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New Loveplus+ Heading To 3DS in Japan

Posted by Andy Green

Now with extra plus

Loveplus is one of Konami's more niche franchises. Essentially, the game is a dating sim that has you choose a virtual girlfriend to carry about on your handheld. It was released on the Nintendo DS way back in 2009 and it became a cult hit among the Japanese.

A sequel was made in the form of New Loveplus for the 3DS and now an updated adaptation that will fix all the problems players complained about with the first attempt is coming to the system.

It's called New Loveplus+ and it was announced in the latest Famitsu magazine. In an interview with the publication (translated by Polygon), senior producer Akari Uchida said:

With the previous game, a lot of people said it had gotten harder to play after we reworked the gameplay system and interface. We are reconsidering the entire game here, including rolling back on some of those new features. In addition to that, though, I’ve written a massive amount of new story scenarios for each of the three heroines.

Those three heroines are Manaka Takane, who's mad on tennis, library committee member Rinko Kobayakawa and restaurant worker Nene Anegasaki and they're all back and of course, you can date them. For reasons unknown, the fourth female candidate Akira Yukino from the first 3DS game will not feature in this one, though.

In some of the concept art found in the Famitsu article the trio are placed in strange scenarios, including on a pirate ship and around Egyptian ruins. Though the first assumption is that the player can go back in time, that's not entirely the case as Uchida continued:

We deliberately drew them up in order to make people think that, but they represent the themes behind the new features in this game. You aren't traveling through time, but we had wanted to do some kind of travel-related events in the game for a while now.

Very cryptic indeed. There's no release date for this one, though the producer did say Konami won't have people wait too long. Of course, this is down for a Japan-only release - none of the Loveplus titles have ever made it overseas.

Is there a market for this type of game in the West? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section below.


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8BitSamurai said:

There's probably enough of a niche Otaku market to at least warrant a low print run of the game, but I'll probably see a flying unicorn before I see Loveplus on NA store shelves, unfortunately.



ricklongo said:

This would probably warrant an e-Shop release in the West. I'm not touching it with a 20-foot pole, but I'm sure it would find a niche audience.



Gioku said:

I've always thought this game was really weird... Didn't the first one (on 3DS) have AR functions or something like that?
I guess I can tack this game up as a widget (WJT-Weird Japanese Thing for those who don't know ).



Emblem said:

Just to clarify this is a virtual pet game but with a "girl friend" and given a "dating sim" tag to make it seem more respectable. These games are so offensive to women i don't see how anyone plays them. But different strokes for different folks i guess.



NoirUsernameHere said:

Konami,Can you just announce another Metal Gear Solid game for 3DS? A Dating Sim is NOT what I want right now.



Yuu_tan97 said:

I would never get my hopes up for a English release, it would be nice but I know they would change it too much and the game won't feel the same, I'd rather have it be in the safe Otaku Land's than America really :T

Though I can't wait for the release of this Hopefully it won't be sold out within the first week~ LOL



dimi said:

It sucks that there's no western release...i would buy it at day 1.



Marks said:

I've always wanted to try a Loveplus game, wish it would come here.
Someone please explain to me how this game is offensive.



BakaKnight said:

Love plusplus sound like a too lovely name X3

And a date sim... Not sure I would like it, but as Otaku I HAVE to try it!!!
Bring it here Konami! XP



Magikarp3 said:

I have actually wanted to try one of these games for a while as well. It does sound misogynistic on the surface, but from what I've heard, "virtual pet" does not begin to describe the nature of this game. A lot of thought is put into the dialogue and the characters are treated like real people rather than programming. (well, I only know about this from Waltz )

Of course, I'd still be labelled as "le creeper" if I ever got caught playing a dating sim no matter how well it was written



Senario said:

I'm not gonna lie, I actually would love to play Loveplus+ if it ever came to America. From what I heard it is pretty amazing how the game interacts with the player. But I don't believe there is a big enough market that they recognize to want to bring it over. ): Oh well.



Klinny said:

I would probably buy this if it ever came to the West. I have a compulsive need to play weird games >.>



siavm said:

This game is to creepy. So things should just not get news articles this being one to me. They look like girls and grown man buy this and marry them. That is pretty sick to me. Something's just need to only stay in Japan this being one of them.



ramstrong said:

Girls can have girlfriends, too. We just have a court ruling on this issue.

But I can't help thinking maybe idolm@ster would be better.



okamiki said:

@NoUsernameHere Euro pes executive said konami games don't do well on nintendo systems... So don't expect another mgs and perhaps that's why we didn't got yu-gi-oh since 2011...



Pod said:

Maybe some guy actually married Akari in real life, and they're honoring the free media coverage by taking her out of the new game?



element187 said:

I have enough trouble trying to figure out women in real life, do I really need a virtual girlfriend giving me the silent treatment because I decided to have a virtual beer with my friends instead of taking her to virtual dinner and a movie?

I'm already pretty capable of pissing off my wife, I don't need to have a pissed off virtual girlfriend as well.



mullen said:

I'd like to correct one of the information in the article. Akira Yukino is not the 4th heroine in previous 3DS game. She is only available in latest mobile platform (side game on ios/android), and never appeared in mainstream series. It's not surprise that she is not included in next mainstream game.



mullen said:

Also, just want to have some general comments on other's comments. First, I think "offensive" is not a proper word for this game. It's true for several other Japanese games, but this one should not be included. Otherwise, Nintendo will not let it on DS since several years ago, and they will not ask girls playing the game in the TV ad. However, different player have different feeling. Second, it's better never get released outside Asia, and will never. Otherwise, several contents will surely be cut, voice actor will be replaced, and voice system will be removed, etc.. Btw, even Nintendo's Tomodachi Collection can't find a way to western world, not let to say this one. Finally, there is no marriage in the game.
Btw, someone mentioned Idolm@ster, and I also want to say Hatsune Miku (this site said nothing about Project Mirai 2, which will be released this fall ). I think these games may be able to find their market in western world, if they don't change song's language. (I know the market may be very small, but the localization can be quite easy, so not a big investment)



DracioKoi said:

I looked at the trailer for the first one on 3DS, and it's looks like a pretty neat and interesting game to me. I would love to try it out.



Persona_Yu said:

people also suffer from break ups and anything related to that, and people will try a way to find comfort from someone and try to feel special so they can forget about the's not just for sad lonely nerds...but anyways to my point. I don't want this to be released in america for good reasons...people like me might get overly attached to the software to the point they think its real( been there with a plush doll of Turtwig) and the fact how Japan is actually making the game thing into more realistic feelings and actions it's scary to see that happen in America and maybe the world...we'll be slipping away from the real world but that's just my opinion



DarkKirby said:

I want to play this game so much. Learning Japanese is so hard...


You might as well say Animal Crossing is for poor people who can't afford good furniture.

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