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Watch the Japanese Pikmin 3 Nintendo Direct - Live!

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Look at the pretty graphics, if you don't speak Japanese

It's that time again — the first occasion since that bombast and noise-making of E3 — for a new Nintendo Direct. This may not be a landmark presentation to enrapture us all — it's focused exclusively on Pikmin 3 and will be in Japanese — but will allow us to see more of the upcoming title; that's good enough for us.

This presentation will feature Satoru Iwata, Shigeru Miyamoto and Japanese comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto, so we expect punch-lines to fly over our heads;it's all about the pretty pictures. As we'll just be watching without truly understanding much of what's happening, we won't live blog this one — comments such as "yay, red Pikmin are doing something" don't really cut it — but we will be watching.

So check it out live below — it starts at 8pm JST / 12pm UK / 11am GMT / 4am PST / 7am Eastern. Enjoy!

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gavn64 said:

Imagine at the end of this they confirmed SUPER MARIO PIKMIN!!! Mario gets shrunk whilst spinning around Galaxys after the end of Galaxy 2 and then he has to survive in
the pikmin world im patenting that idea right now!!!!!



SyntheticPerson said:

I really want this game. This [and either NSMBU or NSLU - I haven't decided] are going to be my first games when I buy my Wii U later this summer. EXCITE!

(on that note, is NSLU worthwhile in terms of content to keep me going for a while?)



rjejr said:

Anything interesting near the beginning, I only turned it on at 7:10? Did they even demonstrate multiplayer? Last 10 minutes was rock and flying Pikmin, so it justlooked like Pikmin.



Kirk said:

Just Wow!

This is the best quality footage I've personally seen of the game and the level of quality in the presentation and graphics is just stunning in places.

That Title Screen alone floored me.

The controls, gameplay, character and level designs, music/sound-fx and whatever else all look to be of a very high standard too.

Edit: I guess looking closer it's clear that some of the level textures could be a little higher-res in places (mainly on some of the ground textures), which will probably stand out even more a few years down the line, but either way the game still looks beautiful.



Mr-DNA said:


I enjoyed NSLU, but I think it works better as a companion piece to NSMBU. NSLU is like a Hard Mode/Rush version of the original game, and it's better appreciated when you've played the other levels. By itself it would just seem like a bunch of really short (but challenging) stages.



ricklongo said:

@Harrison_Peter I'm one such fan, and the reason is I stuck to handhelds for the past couple of generations. Already got my Wii U though, so I can't wait to jump into the bandwagon.



ThomasBW84 said:

To all, I've replaced the ustream with the YouTube video, which should be super smooth and higher quality than the stream.



sinalefa said:

Thank you very much, Thomas. I missed it so I can watch it now. Really looking forward to this game.



Mahemoth said:

Looks great! though I don't want to see more lol. I just want to play it myself



element187 said:

Has there been any confirmation from Nintendo on the frame rate? The animations look so smooth in other videos, it kinda looks janky in this video (probably the stream is screwed up)

I saw it in motion in person, and the game looks amazing, very smooth, fluid and quick animations.



Williaint said:

@element187 Anything past 30 fps doesn't matter. It will probably run at 60 fps, because most of the games, as they said, will. And, like you said, it more than likely is the stream.

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