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Natsume Confirms North American Release For Farewell Umihara Kawase Under The Title Yumi's Odd Odyssey

Posted by Damien McFerran

So long, and thanks for all the fish

Natsume has revealed that it will be localising Agatsuma’s Farewell Umihara Kawase for North American release under the new title Yumi's Odd Odyssey.

A sequel to the much-loved Super Famicom game Umihara Kawase, this 3DS outing introduces extra characters like time-bender Noko, a young version of Yumi called Yumi-chan and Emiko, who has the power to create checkpoints in each level.

Speaking to Siliconera, Natsume President and CEO Hiro Maekawa said:

We have been interested in releasing this unique title for awhile now. We are working very closely with Agatsuma Entertainment to bring this game to our fans, who we know appreciate games that are a little different, and also have lovable characters.

The game is expected to see release early next year.


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TruenoGT said:

Saw this on tinycartridge yesterday, this is boss. If you're not sure what this series is about, look up the Game Center CX episode where the Kacho plays the SNES version.



accc said:

Shame it's not coming to retail. The Japanese retail version comes with a soundtrack CD that not only includes all of the songs from the game, but several tracks from the previous games as well.



TimLatshaw said:

The new name makes me cringe, but I'm glad it's at least coming over here in some form.



XFsWorld said:

Meh, another RPG -.- Where are action or shooter games. I thought that IronFall trailer was supposed to come out yesterday..



TruenoGT said:

@uel @FantasiaWHT @X-Factor This game is sort of an action/puzzle platformer with an interesting grapple hook mechanic that's reminiscent of Bionic Commando. This series has been around since the 16-bit days though never in the US (I believe), very fun and challenging!



rjejr said:

Yeah! I've been waiting for this since the Japanese Nintendo Direct way back in April. I had no idea what it was but swinging around giant walking fish - whats not to like? Never thought it would get a western release though

Oh, Goodbye and Farewell are poor substitutes for Sayonara.

Sayonara Umihara Kawase has a much better flow (at least the way I pronounce it - Sigh-oh-nar-ah um-e-har-ah ka-wah-say)

Yumi's Odd Odyssey is probably a better western choice though.

Oh, and Silconera said it's eShop only, which makes sense for this weirdness. I don't think that was mentioned here. Unless it's always been eShop only and that was a given, I have no idea how this released in the east.



antipop621 said:

As a supporter of niche titles, this will be on my radar. I'm currently loving and addicted to Unchained Blades.



andrea987 said:

"So long, and thanks for all the fish." Lol, love it.
Very very interested in this one, btw.



KnightRider666 said:

I can't believe we're getting this! It kind of reminds me of Bionic Commando with a fishing line instead of a bionic arm to get you around. I will be checking this out when it comes to NA!



fairybats said:

YES! Umihare Kawase is seriously one of my fav games of all time! Everything about it is amazing! Sooo looking forward to this



Akira said:

Hmm, a "digital-only" title I might actually want to get. :/ But, yeah, let's hope they decide to release a full retail version, too.

I've still got to get around to getting the DS import.



brandonbwii said:

Oh no not another platformer -_- Aside from that I'm glad this is coming to 3DS as opposed to yet another Wii U Unity based game.



RR529 said:

Been interested in this for a long time. Glad to see it's coming over, even if it's digital only.



RR529 said:

Been interested in this for a long time. Glad to see it's coming over, even if it's digital only.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

@Damo - A Hitchhikers Guide reference you say?! I'd look past your hairy belly and be your friend for that! lol

I'm glad this is coming to NA, as I can never get enough unique, quality platformers!



JustinH said:

Day One purchase right here. I love the SFC version. It's plenty hard, though.



sinalefa said:

Never played the original, but watching videos it reminds me of the Hunter stages of Lost World JP for PS1. But without shooting.

Also nice to see female leads for a change.



1upsuper said:

So stoked for this. Glad I held off on downloading it until now. For anyone that hasn't played this series before, check out Umihara Kawase Shun: Second Edition Kanzenban for DS, which includes the SFC game and the superior version of the PSX game, plus some extra levels. If you consider yourself a fan of platformers, you need to play this series.



zipmon said:

Ohh awesome!!! Umihara is one of my favourite SFC games, and I've been hoping this one would come out here!!

@1upsuper thanks for the heads up on that - I had no idea there was a DS version!



Akira said:

If the original version is already available on the Japanese eShop, does anyone know how many blocks it requires?

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