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UK Band Union J Is Changing Its Name To "Union XY" To Mark The Launch Of Pokémon X & Y

Posted by Damien McFerran

X Factor stars dressed up as Pikachu to make the announcement

Remember when we reported yesterday that UK boy band Union J would be promoting Pokémon X & Y? It turns out that the act — which rose to fame on TV talent show The X Factor — is changing its name to "Union XY" to celebrate the launch of the highly-anticipated title.

The news was confirmed during a press conference which took place in London today, where the group turned up dressed in Pikachu costumes. Band member George Shelley was apparently the one who suggested the name change, and had this to say:

We've always loved Pokémon and it was a massive part of our childhood, I'm hooked on it. When I was telling the rest of the band how excited I was about playing Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, the idea to change our name just came to me. It's so cool to be a part of the game in some way; it feels like a natural fit.

Of course it does, George. Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, our review of Pokémon X & Y has just gone live. Make sure you read it.


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rjejr said:

This stunt was paid for by Gamefreak, right? I'ld hate to see Nintendo spending resources promoting a game that was going to sell extremely well, and also sell systems, while the Wii U languishes in obscurity.

Not saying it's a bad thing, only I'ld rather see them dressed as Toads promoting SM3DW or the year of Luigi.

And thanks again for reminding me how happy I am to have sons.



yuwarite said:

Damn right they better change their name. What a mistake to associate "Union Jack" with a crap boy band.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Arcamenel said:

They did something similar with One Direction and the Black/White release. They had videos of each of the boys talking about their favorite starters and whatnot.



Sleepingmudkip said:

They need 1D to do this not these wannabes..I love zayn imagine he dress up as mudkip....Sexy time



edhe said:

What a way to start your music career.

By whoring yourself out to Nintendo to sell pokemon games.

I don't blame the band of course - just their money hungry, cynical agent who agreed to this idiotic deal.

And Simon Cowell for ushering in this dark age of manufactured, Christmas #1, "I wanna be famous", X-Factor, crap-pop.



KiwiPanda said:

Ah, boy. Not quite sure what to say. @edhe (8) hit my opinion pretty well.
That guy on Pikachu's direct left looks really psyched. Probably wondering what the X/Y countdown clock is at, huh?
I hope they someday change their name back to Union J. I have a feeling One Direction wouldn't be as famous with too many teenage girls if it were named Pokemon Direction...



shinesprite said:

I can't pick on then too much, it takes guts to have a photo-shoot dressed like that.

But Nintendo, really, surely you can do better.



5ony said:

So... that's what happened.
Gotta say, wasn't expecting a name change.



themac2001 said:

@RedPanda You do realise how much that sounds like Pokemon Direct? They would have to do every Pokemon Direct with "PD" to keep the mood.



Haywired said:

One Direction promoting Pokémon Black and White didn't really do anything for sales (except for maybe making boys not want to buy a now potentially, in their eyes/on the playground "girly" game... So may have done more harm than good), so I'm not entirely sure why they're trying it again.



Pokefanmum82 said:

Would you all shut up? Being promoting by a boy band doesn't automatically make a game girly. They are celebrities endorsing a game. What's wrong with that? They love Pokemon like the rest of us. What's so bad about that? We Adults are not GameFreaks target demographic, young kids are. Some of whom maybe fans of this band. I see nothing wrong with this. Plus I like their music.



Haywired said:

As I was the one who used the word "girly", I should just clarify that I personally don't think associating a game with a boyband does make it girly, but what I'm saying is that it could potentially do so among boys, on the playground, etc. Unless things have changed drastically since I was at school, boybands are very much seen as being for girls and therefore (generally) boys very much don't like boybands and don't want to be associated with them as they are seen as "girly". So by taking the game's marketing down that very specific route, yes they may gain some sales from girls, but that could very much just be offset by sales they lose from boys. The One Direction ads didn't really do anything for the sales of Pokémon Black and White (in fact I would say the majority of their celebrity endorsements have done nothing for their respective game's sales). In which case, surely just selling the game on its own merits is a safer (and cheaper) bet. I think people can see right through this stuff as being completely phoney as (unlike say: a sports star advertising sneakers) there's no correlation between the endorser and the product. Well, that's my theory anyway.



DarkNinja9 said:

SIGH the facepalm for the day goes too drum rolls this news yey begin the tomatoe throwing

come on idc about the band but that pic screams out "douche" BUT i think it is nice how they at least helping out promote a game but hey ever thought of promoting Wii U which umm you know needs sales and advertising ppl these days and humanity (/-.-)/



sinalefa said:


If you think boys won't buy Pokémon X/Y because of this stunt, you better think again. They will be drawn in by the game content itself. Those Megacharizards must look awesome to any sane boy who is into Pokémon.

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