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Video: This New F1 Race Stars: Powered Up Edition Trailer Hits the Accelerator

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Maybe the real sport could do with some of these ideas

At the risk of irritating Formula One enthusiasts around the world, we'll suggest that it's a sport often lacking the wow factor. Occasionally races are thrilling, but there are plenty of occasions where the cars simply follow each other around for a couple of hours — at admittedly high speeds — before Sebastian Vettel wins. While we'll see how it stacks up very soon, we can confidently say that F1 Race Stars: Powered Up Edition isn't going for that realistic approach.

It arrives on the Wii U eShop in Europe and North America at an almost-retail price of £19.99 / €24.99 / $29.99, and includes some extra tracks and accessories while — it seems — lacking online play. It adds a download-only option to the kart-racing genre that's picking up a bit of momentum, joining Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and, in the not-too-distant future (we hope) Mario Kart 8.

It's taken a good while to arrive after early plans for a retail release, but are you interested in lining up on the grid in this one?

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okamiki said:

A codemasters game uh? And looks good and fun, hope they get enough sales to continue support the U.




I have been waiting for this to release, should hold me over until Mario Kart 8.



FourBs said:

I'd be interested if I didn't have pretty much everything in the Wii U's library to complete first.

Once it goes into a sale I'd be quite keen but I'd sooner have had Dirt on Wii U. Still, if enough people buy this I guess!



ajcismo said:

Meh, I can hold out for Mario Kart and maybe pick this one up down the road (so to speak) when its price drops.



freaksloan said:

I want! I didn't get it for the PS3 or Xbox, I will get for the Wii U. Can't wait to kick some F1 butt as Sebastian Vettel.



MikeLove said:

I was interested until I read 'no online play' as well.

What a joke this is. If its not Call of Duty or Monster Hunter, good luck finding something to play online on the Wii-U.



zeldagaymer93 said:

It looks like a fun game but for $30 and no online play it really doesn't look like it's worth it.



luke88 said:

Really not interested in this kind of game if there's no online. Now where did I put MK7.



C-Olimar said:

Was really looking forward to this but no online means no sell! If there's a sale I'll consider it, but a game like these needs online.



Spartacus3765 said:

Yeah, I'm a bit curious of the multiplayer aspect of the game myself, aside from the lack of online of course. Seems silly to not have any multiplayer for a game like this...



FineLerv said:

I had always just assumed it had online. Without it, Sonic Racers is still the best way to get your kart fix, I guess.



XFsWorld said:

Man I would have gotten this if it had online multiplayer. $30 is too much for a download only racing game with no online play



Anguspuss said:

Id buy it if it meant codemasters would release more of their racing games on wii u.

If its on sale id buy it



ZyroXZ2 said:

This looks fun, might be something to get on sale, as many have said above. The lack of online multiplayer is a bit irritating, though... haha



Tritonus said:

I feel bad for them... This really should have been a launch title, as Mario Kart being just around the corner is gonna make people get that one instead of this.

I guess there's still hope for them, with MK8 not having an actual release date and all..



Sneaker13 said:

Looks awesome, pretty bummed about the lack of online (if that is really missing), but I never really played the kart games much online. It's more fun split screen.



Anguspuss said:

@Ootfan98 I other my services to NL if they cover the cost I will DL it & give it an intensive play session then review it.

At no additional cost as well.



Pj1 said:

If it's like the PS3 version it's a weird game, one minute you're running in last place and then by the end of the race you win it. Shame it's £20 I was going to get it but I'm not for that price!! I reckon a review will and should come out soon and the game will be rated about a 6 or 7.



SMW said:

Looks fun to me. Local multiplayer should be enough. It has that, right?!



Kolzig said:

If that's true then that is really sad and still hilarious.
Also this doesn't have any kind of online play which makes it quite gimped.



Meuz said:

I'm disappointed about the lack of online multiplayer. I guess it's to do with the cost of running the servers not being worth it for the few online players this game would have.



defrb said:

no online, thats a killer. I feel no competition in beating the computers

Certainly look good, but there has never been a game that get close to mariokart. I will wait for mariocart instead.



Shambo said:

@Unit_DTH @linktothepichu I read it is, even multi-screen, but only local. Which is fine by me, never played Sonic Racing Transformed online, since it had local multi-screen. I still use my Mario Kart Double Dash LAN setup, yet I rarely play MK Wii or MK 7 online. Local is where the fun 's at. Online causes frustrations.



Shambo said:

@linktothepichu Some friends over, a drink, lots of laughing and name-calling, karting, shooting, party games or Wii Sports-y stuff... Now THAT's multiplayer! Things that are annoying in a funny way local, are plain annoying online. And when you look around, even while talking to your real life friends online, you're still alone, talking to a machine.



Mochtroid said:

Ah, but is it better than Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed? Because that's what I'm playing right now until MK8.

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