Mega Man 3 (NES)

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In the year 200X, the notorious Dr. Wily, having reformed and now working for the forces of good, is working hand in hand with Dr. Light to build a new type of peacekeeping robot. But then a new set of eight Robot Masters escapes the lab to wreak havoc on the world - and only Mega Man can save the day once again!

This time around, Mega Man has a new slide move to work his way through the Robot Masters' domains, along with a new ally in the form of his equally robotic canine companion Rush!

This third instalment of the highly acclaimed action game series once again pits you against exciting levels filled with a wide range of enemies to battle against! But who is the mysterious Proto Man, and why does he seem so interested in you...?

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USA USA Version

Posted by Philip J Reed

The Blue Bomber jumps onto the GamePad

It's fitting that Mega Man 3 introduces our hero's antagonistic, cocksure older brother Proto Man, as the game itself seems to eternally duke it out with its own brother Mega Man 2 for the coveted title of Best in Series. But wherever you may fall on the...

Game Review

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USA USA Version

Posted by Philip J Reed

Sibling rivalry

It's fitting that Mega Man 3 introduces our hero's antagonistic, cocksure older brother Proto Man, as the game itself seems to eternally duke it out with its own brother Mega Man 2 for the coveted title of Best in Series. But wherever you may fall on the...

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USA USA Version

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Good to be three

After two successful Mega Man releases on NES, Capcom decided to upgrade the series with a few new twists for Mega Man 3, adding a little more variety to an already amazing series. With eight brand new Robot Masters for players to take on, the game would...

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User Comments (59)



blackknight77 said:

Sweet! I hope it arrives soon. Lets get 3-6 soon

Oh and Nintendo don't forget Wiley Wars for Genesis. The best in the series still belongs to Mega Man 2 IMO



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Awesome! This means Capcom are determined to get the rest of the saga on the VC, despite releasing MM9! Lets see this before year's end Capcom! =D

Oh, but America. When the hell will they see it? 0o



deggs said:

I always wondered at this game's insane appeal. it is amazing. don't get me wrong... that said though, i love mm2 (it's probably one of the best) and after mm2, i feel that this game and the next got a little stale in comparison to some of the later titles. i really feel that everyone overlooks mm5 and mm6 (the other "best" mega man games in the original series in my opinion). i hear a lot of reviews that scoff at the fact that mm4, mm5 and mm6 came out in a period shorter than 2 years. still, the games did further develop the weapon system (allowing you to finally charge your gun a la MMX yet they still retain the charm and straightforward awesomeness of mm2).

i have to say, after playing this and then playing mm5, i realize just how amazing mm5 truly is. and then when mm6 came around... stuff got even better. even screwattack, who thought that this game(mm3) and mm2 were basically tied for best nes megaman acknowledged that mm6 was awesome. it truly is. so all i'm saying is don't believe the naysayers, mm5 and mm6 are just as good as mm2 and (in my humble opinion) waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy better than this game (of course, i'm sure the popular opinion disagrees).

anyways, see for yourself. go out and buy the anniversary collection (but please note that the gamecube version of the anniversary collection has some major button configuration issues so i recommend the ps2 or xbox versions)



Drake said:

^Don't worry, Mega Man 5 is my favourite game after 3 and 2.



Bass_X0 said:

I only had 2 & 3 on the NES as a kid - I think I preferred this one more. Although I did enjoy Megaman 7 more than either of them.



President_Leever said:

deggs: I beg to differ; 5 and 6 (6 esp) are worse than the early titles because they completely changed the pacing with the chargeable mega buster and they are Much easier games. Furthermore they were just rehashing the previous games in most other aspects. MM5 did have some interesting level designs like the scooter part in one level or the reversed gravity in another.. but at the same time had other problems like leaps of faith into spikes (this is a game released in the 90s!), and instead of givng you energy enemies drop more 1ups instead - completely redundant.
MM6 was just dull, uninspired crap and I couldn't stand more than a couple levels of it. I did like the soundtrack though, quite an improvement over 4-5.



WolfLink22 said:

Mega Man 3 was my 3rd favorite behind the 2nd and 1st games.I liked Mega Man X too but i consider it as my 4th favorite.

If you had to get only 4 Mega Man Games get Mega Man 1, Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3, and wait and then get Mega Man X.



Linkuini said:

This is my favorite game in the series, but only by a little. I loved 6 and 8. This one's definitely got the catchiest soundtrack, though. I loved Shadow Man's theme.



Final_Starman said:

This is, in my opinion, the second best in the series. It had great, memorable music, especially Shadow Man's theme, and none of the bosses were as cheap as in Mega Man 2. In case you are wondering what my favorite is, it is Mega Man 7. It was very satisfying and worth it to find every secret, and it also had a very great soundtrack.

@President_Leever: True, Mega Man 6 was kind of dull compared to the others, and what was with all of the cartoony sound effects? Although 5 and 6 were not in the league of the older ones or 7 and 8, they were a vast improvement over 4.



deggs said:

yeah, i mean i love the original series a lot but i consider the first mmx game to be complete perfection. when that comes, it will be one of the best games on vc period (in my humble opinion at least).



deggs said:

about 5 being easier than the earlier games, proto man's stage got pretty hard at times. actually, i found the difficulty in 5 to be the most balanced out of the original series. to collect all of the letters and stuff could be kinda annoying at times but the game is still fun. i guess i just like easier games maybe. but by the time you get to proto man's / the end stages, the game really gets tricky at times.



Outrunner said:

I have the X remake on PSP but would LOVE to get the original on VC. I only had Sega consoles back then so I missed out on all this stuff.



MrPinguy said:

i love MM3, because it haz Proto Man XP

Kidding i love the game, one of my favorites MM



The_Fox said:

I'm suprised MM6 wasn't titled
Mega Man 6: Officially Out of Ideas

At least MM7 was better than 6.



Jockolantern said:

Mega Man 7 was a definite step down from Mega Man 6. At least MM6 gave us some fun, new power suit upgrades and a slew of great levels to romp through. Mega Man 7 featured a lousy sprite update for Mega Man himself and a slew of enjoyable-but-tired level design. We won't even speak of Mega Man 8 which took the awful Mega Man sprite/tired level design to an even lower level of tedium. Mega Man 7 isn't a bad game, but it is in no way better than any of the original six NES games.



JoshZTP said:

I hope MegaMan 3 eventually comes out on October 27, along with Castlevania 3!!!



WolfLink22 said:

I expect Mega Man 3 either next month or sometime in 2009.You may think that that is crazy but after having just got Mega Man 1 in August and Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 9 in September.So if we get Mega Man 3 it won't be for a while yet but that won't stop us from dreaming it would come out sooner tho.



Chunky_Droid said:

Wow, Megaman 3 out in the US today! But it's ANOTHER one game week. So apologies to all those who aren't Megaman fans. Although there's a lot more of us than Space Harrier fans



blackknight77 said:

"I want this one week after Japan gets it... or the same week."

Looks like your wish has been granted.
Just download all the NES Mega Man games you won't be disappointed.

By the way did anyone notice the banner on the corner of the box. You can get a $10 refund if you purchase this or any other Capcom game. I hope they still honor it



Big_A2 said:

Tony: Yes, but they havn't put "Yo Noid!" on the VC yet, so we have no real reason to use the discount.



The_Fox said:

Man, Mega Man is a jerk. He's shooting that enemy right in his robo-balls on the cover art. Really, though, were all of the NES Mega Man games cover art as terrible as the first 3?



I like Mega Man 8, Mega Man Legends, and Mega Man X4 the best out of all Mega Man games. But, of all the older entries, the first one is probably my favorite.



Zweck36 said:

Upon further review, I like MM2 way more than I remember as a kid. When I downloaded this one though, man it just feels epic to me. Still my favorite, however it is way too easy. I got to the skull fortress in under an hour and 15 minutes. No cheats, no passwords. Straight up. I remember struggling more as a child.



MrLopez said:

I never liked megaman. I wanted to get into the games so I played megaman 9 at my friends house and you know what, it's HARD!! xD



ness said:

Wow, Mega Man 3 has, in comparison to Mega Man 2, a lot of more slowdowns. Sometimes it is really stressful...

But beside this, it is a great game, although i still prefer MM2.



Lurch said:

@ maka
Megaman 3 is a tad harder than MM2 imo, which comes from the new "Doc Robot Stages" that follow up once you beat all 8 robo masters. the level design of those is wicked evil in some places and the bosses from Megaman 2 make an appearance as well, although you do not get their weapons.



Mipsymoodle said:

i cannot play this game. it is too hard. i finally beat my first level
however.....it is a GREAT game



Lurch said:

don't worry, mipsymoodle! once you got a hang of it, it turns into a game you know exactly how to beat yet you come back for more.



slangman said:

I think this might be my favourite Mega Man game. I really like most of the music in this game as well as the level and boss designs. Must finally finish 2 and 9 after i finish this game off.

@Mipsymoodle This game is easier if you use the right weapons for right boss. Keep practising the layout each of the stage. They get far easier when you know how they work and when you should jump in the right moments.



mixahman said:

I love this game~ ever since it came out back in the 90s.
The only way to play this thru is without special weapons... & still its somewhat easy.



Cally said:

The Mega Man series was one of the first that I started with on the NES, and it kind of became the standard for me. I eventually realized that everything about it--the level design (and level select), the play control, the platforming, the shooting--Capcom nailed the bulls-eye so well that after these games, I'm really hard to impress. The debate rages on about this versus MM2, and I lean toward MM2 because of its better weapon design; in fact, Mega Man 3's arsenal is one of the most questionable in the whole series! Top Man's weapon was one of the most impractical ever; Shadow Man's was a lamer version of MM2's Metal Blade; Spark Man's froze enemies but didn't allow you switch to a weapon that could destroy like Ice Man's in the original . . .

On the other hand, having four of the stages remixed was something else, and not repeated later (challenging, with two bosses per stage, and strange to be playing MM3 stages with MM2 bosses). And Rush Jet didn't propel forward automatically.



CanisWolfred said:

This is the hardest of all the Mega Man games if you ask me. I've only been able to beat one boss so far, and that was by sheer luck!



Bass_X0 said:

really, Top Man's stage is pretty easy. you should be able to do that one. attempt Magnet Man's stage next because he is pretty easy to beat too (only the disappearing/reappearing blocks can be annoying). Who should I try next after these two?



Lurch said:

I always start with needle man. you get an E-Tank in his stage and once you discover how to beat him, the entire fight feels like a harder battle against metalman from megaman II.
After you beat needleman, you get the rush jet, which is pretty helpful in as good as each stage.
so yeah, needle man, folks



slangman said:

Snakeman is actually very easy when you know when to do those slightly tricky jumping bits. Although you do need needleman's weapon to make the boss fight easier.

Still the key to easily completing a robot masters level is to know the bosses weakness as well as the layout to the level. I actually think the Mega Man games are easy and are not as hard as people say they are.



MrPuzzlez said:

HEY GUYS!!! HEY GUYS!!!! The jumping trick STILL works on this game!!! Did you know that if you hold right on the second controller Mega Man jumps REALLY HIGH??! Here's a little cheat you can do. When you start the game use the Wiimote for the first controller and take a GameCube Controller and hold left on the analog pad WHILE pluging it in the second GC slot on the Wii. Because of Analog Calibration, the Wii will think that when the analog pad is in the right position when it is just in the standard position. It's a really cool trick for Mega Man 3 and it renders Rush Coil USELESS!!!!



MrPuzzlez said:

Also, I almost forgot! When you jump into a pit (not a spike one), you'll never die. When you press the jump button WHILE you are in the pit, you'll just jump super duper high past the top border of the screen. Another nifty little trick is that when you're in a pit and this is happening, have an enemy shoot your direction and you'll automatically lose all of your health, but you won't die. You'll just be walking around with no health and unable to shoot (unless you equip something else). The game gets kinda easy but really fun with this trick so tell me what'cha think!

EDIT: This does NOT work on the Hard Man Stage because there's no bottomless pits.



Cally said:

I remembered that. I wondered if that was a real glitch or something Capcom hid. That was one of the fun things about playing an NES: having fun with glitches! I say they should figure out how to reproduce those shenanigans with games like Mega Man 9 and NES-style new games. Who's with me?



Big_A2 said:

@ Cally: Acctualy, Capcom did put a few bugs into Mega Man 9 on porpose. I don't know if anyone's found them all yet.



soniczelda_dude said:

"I am Mega Man
I'm blue and cyan
The creation of Dr. Light
or Right
If you are from Japan."

I might get Mega Man 3 just because of this song. LOL

Edit: I know the lyrics aren't actually in the game, but it's still a pretty good song (in case you didn't know, I like the Mega Man 2 intro music better).



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

I guess we won't see Mega Man 7 for awhile considering how long it's taken to get this far. Good thing I have the collection for GC. However, using the GC controller is awkward.



MoogleMuffins said:

Well I love MM2 and MM9. And I've heard this is one of the best so I probably will get it , I can't believe how I never heard of Mega Man when I was younger and now I consider myself a huge fan.



JJtheTexan said:

Not really anything I can say that hasn't been said already. Better than I remembered, and my favorite NES Mega Man title. 9 out of 10



JGMR said:

The only Mega man game i got trough when i was 11 years old. Mega man 2 was too difficult for me at the time. Now i got trough the game in no time too. lol
Still love the amazing soundtrack. Magnet man,Top man, 2nd Wily theme and Spark man...amazing...

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