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Mega Man 3 Hitting 3DS Virtual Console Next Week

Posted by Damien McFerran

4, 5 and 6 to follow in April, May and June

Capcom has confirmed that Mega Man 3 will be coming to the North American 3DS Virtual Console next week — March 14th, to be precise.

Furthermore, the company has confirmed that Mega Man 4, 5 and 6 will launch in April, May and June respectively. We've no confirmation that the game will be hitting Europe in the same week too, but we've reached out to Nintendo and Capcom to find out.

This enthusiasm to get so many classic Mega Man titles onto the 3DS eShop is tied to the character's 25th birthday. Capcom has confirmed that more events are planned for the rest of the year — is an all-new game too much to hope for?


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Zach777 said:

I really doubt Capcom is making a new Mega Man. It would be great to be wrong, though.



Magrane said:

This is the best one in the series so I'm looking forward to this immensely! Say what you want about Mega Man 2 - Mega Man 3 is a solid successor.




It's good to see that Mega Man is still on track to have at least one game hit NOW coming out a month at a time. If only CAPCOM would at least have a DAM answer as to why Mega Man II - Mega Man V never showed up for GAME BOY on the 3DS VC after Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge.



gundam00 said:

I would get these, but I already have the Anniversary Collection for GameCube which has all the Mega Man NES through SNES. I would definitely pick up any Mega Man games that were exclusive to handhelds since those didn't make it into the Anniversary Collection.

Also, I have a difficult time seeing the graphics on my 3DS because the viewport is the size of a postage stamp. Some Virtual Console games don't bother me like Link's Awakening, but other's I can hardly see the character. Is this any better on the XL?



guest37 said:

too bad game genie won't come to virtual console. it makes all games so much more fun because you don't have to worry about running out of weapons or dying.



MeWario said:

Man... I got excited but it's American v.c. Fingers crossed!!! Come on Europe!



FluttershyGuy said:

I'm happy for anybody who wants this. But, it annoys the Hell out of me on a number of levels.

First, as @3DSLuigi pointed out, what about the other Mega Man Game Boy games that HAVEN'T been released anywhere else yet? There are so many places and ways you can get the NES Mega Mans, but those Game Boy games (I think) only have their original releases on GB. They are not widely available at all. Second, as a couple of you mentioned, Mega Man VI never even made it to Wii VC! There is no consistency at all on Capcom's part (which is no surprise to me, since they've been in "Crapcom" mode). They are just all over the place! Finally, yet another NES game that is already available on Wii VC, when we could be getting a new Game Boy/GBA game! As I mentioned in a prior post, Game Boy/GBC games are better sellers, according to the 3DS VC top 20. So, why the NES obsession? Since, as we know, Nintendo is incapable of releasing more than one VC game a week on a particular system, Mega Man III will be all we get this Thursday. And the weeks the next 3 are released, it'll be the only 3DS VC game for those weeks as well.

Don't get me wrong. I'm always happy for VC support, and Mega Man III is one of the greats! The aforementioned matters still tick me off, however. I'd so much rather see Mega Man II GB, or one of the Zelda Oracles.



Dpishere said:

I would pick this up but I seem to be no good at playing these games.I do however love the music of this series as it has some of the most memorable tunes I have heard.



XCWarrior said:

Give us the GB games, not the NES games.

We want GB VC for the 3DS, not NES! Good grief Nintendo.



Tasuki said:

Dang and I dont have any money atm I am going to pick this one up as soon as I can since this is my favorite Megaman game.



jango1987 said:

Capcom knows what we want megaman legends 3 or the another canceled megaman universe but sadly those 2 games it wont see the light of day



Windy said:

If these were all 3D Classics I would be buying them all. but since ive played them already just no reason for me to buy




This is the best mega man game ever!, it has shadow man, my favorite robot master created by dr. wily, the introduction of my favorite character protoman/blues and also the introduction of rush; everything on this game is classic and perfect. Sad thing is, the sequel is just garbage.



Garo said:

Would probably get this if I didn't have it on the Wii already. Easily my favorite of the classic Mega Men.



Geonjaha said:

Please Europe, stop lagging behind on the good releases.

@DkFluttershyGuy - I actually completely agree. The 3DS VC is where handheld games should be the priority. NES games are already available on the Wii VC where they should be. I understand why Nintendo released 10 of them as part of the Ambassador program, and even why they decided to then release those titles to the public. Why they decided to then release many more of them is just a confusion though.

With many great GB/GBC titles still to come and the complete absence of GBA titles at all, it's really confusing why Nintendo don't have their priorities right. Part of the reason I bought a 3DS in the first place was for the opportunity to buy many of my favourite GB/GBC/GBA games and have them on one system.

The lack of all other handheld platform games promised is also a concern, although not too much of a problem personally as I never played any of them on their original systems.



WaveGhoul said:

I remember playing MM3 back during it's Nes release, and i found it to be such a big letdown after experiencing the greatness that was MM2. I hated the darker/serious tone, less colorful look, most of the stages, robot masters(Hard & Needle were terrible design wise) and 'not up to par' soundtrack.

Anyways, won't be touching these little 3DS VC NES games, i already own many of them on cart and on the Wii's VC, so why bother. No need for the tripple dippage!



GeminiSaint said:

Awesome. Just don't forget about MM II-V after you are done with the NES games, Capcom. Also, it would be nice to see 6, 7 and X3 on the Wii VC too.



Dpullam said:

@Dpishere Yeah, I'm not very good at this series either. They are classics but possibly not a series that I can get into. I'll agree with you though, the music is pretty darn catchy.



SparkOfSpirit said:

I agree with others wanting 6, 7, and X3 on the VC and GB II-V on the 3DS VC. I don't know why Capcom is focusing only on the NES games to the point of senselessly ignoring the Wii VC.



Moonhillwat said:

I recently got Mega Man 2 for 3DS VC and am very surprised at how well it suits my XL! It's also great to play on the go! Will be getting Mega Man 3 when it's released!

^ Ew. That smiley is the worst : D I've ever seen.



Chomposaur said:

i doubt 6 will come to the Wii VC Capcom stated that they was not going to support the Wii VC any longer, I for one am not Re-buying the MM1-5. i will buy 6 if it just comes out on the 3DS



alLabouTandroiD said:

Hope the games will also come to the Wii U VC. Playable on the Game Pad, with Miiverse integration and running in 60 Hz.



Urbanhispanic said:

Capcom SHOULD work on releasing the rest of the GB Mega Man games since they are intent on releasing all of the NES titles for the 3DS VC. It's only right AND it's very hard on getting any one of the GB games, let alone if you got the original Game Boy or a Game Boy Advance to play them on. Make it happen, Capcom!! You know you want our $$$$!



DaveGX said:

YES!! 3 was easily my most favorite despite how long it took to beat with the addition of fighting Gamma controlling 8 additional bosses from old. That part of it was amazing. 4 wasn't actually that far off, either, 5 was good, and 6 was a little odd with Rush's new abilities. I can't wait til these hit eShop!

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