Game Boy title Kirby's Dream Land 2 arrived on the 3DS Virtual Console in Europe on 17th May 2012, over 14 months ago. So for portable Kirby fans in North America the question may well be, "where's my Kirby Game Boy fix, darn it?", as over 60 weekly updates have passed without a sniff of the release on that side of the Atlantic.

Rest easy, North America, because it looks like your torment is coming to an end. Kirby's Dream Land 2 now has a listing in your 3DS eShop, detailing a price of $3.99 and a release date of 1st August; that's next week's update. We know better than to treat advance listings as fact nowadays due to a few mishaps, but this at least raises the strong possibility that it'll arrive.

If you're not sure whether this monochromatic, cute 2D platformer is for you, check out the recommendation in our Kirby's Dream Land 2 review. How many of you North Americans plan to pick this up?