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Sat 2nd Mar 2013

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Username_123 commented on Review: Splash or Crash (3DS eShop):


How can you know when to use them if the objects in the distance are out of sight until you're boosted right into them?

And if this game was designed to be learned, most of that learning is in memorizing the levels. If that is the case, they should have done a better job of making the components of the level recognizable and ordered them in a consistent way. As it is, the levels are absolutely homogeneous and would require far more effort than they deserve, or should be expected of us, to memorize.


There's no leaderboards. You can challenge your friends on spotpass, I guess? But knowing my friends, they'll finish it and never come back to it, as I've done. There really isn't an incentive to get good times.



Username_123 commented on Review: Splash or Crash (3DS eShop):

Did we play the same game? This game is bad. I get that it's cheap and that might influence your opinion on it, but Gunman Clive is around the same price and is a lot better designed and a lot longer, and you gave that the same score.

This game will last you 20 minutes, tops. And it's not like an enriching bitesized indie title like Clive, it just plays like one of those weird games you'd get on old PS1 demo disks. The camera is awful (you can barely see the path ahead of you), and it doesn't help that the objects and obstacles are completely inconsistent and themeless. It feels like they just blindly pasted objects into each map. You WILL bump somewhere along the lines, and lose all momentum. And losing momentum in this game is like losing momentum in a Sonic game. It just feels wrong. I suppose you can learn the maps off, but it will take you a long time as levels are not divided into individual sections, but they're just endless streams of random and inconsistent objects which would prove very hard to memorize.

EVERY one of the 9 maps available are the same, very little varies across the game, except maybe a wall texture or two. I kid you not.

The objects you can unlock have pointless attributes. You can get objects that are faster, but with less HP. But the thing is, when you're going at high speed it's almost impossible to see where you're going, and you will likely lose all your HP from bumping into everything.

Also, the game has one music track, for the whole thing. And it's absolutely dreadful.

Did I mention you have to go to the main menu every time you want to go to the next map? Talk about a forced way to add longevity to this title. If they took that feature out, you would have this game in and out in 10 minutes flat.

Oh and don't get me started on the "fake donuts".

3/10 game, at best.