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Freedom Factory's Bloodbath Coming to Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It's a bloody Hack'n'Slash

The Wii U's games library has had a decent mix, to date, of bright and cheerful titles and, in some cases, violent mature games. The latter may have been ports, for the most part, but those with a bit of bloodlust have had opportunities to scratch that itch on the system.

For those that do enjoy some gory battles, another title is on the way that may fill a gap. Freedom Factory has listed Wii U as a platform for Bloodbath, a title set in a dystopian future where you have to fight battles to satisfy the public's yearning for violence; similar in nature to the gladiatorial arenas in ancient Rome. Described as a Hack'n'Slash with a "multiplayer experience like no other" — a bold claim — you choose from six fighters and brawl your way through a variety of worldwide arenas.

Little else is known, as the trailer is from September 2012 — below for your viewing pleasure — and Freedom Factory hasn't yet given the game its own dedicated website. The Madrid-based studio is working on the Wii U version of Young Justice: Legacy, so has some experience of the system.

It's unclear whether this will be a retail or download release — we'd speculate that it'll be the latter — but check out the footage and let us know what you think.

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retro_player_22 said:

If it's anything like Madworld or Thrill Kill then count me in. The more gorey titles to Wii U the better. The last time a game was known for blood and gore, it disappeared from the faces of Nintendo and was never seen again.



Jgam said:

like the idea!! i just hope i doesn't turn in another gladiator A.D.



TwilightV said:

Agreed with Jgam. Keep the concept the way it is, and it'll be worth a purchase.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

@Happy_Mask Yeah. It's games like No More Heroes and MadWorld that are great because they have a more unique and creative setting and plot than just other games that are all just kill kill kill.



8thGenConsoles said:

I hope this game gets a retail release. I kinda hate digital-only games. I like to own physical copies



Einherjar said:

I never understood how "blood and gore" could be a factor that makes things better. Would Zelda be better i enemies would explode into a fountain of guts and blood ? I highly doubt it. Ill never understand why stuff like this is a bullet point...
Like others said: If the game is great and the setting suits all the gore and violence than its fine with me. But gore for the sake of gore without any substance is absolute bs.
But the game looks ok, nothing that gets me overly hyped though.



GabCormier said:

@Einherjar Of course it would be better! lol joking I don't want a single drop of gore in Zelda games (even though I wouldn't be against a more dark atmosphere, Dark souls style)

But I agree, It has to have a storyplot. And from what i saw from the article, It has a better excuse for blood and gore (You have to please people) than more gore and blood games.



hYdeks said:

Looks interesting, kinda reminded me of Bane and Catwoman the two characters in the trailer Very bloody, like Anarchy Rules mixed with Mortal Kombat.



MTLNintyGamer said:

Nice to see more mature titles being released for the Wii U. I'm all for Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc. But I need some brutal gore from time to time. Hope the multiplayer is good.



Shambo said:

@Jgam it reminded me of that too, mixed with madworld -or anarchy reigns, may be more accurate- and I share your hope... It looked soooooo promising... And no one would've noticed if it got rebooted with my little pony in it.
From the same creators, different note: the grinder... I NEEDED them both, then they disappeared and came back completely different, and without appeal. I'm not even sure what the grinder became...



SanderEvers said:

Looks bloody..

Well.. Mature, third party games with lots of pointless violence are very rare on the Wii U... So yeah, this is great



Relias said:

Someone should have called it Rey Mysterio and friends goes Postal... seriously.. it does look interesting.. but with only 6 characters.. I think it's download only.. at release.. I don't see a fighter no matter how brutal hitting the market with only 6 characters.. unless of course.. there are extra characters to brutalize.. and these 6 are just the maim characters...



Gen0neD said:

Looks like a eshop game in its current state... and it also looks like a no, in its current state.



turnmebackwards said:

Looks good we need more third party games on Wii U so this is welcomed by me. Hopefully gets a physical release it due out this year?



GearsOfWarU said:

I would love Namco Bandi to make a Splatterhouse 2 for Wii U ... I loved the Remake on Xbox 360 !!!!!



element187 said:

@Einherjar i completely agree.. I have been playing gory games since the early 90's (Wolfenstein, Doom, Mortal Kombat) and now in my 30's I think I'm completely bored of it now... It's to the point I can't stand playing first person shooters at all anymore.

The worst are games that have gore that doesn't belong... Take Uncharted. Nate is just supposed to be a regular guy, but he is mass murderer with how many dudes you gotta shoot. It just doesn't match the story or his personality... Same with Tomb Raider.



TheRealThanos said:

@retro_player_22 I don't know if you were thinking of that game, but your comment reminded me of the gory gladiator game that turned into the colorful and only mildly violent Tournament of Champions...



XCWarrior said:

Wow, that's uh, something. $10 eshop release at most I hope. 6 characters, 3 arenas. That's pretty basic.



MAB said:

I can already tell that this will turn into a crappy online/glitch laden/clunkfest



NMH-TRI said:

That trailer did nothing to excite all -_-

I may check it out if the price is right though.



SanderEvers said:

@element187 Actually the newest Tomb Raider really clarifies the fact that it's about survival (kill, or be killed). But yes, these game would be better with a lot less shooting.



cornishlee said:

This kind of looks more like an arena based fighting game than a hack and slash brawler. Hope I'm wrong though.



Einherjar said:

@element187 The worst part: He neither has a traumatic experience, nor does he have a problem with it (granted, i only played golden abyss for a short time, got bored pretty quickly)
I often use the example of the cyborg ninja corridor scene from metal gear solid when it comes to "good gore scenes". In the original, it was brutal but not gory, it was ok. The remake, twin snakes, made this scene into a blody, brutal and gory blöood bath scene, and to be honest, it fit perfectly. Not just because the gore, because it underlined the character better than before. It made points clear like: He was COMPLETELY out of control, and you spoke to him earlier via codec, when he was extremely calm, he seems to be unbeatable, completely annihilating his opponents. You saw a brief battle scene with snake earlier and you knew that he was good, but now you saw how ruthless and psychopathic he got.
That was a scene that got greatly enhanced by excessive gore. Also games like No More Heroes or Mad World. The plot treats the violence as "normal" and it makes for a good contrast to show just how insane the death game / assassin business really is, and how insane all the participants are to not just freak out about the stuff thats happening.
And then you have games like God of War, that have these brutal gore scenes just for the sake of showing blood. Kratos is a spartan and a pretty angry and desperate one at that. The thing is, he ies supposed to have inner conflicts about the stuff he did and about his "slave labour" for the gods, but his constant outbursts into complete insanity when it comes to beating his opponents into minced meat doesnt make for a good thinking and sane protagonist.
But i could go on and on. There a way too many good and bad examples for that to list here.



unrandomsam said:

Me neither it is exactly the type of thing I would probably have liked age about 10-13. (I think these games are really immature games).



StyledFawn476 said:

This is what the Nintendo haters wanted right? they were complaining day and night about Wii U having no brainlessly bloody "mature" games fo adults. Despite being the most immature form of video-game out there. Starting to look like this was made just to mock those who wanted crap like this.



GabCormier said:

@Einherjar Funny, when you talk about that, I'm thinking Gears Of war.

"We gotta fight for our survival? Sweet! Bring on the CHAINSAWS!"



Einherjar said:

@GabCormier That would be one "negative" example Although it fits into the setting, it is pretty much unnecessary as it ads nothing to the game and the experience other than "hey look, gore"
Im talking about the same subject with my girlfriend right now because of the fact that Ninja Gaiden 2 was banned here in germany. It literally was "Bloodbath - The Game" but it also added to the whole experience. Severing limbs from your enemys wasnt just cosmetic or for the added "cool, its gory" factor, it changed their behavior. Whyle one severed arm or leg crippled their options in survival, they at least tried to. One limb more and they got so desperate (if you dominated them pretty much) that they used suicide attacks.
It was disgusting and grusome, yes, but it was there for a purpose. Removing it would drasticly change the gameplay while it wouldt make a difference in Gears if you chainsaw an enemy to death or simply give em a whack with your gun. It was just there to show some blood.



HeatBombastic said:

@element187 Gore's fine if it fits within the gameplay. It doesn't affect anything in the story usually. Uncharted was probably planned with that type of combat, just because a character's a "normal guy" shouldn't affect gameplay (although I've never played it, so I don't know if you mean gore as in killing or lots of blood).

Is Nathan Drake really a "normal guy"?



Jgam said:

@Shambo i someone decides to do something like the grinder again i would be a day-1 purchase for me so much promises in that tittle.(what happend high voltage??)
Dont want to get in any discussion with no one here but i think games like this are just pure basic fun and you dont need a complete story in every game like this, for me this is just like GOW or COD multiplayer are just basic,fun,turn off brain game modes to waste a hour or more with friends. Just my opinion BTW.

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