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Team Ninja Still Keen To Continue Wii U Support, But Not With Ports

Posted by Damien McFerran

"I think there are games that would be good for Wii U"

Team Ninja head Yosuke Hayashi has stated that his company is still interested in developing for the Wii U, but it wants to focus on original content — and not ports like Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge.

Speaking To Joystiq, Hayashi said:

Of course, I think there are games that would be good for Wii U. So I think we need to still see what exactly those games they are and how you make a game for Wii U that is perfect for the Wii U. So if we get a chance to make a game like that, well, maybe we can think about it then. But right now we have no plans to port existing games to Wii U.

Team Ninja is also responsible for the Dead or Alive series, and famously collaborated with Nintendo on Metroid: Other M for the Wii. Perhaps we could see the studio tackle another Nintendo franchise?


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RantingThespian said:

I'd like to see them create a new IP for Nintendo. Completely different from anything they have done.



SpookyMeths said:

You know, this may be controversial, but as much as of letdown as Other M was, I would be willing to let Team Ninja/Project M take another crack at Metroid. Sure, the story was junk and the characterization of Samus was nauseating, but the core gameplay was actually quite good (barring the silly Where's Waldo moments). Keep the mechanics, get rid of the Where's Waldo, and simply tell a better story. I'd pay for it. Even a moderate amount of cutscenes are acceptable, as long as the option exists to pause/skip them.

Just need to remind Project M that Metroid was largely inspired by Alien and go from there. Not particularly hard to tell an interesting story that's basically Ellen Ripley fanfic.



cornishlee said:

NG3 remains one of only two full retail purchases I've made for the Wii U to date. If Team Ninja can develop more third person action games for the system then I'm all for it - original IP or not. The wait for Bayonetta is long!



luminalace said:

While no one can complain about new ip, why can't we have both. I bought Ninja Gaiden RE and so the expectation is that the NG series will now continue on Wii U!



turnmebackwards said:

I love Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge on Wii U I want to see Ninja Gaiden Z on the Wii U & would welcome Dead Or Alive.



Zael said:

This is only an excuse to not release their best IP on wii u.
They have made a bad porting of ninja gaiden 3, with frame rate iussues and slow down so it is logic to have poor sellings for razor's edge.
Also, ninja gaiden 3 has sold bad also on ps3 and xbox because fans don't like it, so I don't understand what they were expecting on a new console with a little base, considering also that the porting was poor.
They make bad portings and next say that nintendo fan base is different
We aren't different, we only ask the same quality for games
They only find excuses because don't want to spend money for good conversions
We (nintendo fans) are asking for dead or alive from years
Tecmo you are wrong



SCAR said:

I think they should make Dead or Alive for 8th gen with Zero-Suit Samus as a playable character on Wii U.

Original stuff is very welcome, but I'd probably still want whatever else they make. In otherwords, I hope there's not a trade-off.



Einherjar said:

I think that we first have to discuss what they think counts as a port or a remake or an original game.
Lets look at the original 3D Ninja Gaiden.
We have:
Ninja Gaiden
Ninja Gaiden Black
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus

On paper, these are al the same game, but where does a port beginn, and at what point do you have so much new content or tinkered with the core elements enough that its almost a reimagination and therefore could count as an original game.

I never played the original version of NG3, but from what people told me, the Razors Edge version was pretty much a completely different game when it comes to its mechanics.

If Team Ninja looks at it the same way, we might as well see their best known IPs on the WiiU, just not as simple ports, but as optimised versions, catered towards the system.



DarkCoolEdge said:

I want them to make a new IP for WiiU.

And I want a Ninja Gaiden for 3DS. DS' Dragon Sword was pretty good, I'd like something similar, even if they pass upon touch controls.



ToniK said:

I didn't mind the story but something still annoyed the living heck out of me. Maybe it was the ragdollish controls and inaccurate shooting. Yeah, the spot-a-pixel thing too. It wasn't horrible but still way too out there.

Nothing against Team Ninja though. They just didn't nail that one.



SpookyMeths said:

Yeah, that's the other thing. No one seems to be able to agree on whether it was the story, the gameplay, or both that were the problem in Other M. Kind of a polarizing game. I do think the concept was good though, and am still willing to give them a second shot. Other M was a misfire, not an outright horrible game.



alrighthearthis said:

I would love to see Team Ninja team up with Grasshopper Manufacture and Suda 51 to make a No More Heroes sequel. I think Suda 51 could do some hilarious things with the Wii U Game Pad and Team Ninja could provide the tight combat that the first two games lacked.



Shiryu said:

Id like to see some "Dead or Alive" love on the Wii U. The 3DS took quite a beating when I was hooked playing DOA.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@CaviarMeths I agree to an extent. As gut-churning as the Samus Monologues were, the actual 3rd person 3D mechanics were really nice. If they got rid of the first person bits and the story, the game could have been excellent.



JaxonH said:

I personally thought Team Ninja did a pretty darn good job with Other M. There were a few things I didn't like, such as the controls being too simplistic with a sideways Wiimote, and having to switch to motion for missiles. They should have used a control scheme with Wiimote and Nunchuk. That way there would have been a lot more buttons to work with, and one button wouldn't be the "everything" button. Also, the Wiimote would already be pointing at the screen, so it wouldn't be a chore to lock on for missiles.

Other than that, the game was a gem in my opinion. GROSSLY underrated. Granted, it wasn't as good as the Prime games, but it was still a great game, and one that I had a ton of fun playing.



aaronsullivan said:

@CaviarMeths "Just need to remind Project M that Metroid was largely inspired by Alien and go from there. Not particularly hard to tell an interesting story that's basically Ellen Ripley fanfic."

You make it all sound so simple. One problem, Samus Aran has very little in common with Ellen Ripley as a character. I guess you are referring to them being female? And struggling against bad aliens? Ripley is not a soldier or a bounty hunter. She doesn't respond to a call for help from the powers that be and show up as a respected hero. She has no physical prowess or experience in combat.

In order to tell a similar story to Ripley's in a video game, Samus would have to lose all her armor and use only her wits, leadership qualities and determination to survive, and possibly her motherly instinct when the going gets especially rough to push through any rationality and just do what has to be done.

To me Samus Aran's abilities are so superior due to alien technology and enhancement that she is almost always pursuing the enemy alone. As a result, she has had to develop exploratory skills and I've always imagined that she enjoys the discovery of new worlds and life forms, even from before the Prime games. (My biggest objection to Other M which I generally enjoyed is that the story explored what often felt like a dependency on the approval of men. I wouldn't have minded it if the story had explicitly shown her breaking free of that, but...)

Concerning character and story I really don't see much in the way of similarity beyond "fight bad aliens as a girl".



aaronsullivan said:

It is grossly underated, I agree. I liked the simplicity of the controls for the most part and never found the locking on a "chore", but I see your point and an option to use the control that way could have been nice... though it would have substantially changed some things. Nunchuck control of Samus would have meant movement in any direction and possibly variable speed. Not that it would have been bad, but once they went down the other path it might have fundamentally changed how much of the game worked.

It is a unique entry into the Metroid franchise that I think will be discovered again someday by many more people kind of like Wind Waker: both subject to an unfairly large reactionary rejection.

I really enjoyed the return of the sort of Japanese sensibility to the creature design that harkened back to Super Metroid. The jumping and shooting felt more action packed than the prime games, too. More like the originals. That whole dodge mechanic was just short of game-breaking fortunately and slightly overused by the time you unlock everything so I don't know where they'd go with that in a sequel.

I think going the Metroid Blast route in the future, as Shigeru Miyamoto suggested is a great idea.



aaronsullivan said:

Sorry for the walls of text, folks. Metroid is my favorite series (along with Zelda) so I like to talk about it. Plus, it's on my mind since I just played through all the superb Prime games via the trilogy - (was hoping for a Wii U Metroid announcement at E3 so started playing back then).



Sentinator said:

I like Other M. It reminded me more of the classic Metroid games. It would be great to see them have another crack at it.



Relias said:

Actually Ninja Gaiden 3 RE is a fantastic game.. all those frame rate issues.. either I have not encountered them.. or they are almost non existent.. and slow down.. I only encountered one time... and that was a Helicopter flying in and blowing the holy heck out of everything... never had a problem in the middle of the action or anything.. I guess.. unless you include that.. but I had to run up to where it happened.. and.. had.. nothing there at first.. (A enemy rolled out on fire I think) but after it left.. no slow down.. I am actually hoping they do a Ninja Gaiden 4 and make it a Wii U exclusive... I hope they take Razors Edge.. and just improve it a little bit.. it is a solid game with potential to be better... Dead or Alive would be wonderful as well... and if they did another Metroid.. so be it.. Personally... I would like to see Rygar return as well...



Davidiam007 said:

Creating a new game specifically for wii u.

I'm down with that idea.

This is how it use to be.



SpookyMeths said:

Well let's back up a bit here. I didn't mean to imply that I was basing all of this on Ripley and Samus both being "girls with guns."

Metroid came out in August 1986, one month after the theatrical release of Aliens. As video games take longer than a month to develop, it's very safe to assume that the Alien influence in Metroid comes entirely from Alien (1979). I'm stating Alien influence as fact, and I hope we're both able to agree on that.

In early drafts of Alien, all of the characters in the film were of indeterminate gender. Ripley herself was written to be either a man or woman, it did not matter. The purpose was to make characters that were characterized by their personalities, actions, and chain of command rather than their gender. Ripley was a space trucker who happened to be a woman. Her character would have been identical had she been played by a male actor.

On the same note, the decision to make Samus female was made when development of the game was already underway. It was a "wouldn't it be neat if..." kind of moment and they just decided to go with it. Her being a woman was completely irrelevant to her character.

That is why I consider the origins of these characters very similar. The obvious modeling of Metroid after the atmosphere, ambience, and creature models of Alien, coupled with the fact that Ripley and Samus share origins as groundbreaking female characters who are characterized by their personalities, not their gender. From there, both franchises have had several sequels and Ripley and Samus drifted further and further apart in similarities to the point, now, where they are two very different and unique characters.

Maybe I should have worded it as Metroid basically being Alien fanfic, not necessarily Ellen Ripley fanfic.



Emblem said:

Thats a shame i was hoping DOA5 Ultimate would get ported to Wii U, i've had the PS3 version pre-ordered for a while but if it was announced on Wii U i'd get that version instead.

While i agree they should make Wii U specific games i don't think they should rule out ports all together.



retro_player_22 said:

I want these for the Wii U:

  • Samurai Warriors 4
  • Dead or Alive 5
  • Ninja Gaiden 4
  • Monster Rancher 5
  • Fatal Frame 5 (or an HD collection of the first four)


sinalefa said:

Well, it seems they want to put some effort and make the most of the console, so I welcome that.

Dead or Alive Dimensions was a good game and technically that was not a port, so it would be nice to see something similar on Wii U.



unrandomsam said:

Good I don't give a damn about ports.

(I would certainly never pay full price for one) and more than likely get it on PC

some time in the future at 75% off. (Or 50% if I really wanted to play it).

(I expect when the 360 dies down most of the stuff that is currently only on XBLA will move to steam or perhaps iOS).



SetupDisk said:

The slowdown was patched and it is by far the best version of the game.

Also there is free DLC. Crazy stuff. If you have a Wii U and don't mind gore there isn't much of a reason not to own it.



Megumi said:

Yeah I like Other M too...story and everything, even with Samus's voicing and all that. (though the monologue seemed, eh I dunno, lol) Only things that bugs me were SOME of those "pixel" hunting parts, I liked some of them....others seemed kinda pointless. Also controls, kinda wished we could used the nunchuck. Using the D-Pad in a 3D world seemed awkward.



Shambo said:

It's a perfect system for a new Project Zero/Fatal Frame. Interested in what they'll come up with. Hopefully some original exclusive, like Platinum's Madworld. I'll never forget that game, nor will I ever sell it.



BATRA said:




ShadowFox254 said:

DOA and Fatal Frame will do. Please Nintendo don't give them one of your IPs again, because it reminds me when Namco did Star Fox Assault. shivers



Pachterkid said:

Positive signs there. I wish developers would just ignore the Gamepad and focus on the Pro Controller. I've yet to play any Wii U game that I didn't prefer playing with the Pro Controller instead. In my opinion the Gamepad is clunky and does not add to the experience. If developers just stopped being hung up on coming up with ideas for using the pad and instead focused on the horsepower that the console provides we'd probably get more games out of third parties.

Look at Need for Speed: Most Wanted U. That game is visually breathtaking, but yet the Gamepad offers nothing that could not have been handled in a pause screen. Playing that game with the Pro Controller has been one of my favourite experiences on the Wii U so far. Such a great game when it doesn't freeze that is...



SpookyMeths said:

There should always be choice. Developers shouldn't ignore anything. Some Wii U owners are very excited about the potential that lagless, integrated second-screen gaming offers.



aaronsullivan said:

My point was about your suggestion of how easy it would be to make a story just knowing that it was based on Alien and like you said, "Ripley fanfic" just didn't make much sense.

It's a verifiable fact that Metroid was indeed heavily inspired by Alien. Ridley is named after the director of Alien, Ridley Scott, for instance. Ridley, in the original looks very much like the Alien design. I'm just saying the story and character share very little in common between the movie and the game and it doesn't make the creating an interesting story any easier.

(True story: as a youngster, I thought Ridley was named after Ripley not making the director connection then read an interview or report later and nearly smacked myself in the forehead.)



Araknie said:

@CrabGats They're not talking about Nintendo franchises you paranoid.

They're talking about the fact that they are actually working to make something unique for the Wii U.

It's a beautiful daaaaay, the sun is shiniiiiiing...



Turbo857 said:

Personally, I loved Metroid Other M. And yes, I enjoyed it more than the prime series (eventhough I think those are excellent too). I think the game's underrated and the voice acting and story were overly criticized.

Other M put Samus where she belongs, in third person. I feel the Prime series was true to the Metroid universe but killed her iconic jumping/flipping and agility. Samus had some cool finishers in Other M that you just can't do in first person and it was great to see her go back to her roots in that regard.

The game also felt like a 3D version of the 2-D Metroids with it's fixed camera. I'd rather see Team Ninja take another stab at Metroid then Retro studios (though I know they'd make another quality Metroid).



Alshain01 said:

I don't understand why people keep saying Other M was a letdown. It was certainly better than the entire crappy Prime trilogy. It was more like Metroid and less like Call of Duty. I liked the return to classic Metroid, only from a 3rd person instead of side scrolling.



element187 said:

I rented NG3 and Hyper warrior or whatever.... Is it me or does Team Ninja only know how to make button mashers?

if that's what we are going to get from them, then I'll probably end up passing..



SetupDisk said:

That's how you view it though, the gamepad has become my favorite controller of all time, it's not bulky and has the best feel for me. I have a pro but never use it except for local multi.
I just got Borderlands 2 for my PS3 and how I wish I could use the gamepad for it, control comfort just being the first of many reasons.

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