Also Known As
Rockman World 3 (Japan)
Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Game Boy

  • US 11th Dec 1992
  • EU 19th Jun 1993
  • JP 11th Dec 1992

3DS (3DS eShop)

  • JP 9th Oct 2013, ¥400

3DS eShop

  • US 8th May 2014, $2.99
  • EU 14th Aug 2014, £3.59
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  • Review Mega Man III (3DS eShop / GB)

    Third time's the charm

    After the fun but flawed Dr. Wily's Revenge and the almost thoroughly disappointing Mega Man II on Game Boy, Capcom made a serious and substantial course correction. The result is Mega Man III, and we couldn't be happier about that. Retaining the template from Dr. Wily's Revenge (two sets of Robot Masters, a new Mega Man...

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Mega Man III Screenshot
Mega Man III Screenshot
Mega Man III Screenshot
Mega Man III Screenshot

Mega Man III News

About The Game

Mega Man's latest battle takes him to the hottest place on Earth!

The sinister Dr. Wily has taken control of an off-shore oil rig to drill to the center of the Earth. By reaching the molten core, he will be able to collect energy in order to power his latest invention. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, and Mega Man must put a stop to this! Join Rush and Flip-Top as you progress through Dr. Wily's fiendish fortress, battling various Robot Masters and collecting their weapons before facing the mad scientist and his ultimate creation!