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SEGA Genesis Shooter, Steel Empire, to Get the 3DS eShop Remake Treatment

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Steampunk shooting

We may have reported this week that the publisher of Kokuga sees "difficult crossroads" for the shoot-em-'up genre in Japan, but that hasn't deterred others from flying into the market. One upcoming release is promising to bring back a side-scrolling shooter from the 16-bit era, as Japanese developers Starfish are preparing Steel Empire for the 3DS eShop.

Originally released on the SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis in Japan and Europe in 1992 — it also had a port on the Game Boy Advance — this shmup has a steampunk style and was critically acclaimed when originally released. The new version of the shooter will reportedly have enhanced visuals, autostereoscopic 3D and some tweaks to the difficulty levels; it's set for a release in Japan in December.

We certainly hope this title will come to the West, especially as Starfish has previously worked with UFO Interactive, a company that's been prolific on the 3DS eShop. Check out the screens and let us know whether this catches your eye.


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Freeon-Leon said:

There will never be enough shoot' em up games on the eShop... And this one looks beautiful.



Windy said:

This is great! Maybe we will start seeing a bunch of Mega Drive games get the 3D treatment. Now if we can get some PCEngine games in there too. This is great news. This was a very cool game on MegaDrive/Genesis



Shiryu said:

Have the original in cartridge, it's pretty good, looking forward to yet more shmup action on 3DS.



JamminOnThe1 said:

You know, I've never heard the word 'shmup' until yesterday. I've seen it 5 times since then in unrelated articles. I don't like the word 'shmup'. That is all - Andy Rooney signing off.



Mk_II said:

Great news! One of my few Megadrive favourites and it could look awesome in 3D



The_Fox said:

What an obscure choice. I liked the original well enough so I'll be keeping an eye on this.



blackknight77 said:

back in the day I came so close to buying the cartridge. Maybe now I can go back and rectify that mistake



KnightRider666 said:

I have the EU import of Steel Empire for the GBA. Great game, but I'd love to see them give the rare GBA shooter "invader" the 3D treatment.



Kaizon said:

I have this game to gba and it's alright.
But i wont say no to a 3D update



Quickman said:

@sinalefa It was a decent game but not the best shoot em up on the megadrive by a long way..

3D TRUXTON, HELLFIRE, GYNOUG or THUNDERFORCE would be a lot better..



AngryTaxman said:

This looks good, so much like a level on Sonic 2. From a time when all these floating worlds seemed more chrome and set.



alrighthearthis said:

I'm terrible at them but I still buy SHUMPS when a good one comes along. Hopefully it comes to the US so it can sit in a 3DS folder with Summer Carnival 92 for 3DS games I would like to complete but woefully lack the skills to do so.




The more the better if you ask me the ds and 3ds was made for games like this they should bring more old school games out and the sooner the better

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