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Over 1,000 Parties Interested In Developing For Wii U Since Nintendo Web Framework Announcement

Posted by Andy Green

Lots of indie developers want to get on board

Nintendo announced the Nintendo Web Framework during the Games Developers Conference in San Francisco in March. Essentially, it provides a method of developing software for Wii U by using open web technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript.

Since then it appears to have been a hit with small developers as more than 1,000 have registered their interest in developing games for Wii U, according to Nintendo President Satoru Iwata who was addressing analysts at the E3 analyst briefing.

We have received great feedback. We have been in contact with more than a thousand parties.

Even though software for dedicated gaming devices has become advanced and complex, we have been working on those new approaches to expand the range of developers for the platform. As digital business expands, there will be even more opportunities for us to do business with small, independent software developers.

With the rise of digital gaming it appears the Wii U eShop is opening the door for more indie developers to get a foothold in the market. Hopefully we'll see more great titles appear for download on the eShop soon.

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AMR said:

Great work Nintendo! Keep doing what you're doing. Can't wait for Scram Kitty, Ballpoint Universe, Shovel Knight & Tengami!



Lunapplebloom said:

Nintendo made the right choice in chasing after the Indie Developers. A lot of unique ideas can come out of them. And with the way big budget games are going, they're losing uniqueness and are becoming clones of one another.

Still... would be nice to see Nintendo get some more third party support from bigger developers.



MAB said:

Nintendo & Indie devs will be a match made in awesome gaming heaven... While the AAA devs burn in their money hungry pit of copy/paste dudebro hell



Sean_Aaron said:

Absolutely agree Mad Aussie. I see no mileage to courting the big publishers who aren't going to be visiting exclusives upon anyone without a golden handshake in return. Better to court the smaller players who will likely become the dominant source of what people are playing in the future.

I think it's time for Nintendo to do some Sony-style spin and say that there are nearly 1000 games in development for Wii U on the back of this!



EaZy_T said:

Even if most of them turn out to be cheap $2-3 tablet/smartphone type games, that means there will be hundreds of different eshop downloads to choose from.
It's all about the games, right?



XCWarrior said:

I hope this is true an not PR speak.

I will believe this when we start seeing 3-4 new Wii U/3DS eshop games every week. We'll see more new ideas from Indy devs than any big 3rd party title. So that's great to hear.

I just want to see some of these games released. Starting today maybe?



Haxonberik said:

You can lose the greedy corporations but at least you got the indie developers. Well good job, Nintendo.



Pierceton said:

To be honest some of my favorite 3DS games are eShop games I hope the Wii U gets to that level!



banacheck said:

Nintendo & Indie devs will be a match made in awesome gaming heaven.

Your absolutely right E3 showed Playstation owns a lot of actual indie games ready to be played, Nintendo needs less talk more action.



ajcismo said:

Isn't there a little too much attention being paid to major 3rd parties at this (and recent) E3's? And because Nintendo hasn't played ball with them over the years, Iwata and company are getting shut out. Really going after the indie devs is a great idea, and something that this industry needs to balance out the usual FPS's and racers that MS/PS launches have in droves.



hiptanaka said:

Cool. I just they don't let the floodgates completely open and become like XBL Indie Games.



billychaos said:

As a application developer, I am really disappointed that Nintendo never answered my inquiries about how to apply for an Application for the web dev kit. I have been working on multiple html5/javascript projects. I feel like they disregarded me.



shingi_70 said:

The indie sizzle reel was one of my favorite parts of the Nintendo direct. I still feel it should have been a larger part of the show , and had more tangible content like Sony had at the PS4 event.



McGruber said:

To quote Hillary Clinton "What difference does it make, senator"...

They can't sell systems with indie games and smartphone apps, or by releasing half assed sequels IMO. With that lineup of games they are going to HAVE to cut the Wii U price before the holiday, but I still don't think it's going to sell well. Wii U is shaping up to to more like a Gamecube than a Wii, minus the great innovative game library the GC has



SanderEvers said:

Actually I did sign up for their web framework (I am a developer myself) haven't had any contact from Nintendo though.



smashbrolink said:

Keep at it, Sander.
Nintendo's a super busy company; it might take a while, especially since they just got done with E3.XD



Cyberbotv2 said:

Hasn't Sony cornered this market? They have so much to offer right now on playstation plus and such. Nintendo is moving much too slowly right now. Start boogieing and get me to buy a Wii U!



smashbrolink said:

Sony hasn't cornered it, though they're also doing great.
Wii U has the potential to get a lot of indies interested now.

Which is good, since indies are the beginnings of future third-party employees, and even whole new companies.
If many of them remember their fun times deving for Nintendo, then Nintendo may be future-proofing themselves even as we speak.



nomeacuerdo said:

I actually did have a response: "we won't have support on your region". And here we go again, South America is an unexisting black hole for Nintendo. F* off, that makes me mad.



MAB said:

Playstationers don't buy those kinds of games so they will do alot better on a more established system



shingi_70 said:


They haven't corned it (that would be nigh impossible) but they have been the most aggressive out of the big three when it comes to indie support. By proxy Nintendo's web framework and self publishing should at the very least make it a viable contender for most developers.

Take oddworld New 'n Tasty. It was first shown off at the PS4 confrere as a PlayStation first title but the next day we saw the game announced for Wii U. Even Toki Tori 2 apparently has a PS4/Vita port in the works. A Lot of kickstarters already have had Wii U/3DS/Vita as systems and I expect PS4 to be the fourth system.



shingi_70 said:


Irrc the Vita/PS3 have done really well in terms of indie sales. The retro city rampage guy said the PlayStation version moved a ton of units.

Also you keep puting up this narrative of microsoft/Playstation gamers not liking that stuff when both systems have games that prove you wrong and more diverse console lineups.



ILikeRead said:

it wouldnt surprise me if behind the gaming iron curtain that sony and nintendo were working together to shut out microsoft. after all nintendo stood back and watched while sony took the show.



SirMario said:

Nintendo should buy those 1000 + parties and make sure they are exclusive developers for Nintendo. I'm quite sure all is needed is to pay each up-start parties 50 bucks to make them 1st parties studios. Nintendo needs to monopolized the indie scene if they want to pierce Sony in the heart. Microsoft already took a huge dump on the indie scene - a stench that won't go anywhere, anytime.



SanderEvers said:

@SirMario When Nintendo buys an indie developer, that developer nolonger is an indie developer Nintendo should, however, make a simple platform on which indie developers can release their games. Like, for instance, the Apple App Store, or the Google Play store.



Nesgod8bit said:

Nintendo, thank you for getting with the times, the more games you get the more money you make. Then Nintendo gets more money to make me some great games to play.



Shambo said:

while not really survival horror, i liked lit on wiiware quite a bit. but i too need more real survival horror, focused on the so-called 'hardcore' gamer. zombiu stuff, you know. REmake 2.
grinder... ah was i looking forward to that. last i saw was it turned into a top-down shooter for tablets or something like that, wii version cancelled, lost interest... disappointed though. i wanted my first person grinder. i remember how even reloading twin pistols looked awesome!



HorseLoverFat said:

More indie support sounds good but I don't know if I'd like something similar to apples app store. Hardly any of those games interest me and I hate the business models some of them take. Don't want a cluttered eshop full of junk. Will Nintendo impose some kind of quality control system? I don't really know how these things work, how intends system would work, but I would really hate to see Mario and co swamped in a apple store eshop equivalent.



ShortSleevedNook said:

I think this might be the key to success in Nintendo's future. If they can be really friendly, then they can rely on lots of great digital eShop content to fill the gaps between huge retail releases from Nintendo, and the limited amount of third-party ones, of course.

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