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Sat 29th Jun 2013

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Yuu_tan97 commented on Feature: Nintendo Games We'd Love to See in 2014:

I'm really hoping for a Avlon Code sequel, if not a 3D Remake, I for one think it deserves it, it lacked mechanics and had a lot of room for improvement on the Original DS, which I believe can be done with the 3DS

Also perhaps Z.O.E near the end of the year? Might be getting my hopes up too high though >w<



Yuu_tan97 commented on New Loveplus+ Heading To 3DS in Japan:

I would never get my hopes up for a English release, it would be nice but I know they would change it too much and the game won't feel the same, I'd rather have it be in the safe Otaku Land's than America really :T

Though I can't wait for the release of this Hopefully it won't be sold out within the first week~ LOL



Yuu_tan97 commented on Nintendo Preparing A New Chapter For eBooks On...:

I don't think it's a bad idea but, if you don't upgrade your SD card, ebooks is pretty much meaningless if you don't have space, and with the amount of games you're downloading from eshop.

Also, reading things off of a 3DS would be a bit challenging, I would definitely say it's more based around 3DS LL users