The Wii U's games library has had a decent mix, to date, of bright and cheerful titles and, in some cases, violent mature games. The latter may have been ports, for the most part, but those with a bit of bloodlust have had opportunities to scratch that itch on the system.

For those that do enjoy some gory battles, another title is on the way that may fill a gap. Freedom Factory has listed Wii U as a platform for Bloodbath, a title set in a dystopian future where you have to fight battles to satisfy the public's yearning for violence; similar in nature to the gladiatorial arenas in ancient Rome. Described as a Hack'n'Slash with a "multiplayer experience like no other" — a bold claim — you choose from six fighters and brawl your way through a variety of worldwide arenas.

Little else is known, as the trailer is from September 2012 — below for your viewing pleasure — and Freedom Factory hasn't yet given the game its own dedicated website. The Madrid-based studio is working on the Wii U version of Young Justice: Legacy, so has some experience of the system.

It's unclear whether this will be a retail or download release — we'd speculate that it'll be the latter — but check out the footage and let us know what you think.