DS games. Even with remote play for the PS4 and PS Vita, people aren't rushing out to buy a PS Vita.)

EDIT: But we're getting incredibly off topic. I was only trying to tell you that I think you're putting the blame on the wrong company for DQM2 being put on the 3DS, so I will just stop here because I'm no expert on this stuff.



Gold said:

I wish the USA could get another DQ game. It's been over 2 YEARS!



Dpishere said:

I wish this game would come to America as Dragon Quest is one of my favorite rpg series, and because of that, I would certainly be willing to give this a try! By the way, why haven't we recieved the Dragon Quest VII remake yet? I have been wanting to play that game for quite some time now!



unrandomsam said:

@Dpishere I suspect the option the West will get for DQ VII will be iOS or PS1 no other choices. (Think what happened with Dragon Quest VI will affect it. They were stupid the way they did that though they should have reprinted IV / V / VI at that point when V was selling for loads and not available. Not just put out loads more copies of VI). I really want to buy it for 3DS so I want to be wrong.



Dpishere said:

@unrandomsam Yeah it would be a shame not to get Dragon Quest VII as I own the DS versions of V and VI and would love to add it to my collection. Fingers crossed



8bitforever said:

@EmpoleTRON Name calling? Only stupid people call others names so be carefull friend. I was just voicing my opinion on the situation, which may not be right, but I have been an avid gamer for over 25 years so I know the industry well. Time will tell I suppose.



8bitforever said:

@C-Olimar I agree with most of what you say, but I see the trend shifting dramatically not long after the PS4 launch. As to how much of a shift, that's something we will just have to keep an eye on. Good points though!



KittenKoder said:

@zeldazero The developers of the games are who decide what system the game is developed for, even for exclusive titles. The most a hardware company, like Nintendo, can do is deny a developer's access to the SDK and APIs.

DQM games, formerly DWM, have been my favorite monster collecting games, ironically, but because of them lacking in popularity and any good releases, I became a Pokemon fan instead. Fun fact: DQM2 is technically DWM3.

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