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Nintendo Aware Of StreetPass Plaza Crash Reports, Investigation Currently Underway

Posted by Damien McFerran

Squashing the bug

Today, Nintendo issued an update to the StreetPass Plaza application which allows you to download and purchase four additional games.

Unfortunately, many 3DS owners have been reporting system crashes when attempting to purchase one of these mini-games. From what we can gather, this only seems to impact European users — we tested the process on our Japanese 3DS and experienced no problems. We've also noticed that the crash happens at different points — sometimes as soon as you enter the StreetPass Plaza store, and other times when you're at the point of purchase. This suggests that the fault lies with Nintendo's European servers, and not with the application itself.

Thankfully, Nintendo is aware of the problem and is currently working on a solution. Speaking to Eurogamer, a Nintendo UK spokesperson said:

We are aware of some reports of technical difficulties which are occurring and are currently investigating the situation.

Have you been able to download any of the games yet, or are you also falling foul of this crash bug? Drop a comment to tell us.


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Peach64 said:

One forum I visit seems to have noticed a pattern regarding mii plaza population. The more Miis you have, the more it crashes. It was unplayable for the people with 3000+



Sonic1994CD said:

Hmm I did the update and nothing new was added to the Mii Plaza. Are other people having the same problem as me or did I do something wrong?



dizzy_boy said:

Well, the guys in the US that have been moaning that they haven't vot the update yet. Count yourselfs lucky, it should be bug free when you get it



Pokefanmum82 said:

I live in Canada and after I updated my 3DS XL crashed too. And we didn't get the streetpass part of the update.



Zach777 said:

I'm still curious as to why Nintendo of America did not update this simultaneously with Europe and Japan... Something to do with the new StreetPass machines going around the states, maybe?



RupeeClock said:

I have exactly 1800 Miis in my plaza, and the Salesbunny crashes as soon as I say I'll buy the combo-pack, it's very annoying.
I hope they squash this bug soon, if it's a problem with the Streetpass Mii Plaza app or the 3DS 6.0 firmware itself.
I suppose it is worth testing if other games with similar DLC/update menus have this problem, like Fire Emblem Awakening, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity, New Super Mario Bros 2 or Animal Crossing New Leaf.



CommenSense said:

I only have about 200 and mine crashes instantly. I think people are seeing patterns where there are none.



grayadamson said:

Mine crashes and reboots as soon as I open StreetPass Mii Plaza. Pity, I just received 3 StreetPasses immediately before the update began. :-/
Incidentally, mine has between three and four hundred Miis but, get this, exactly 666 StreetPass hits. Make of that what you will...

Similarly, is anyone actually able to access the infamous Animal Crossing Image Share site from the 3DS browser? Keep getting errors on that one, too...



grayadamson said:

North America isn't missing much; only the heartbreaking site of your heretofore trusty and reliable 3DS cacking its pants and restarting time and again.



SubZer023 said:

NA Needs This Plaza, Update But it Seems like Nintendo Needs To Fix This Big Bug Problem From some people getting it in Eshop and i Guess Plaza now and Some people Can Be getting this From Games So i belive they just need to Send another update and Fix this problem before miiverse or Flipnote Comes to 3ds.



thekylekurtz said:

In the US, looking forward to this update.

I've loved what they've done in Mii plaza so far, and some paid DLC sounds like it could be fun.

I've seen people complaining about it, but if it bothers you, just don't buy it. Can't expect for everything to be free. Puzzle swap and find mii are amazing, and in my opinion would have been worth money too.



grayadamson said:

Really? I'd much rather have one of the fundamental and (personally) most-used features of the console actually function. Not even for the new stuff: I was one piece away from completing my Pilotwings puzzle. One piece...



Kifa said:

Mine reboots as soon as I try to purchase anything, and the Combo Pack is not even listed with the Sales Bunny... My population is 713 (with invitations, of course) and few of them got any hat somehow. Oh well, that probably saves me from spending my money on something I don't need at the moment.



RupeeClock said:

The sales bunny only mentions the combo-pack when you immediately say that you'll buy the game, rather than learning about the selected game.
It's a massive oversight on Nintendo's part that could result in many people buying the four games individually, possibly not ever learning there was a combo pack.



Owlynator said:

Oh, I just came to this site in order to check if it's just me whose Mii Plaza crashes. Good to see that Nintendo's working on this!



Kifa said:

@RupeeClock Well, that is silly-willy-nummy-nums. Nintendo clearly has little knowledge on how to design a logical way to buy stuff... Still, it does not work at all for me, one way or the other, so I'm waiting for the fix anyway. Maybe they will figure that out by the time...?



Einherjar said:

More Miis and bigger, more detailed hats crash the Plaza ? Sounds like a classic "buffer overrun / overflow" error. I hope it gets fixed pretty soon though.



RupeeClock said:

@Kifa Yeah, it's very silly, but it may be different if you actually manage to get to the purchasing stage. it'd be baffling if the purchasing is really all handled through an NPC dialogue!

I'm gonna do a backup, format and restore of my SD card when I get home and hope this sorts things out, but I doubt it. Nintendo really just need to fix the software ASAP.



Gnoll said:

Well, I've got less than 70 Mii and half of them are hatless coz I got them with Sonic Generations multiplayer, so I guess I shouldn't have any problem



BakaKnight said:

I knew the investigation would have started soon ^O^

Find the culprit Nintendo!!! I want my games O:<



Tasuki said:

I got an update last night but didnt see any of the new games, but I have an NA 3DS so they might be holding off on the games till the bugs are fixed.



KongFu said:

@ILOVENINTENDO After you picked a game you want to buy in the recently updated mii plaza app, there appears a white rabbit. But after it's appearance the app crashes. At least in my case...



AlbertoC said:

In Mexico, looking forward to this update.

I'm surprised at how fast (talking relatively to other companies) Nintendo addresses those problems.

But what does the Mii Plaza population and their hats have to do with the crashes (according to the first comments), technically speaking? Which functionality is failing, and what does it do? Interesting...



baba_944 said:

How can I backup my files? I just updated so now I want to clear a whole lot of block space.



hamsterfactor said:

Mine crashes when I try to speak with the sales bunny and I've got only 50+ miis in my plaza. The rest works as usual, though.



Papercut said:

It doesn't relate directly to anything sever side, as mine will crash whether I have an internet connection or not.

Out of three UK 3ds's, one has the problem. It will crash when I ask the sales bunny about any new plaza game (as he is about to speak), or when I go up six lines through the Mii's I've street passed.

My guess would be that there are certain Mii's that the new update struggles with, which would explain it crashing at different points for people.

I've also experimented with formatting different sd card sizes and so on, which doesn't make a difference - crashes in exactly the same way.

Also, has no one else noticed that the new Mii plaza update is for firmware 6.0.12E or 6.0.12J, while the US version without is 6.0.11U - 11 vs 12, and that number seems to denote feature level rather than firmware level.

So... what are the new panels? Heroines, Luigi u, skyward sword, and... anything else?



grayadamson said:

I doubt I've lost all the data (God, I hope not) but I'm pretty sure yesterday's StreetPasses won't register and I know one of them had that last required puzzle piece.
Won't find out until I regain access to the Plaza. :-/



grayadamson said:

I know! Can't help but wonder if maybe he has something to do with this. Maybe peeved at all the times my Mii wore the Dark Lord helmet as a way of mocking him.



KnightRider666 said:

@grayadamson: I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I'd be cursing Nintendo if I lost all my Mii plaza data. I've had a 3DS since day 1. I don't think he had anything to do with it btw. I highly doubt he even exists!



jetforce said:

Must be the software, my 3DS updated fine but the 2 3DSXL's in the house are both 'broken' when you try to purchase...



timp29 said:

If you like Cats, the game can't handle the awesomeness of cats. And it crashes.



feknoze said:

ALso having issues, 2 3DSXL (blue and silver). both updated successfully, both able to browse the plaza, including 300+ miis; with and without big hats. I managed to get as far as the rabbit connecting to the internet to check the prices yesterday, I even managed once to get to the purchase page of the bundle, but it crashed when trying to add funds. since then it's crashing as soon as the game is selected; (this is how it behaves if there is no internet connection) this suggests that it's having difficulties reaching the European servers, and possibly it's timing out too early.



Spideron said:

Updated 2x 3DS (one red, one aqua) for my boys and bought all games combo for both and everything went ok. Updated my red 3DS XL, update went ok, but Mii Plaza crashes everytime I try to buy the new games. It crashes even though I'm not connected to internet, so it's a software error, NOT server issue!

Oh, and it's not dangerous in any ways to update, you won't lose anything etc etc. Only problem that occurs is Mii Plaza crashes when you try to enter one on the games in the Mii Plaza Shop.



Papercut said:

I'm also having Mii plaza crash on a Japanese xl, when going up through the Mii's in the plaza.

On the Japanese Mii plaza you buy the games from the play area rather than from the shopping cart button, which might explain European people having more trouble.

The fault affects the Mii plaza 3.0 update for both regions.



Sinsane said:

I can select a new type of game and it won't crash until I ask for more info on that game. But after that if I select that game again it crashes instantly. I have 52 miis.



mullen said:

I have a Japanese 3DS and it crashes as well. It crashed even before I downloaded or tried to download any new mini games. For me, all the crashes happened when I browsed Miis in my plaza. I'm sure this is a huge issue for this update, and can understand why Nintendo didn't include it in NA's update.



Papercut said:

@Damo Mii Plaza update is live!

The bug has been fixed for me - just run the update again within Mii Plaza

This is for EU so far, not the JPN one (which also crashes...), it updates the Mii Plaza Update Data under Add-on Content from 3.0 to 3.1.



KongFu said:

Downloading the update right now. I am curious about the new street pass content.



parall4x said:

When updating Mii Plaza, an error came up saying that the 3DS couldn't access the SD card. Now all of my DLC is missing and the 3DS won't recognize the card. I can mount it in Windows so I'll try to back it up and format as @RupeeClock mentioned.

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