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Nintendo UK Announces National StreetPass Day

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Major events in London, Manchester and Birmingham

The 3DS has many qualities, but arguably one of its finest features is StreetPass. Like many of Nintendo's cleverest ideas, its not particularly hi-tech or revolutionary, but by combining a charming app and mini-games with the idea of passing and 'meeting' strangers while out and about, the portable has a feature that now feels integral to the hardware.

While occasional hits on a commute are nice to have, many 3DS owners top up on puzzle pieces and brave warriors by attending events hosted by fan groups, while the mother-load often comes at any expo that involves technology, video games, comics or a mix of all three. Nintendo UK is planning to tap into both ideas with plans for a National StreetPass Day, to encourage us all — if we live near certain venues — to make the most of the feature.

Multiple events will take place on Saturday 28th September. The main meet-ups are at Waterloo Station (London) and Manchester Piccadilly, perfect if you want to hop on a train to attend. Special areas will be setup where you can get those all important hits, but also take part in 'real-life' StreetPass games — giant puzzle panels seem to be on hand. There'll also be goodie-bags to win in Mario Kart 7 and Luigi's Mansion 2 competitions; Luigi will be at the London event, meanwhile, and Oshawott, Tepig & Snivy (oh my!) will be in Manchester. There'll also be StreetPass Day stands at the Eurogamer Expo, with free Mario hats for those that show their entry wristband or badge, while some 3DS demo units will be on show at The Cycle Show at NEC Birmingham. If you're at the Eurogamer Expo, don't forget there'll be four days of StreetPass shenanigans at our very own Nintendo Life booth.

Will you be attending any of these events, or perhaps you're in a local StreetPass group that'll meet up to celebrate the day? Let us know in the comments below.

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Peach64 said:

I hardly get any streetpass hits out in the wild, but have started attending these street pass events every month and they're great, I think when I went to my first one I'd only ever had 15 hits and I'd had the 3DS for 7 months. That day alone I got almost 40.

On the 28th I'll be attending one of our regular meet ups, so won't be going to this, but if people are frustrated by a lack of hits, check Facebook for a local event.



FritzFrapp said:

Hmm... National StreetPass Day and they choose major cities where you already have the best chances of getting StreetPasses. How about choosing places central to lower populated areas where it's a struggle to find others with a 3DS?



unrandomsam said:

Not bothered about Streetpass. I like spotpass somewhat but it only seems to work if I manually connect to a Nintendo Zone.



AlexSora89 said:

Once the StreetPass Plaza starts supporting SpotPass properly (instead of giving us just a piece for a new puzzle, as that kills just about any purpose in using SpotPass at all, given I personally have pretty much nothing but incomplete puzzles), we'll be in business.



jacksayspurple said:

Awesome! Waterloo is where I get off the train for my university, so I'll certainly make a day trip of this!



cmk8 said:

Sounds really good, shame there's not more for the Midlands mentioned above.
The relays have been excellent, but I'm all for more organised events like this.



edhe said:

On a good day, I can get 20 streetpasses with 10 being stored in the plaza ready for play when I get back. And that's in Norwich. Clearly, Nintendo are doing good business here - I do notice a lot of new faces (with no puzzle pieces!).

I could do with more hits - particularly for the Streetpass Battle game, and I wonder if I were to go to an event, whether I'd be spending most of my time sitting down on my 3DS clearing out my plaza. A streetpass oriented one sounds ideal in that respect.



DBMONK said:

We NEED something like this in the north east, its freaking dead where i live and have to go out to the local bloody McDonalds if i want to get any streetpass hits these days



RainbowGazelle said:

Nintendo UK should change their name to Nintendo England, because that's the only part of the UK they ever have any events in.



123akis said:

aww if only this day was on sunday 29th september cos thats the day i will be going to the eurogamer expo



sleepinglion said:

Best StreetPass event I ever went to was one of the Zelda concerts last year. 100+ in a single night! Since then, though, lucky to get two a day in my state.



Darkness3131 said:

They should implement this in other places. It would be a good kinda get together for fellow Nintendo gamers



lividd3ad said:

"Major events in London, Manchester and Birmingham"

More like major events in London and Manchester and then a few 3DS demo units in Birmingham



Mandalore said:

This just happens to coincide with Swansea StreetPass Network's monthly meet up.

I've seen people mentioning the Midlands and Cornwall. Both have StreetPass groups. The Midlands one is brand new and the South West group is celebrating its 1st year anniversary at the end of the month. Check the StreetPassUK web site for details.



catsrnice said:

It's NATIONAL streetpass day, so it's not officially worldwide. Here in North America National Streetpass Day is in like July (Though they haven't really celebrated it since the first year)



Starwolf_UK said:

If they really wanted to be national they could do that trick they mentioned in the Iwata asks with the relay stations and join all the UK ones together (unless they can only join all up all of them in the world in which case I guess they would leave that for a world streetpass day). Well its the only way I'll ever get a Northern Ireland hit anyway...

Hits in my area are few though relays help a lot (listings from O2, The Coud and Nintendo are bit inaccurate). I typically get a good enough queue to boot the plaza up once a week (which is enough for me).



SaintDynamite said:

I was planning to go to the local Streetpass event in Portsmouth but I might go visit my sister in London instead.

@Starwolf_UK If you are ever anywhere near Southampton I can set you up with a Northern Ireland Streetpass.



Barbiegurl777 said:


I completely 110% agree we need event's like this in the US. Where is any streetpass events by Nintendo of America over here?!

The Nintendo of UK has got event after event over there in the UK would like to see some of those same events in the US for a change...

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Shadowyugi said:

So basically, showing my face tomorrow at waterloo... The only question really is, what time?

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