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Feature: Luigi's Diary - Extracts

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It's tough being the younger brother

Luigi's everywhere at the moment, beginning his role as the focus of Nintendo's biggest campaign in the coming months — The Year of Luigi. He has a new game earning rave reviews and making a lot of 3DS owners very happy, he's gearing up for some joint adventures with Mario, a solo Wii U platforming spin-off and, beyond all of that, he has his own communities on Miiverse.

Seeing him as pixels, polygons and uncomfortably large real-life costumes as often as we do, it's easy for us to put Luigi on a pedestal as a figure of entertainment designed only to amuse us. While walking near a suspicious-looking mansion recently, however, we discovered something that gave us reason to pause. We spotted a small, green book lodged in the mud, and upon wiping it down we noticed that it was emblazoned with a familiar 'L'.

Our curiosity quickly got the better of us, and we were shocked to find that it contained the thoughts of the green one himself; his inner most feelings about key moments in his history. In the interest of public knowledge, we've picked out a few of the less inflammatory entries to share — and so, we present the following extracts from the Luigi Diaries.

Luigi, if you're reading this — you know how to contact us if you want your book back.

Summer 1983

Oh no, they've actually done it. When I realised I was going to appear in the Mario Bros. arcade I was psyched. The name annoyed me though — why not just Super Bros., Awesome Bros. or, even better, The Tall Attractive Brother and the Little Fat One? OK, so that last one was never going to fly but, still, them's the breaks; it seems a grumpy and overweight warehouse landlord called Mario inspired my bro's creation, rather than a tall, handsome chap called Luigi. I just have to live with that.

But I'm a palette swap, and I'm player two. No-one wants to be player two, because being number two is being number nowhere, right? We all want to be number one, so I'm probably being called the "green Mario" by kids in arcades all over the world right now. All of my distinctive features have been left out to make a programmer's life easier, so I'm little more than a green afterthought. I'm green in other ways, I really am; green with envy.

October 1988

Ha! It finally happened! I've been given something like an accurate portrayal in one of big bro's games, and about time too. I don't care how it happened — scandalous tricksters say my character is a re-skinned lady from Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic, pfft — but I'm taller, I can jump higher, and I'm just awesome in every way. So, fine, I'm not the quickest runner, but this is a platformer, so most of our time is spent jumping around; you don't need speed for that, you need a good jump, and I've always been a better jumper than Mario.

Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of love for my brother; he is heavy, but he's still my brother. But it's nice to get some spotlight at last, especially with my good buddy Toad coming along; we get on well because he has his own problems, what with all his relatives having the same name as him. It's nice to have Princess Toadstool along too, and she's really useful for some of those super-long jumps but, damn, I can see this thing with Mario going on forever. Although we rescued her in the first Super Mario Bros. game and they were clearly hitting it off, they do little more than exchange letters and occasionally eat cake. Are these dates, or what?

Anyway, who cares? The world is finally seeing what I can do, so it can only get better from here.

Summer 1993

Dear diary, it's been a while since I shared my thoughts, I'm really sorry. It's been a tough few years though, it really has. After my excitement at the world seeing something like the real me in Super Mario Bros. 2, I've been pushed back to the margins and squashed down to look like Mario again. Super Mario Bros. 3 was fantastic and will go down as one of the greats, and I had a blast on the rare occasions a second player joined in, but I was nothing but a palette swap yet again. All my hopes for a resurgence in popularity were crushed, and as always my older bro was the big hero.

And so it continued in his big Super NES debut, Super Mario World, again hugely frustrating as it'll be considered one of the best games of all-time and practically no-one will say, "it was great playing as Luigi", or "I preferred playing as Luigi". At this rate I'll lose my name and just become an un-named member of the "Bros.", like those unfortunate Koopalings — how many people know them by name?

I know that's all doom and gloom, so I should say it's nice to be back as myself, and not a green clone, in Super Mario All-Stars. It's awesome to have my own pixels again, so at least some of my fans — I have fans, right? — are bound to be happy.

September 1996

Ugh, it's tough not to be jealous of Mario right now. Not content with being the man in 2D platformers, he's gone all 3D and amazed everyone in Super Mario 64. It's being hailed as "a revolution in gaming", even though those polygons aren't exactly doing Mario's figure or those fat cheeks any favours. I do like the start screen though, I'm sure Mario doesn't mind me messing with his nose...

I am happy for him though, of course, but can't help but be jealous. I have but one solo game to my name — so lousy I don't even want to talk about it — and in recent times I've just been scrapping around for cameo roles. It pays for the mustache trimmers and spare hats, but it's not particularly fulfilling being "the brother". I'm sure I'll get to join in with Mario's 3D capers if they ever remake this N64 game, but the magic will be lost by then; you only redefine a genre once.

November 2001

Oh boy, the day's here. IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! I'm starring in my own game, I can't believe it, and I'm representing Nintendo at the launch of what's sure to be it's biggest console EVER. It's this cool cube with awesome specs and a funky controller — AND A HANDLE!!! I'm so excited I keep breaking into capital letters, this is just too much.

Naturally, in LUIGI'S MANSION I'm doing my own thing, not just more running and jumping like Mario. I'm hunting ghosts like a bad-ass — well, OK, I get a bit scared now and then, but who wouldn't? There's some other launch game for GameCube based on a movie franchise from the '70s and '80s — good luck with that! — and a console called the PlayStation 2, but none of them can stop me and the Cube. World domination awaits.

November 2003

Well, Luigi's Mansion didn't go to plan. Man, I feel bummed, and it was all a bit unfair. People kept talking about Mario and trying to compare my game to Super Mario 64, as if that's fair! Plus everyone seemed more impressed with that sci-fi space shooter-type game from that old movie franchise; I just don't know what happened.

Even worse is that the GameCube is getting whooped by the PS2, which I didn't see coming; that awesome design I spoke about, everyone says it looks like a kids toy, which isn't a good image to have. Even Mario's latest adventure couldn't salvage things, and even he had critics saying it wasn't as good as expected; it's not often that I have to comfort Mario, but I've had to help him out in the past year.

On the plus side the adversity has made us stronger as brothers. We're appearing together in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, which we're both really proud of and think shows our humorous side. I may not be as heroic or steely-eyed as Mario in the face of danger, but I'm playing my part in making the game awesome with my character, which feels good. Being a co-star is great, too, and we're hoping the series will go on with the boss-men's next handheld, which is some crazy contraption with two screens. Talk about blast from the past — Mr. Game & Watch is pretty chuffed.

Still, we're all pulling together, though my solo career may be on hold for a while.

March 2013

Well, I said it would be a while. It's been nearly ten years since I last wrote a meaningful diary entry beyond "replace mustache trimmer", or "get a hat with a better shade of green". Frankly myself, Mario and all of our friends have been busy saving the Nintendo name. I've been playing a ton of sports, racing, and also joined in with Mario's "New" series of 2D platformers. My big bro has also re-defined that 3D platforming genre again by shooting off into outer space, and I've had a really cool role. In fact, there are a load of gamers that have played through the whole game as me — my awesome high jump is pretty handy — which makes me feel good. Mario's name is on the box, but I feel like I have some real fans out there.

We've also done more Mario & Luigi games, which is fantastic, and they've been big highlights for me.

The big thing though, my dear diary, is that the boss-men have made this The Year of Luigi. How good is that? It's feels like my loyalty has really paid off, and not only that but I'm back with Luigi's Mansion 2 on 3DS; let me tell you, reviewers have been loving this game. I have a good feeling this one will do well, it's so exciting.

There's so much coming, too, and the spotlight is on me! Mario's been so busy that's he's stepping back a bit, but I'm looking forward to our Dream Team adventure together. I'm planning to go solo on Wii U later this year with New Super Luigi U, and I'm one of the talking points on Miiverse.

I'm feeling the love, and finally like an important part of the Nintendo family.

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Epicnessofme99 said:

Very cool article, hopefully the year of Luigi encourages Nintendo to continue making games based on Luigi with his brother taking the backseat.



crumpledpapyrus said:

I would have loved to have seen New Super Tall Attractive Brother and the Little Fat One U released alongside Wii U at launch.



BabyLogey said:

I always gave all of Mario's lives Luigi and PURPOSELY kill Mario's last life and play through SMW as Luigi.




You know, it's funny that in his diary on that one part where Luigi is saying:

And so it continued in his big Super NES debut, Super Mario World, again hugely frustrating as it'll be considered one of the best games of all-time and practically no-one will say, "it was great playing as Luigi", or "I preferred playing as Luigi". At this rate I'll lose my name and just become an un-named member of the "Bros.", like those unfortunate Koopalings

To me, I clearly remember a version of Super Mario World out there, I believe as part of the Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World SNES cartridges, that the Super Mario World game on that cart has a different image for Luigi than the Mario sprite they used when they first made Super Mario World in the beginning of the SNES's lifecycle. However all in all, I did find the article rather amusing seeing all the jealousy spill out from Luigi as imo, it had to come out at some point one of these days. I didn't get a chance to get Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon yet, but am planning to get it next week after the good reviews I been hearing and reading about it. As for the first Luigi's Mansion game, I can't really say it was a bad game. Sure some parts may not be as good as gamers would have expected it to be. But imo, fighting ghosts, bosses, gathering treasure and hunting down Boos among other things made the game quite enjoyable for Luigi's first game. NOTE: I'm not counting that educational piece of crap game , Mario Is Missing! -__- Now if only they can make a Luigi RPG game centered around him next to Mario & Luigi: Dream Team , then I'd be impressed.





It's funny you mention that, I completely forgot about Mr. L for a min. there until you brought him up. TRULY one of Nintendo's best ideas imo, aside from the Wario Bros. as to here where they gave Luigi is own evil side.



jpfan1989 said:

When I was young I preferred playing as Luigi in all those older games because Green was my Favorite color.



Cevan said:

@Wilford111 So did I. Sure, you can tell he's probably a little bit jealous of Mario, but I don't see Luigi as the type to just start moping around when he's not a main character.



ThreadShadow said:

I never understood this whole contrived competition between Mario and Luigi. I don't enjoy it either. The games were always called Super Mario "Brothers", after all.



DreamyViridi said:

Yes, Luigi; you have fans and I do remember the Koopaling names.
Wishing you good luck in the future!



Cevan said:

@ThreadShadow The series is called the "Mario" series, and the games always have "Mario" in the title. They're also called the "Mario Bros.," rather than the "Luigi Bros.," obviously meaning that most people think Mario is the greater of the two brothers.



tripunktoj said:

This feature reminded me about the Luigi adventure he talks about on Paper Mario Thousand Year Door, I've always loved the idea of a game (or at least DLC) about it, and what better timing that the year of Luigi. Come on Nintendo, make it happen.



Giygas_95 said:

Nice article. Luigi's Mansion and "that launch game based on a popular movie franchise from the '70s and '80s" were the two games I got with the Gamecube! If I have the chance, I always play as Luigi! It's funny I thought these were going to be exerts from his diary in Paper Mario.



Pikachupwnage said:

@evildevil97 This is listed as a feature. AKA its not news and just a little bonus they whipped up for us.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out....actually do letit because that would be funny.

Anyways great article.



sweetiepiejonus said:

Because people always mention Mario's Time Machine when talking about Mario?

You don't need to say Luigi's Mansion was a bad game because it wasn't. It was great and it's under-appreciated. Plus it was on the Gamecube and that was a time when it was like supercool to have a Xbox and laugh at how Nintendo was for "kiddies" or whatever the cool kids said.



MrMario02 said:

I feel like a terrible Bro now... anyway, now you need Spin-Offs (cough,racing games, cough).



BigDaddysPizza said:

Come on Luigi! I loved playing as you in Super Mario World (advance)!!!!!!!
And of course I know all of the koopalings names! Who doesn't?
Larry, Morton Jr., Roy, Wendy O., Ludwig von Koopa, Iggy, and Lemmy.
BOOM! TAKE THAT! (and I didn't even look em up on the internet!)





Learn to read friend. I never said it was a bad game. I SAID , "I can't really say it's a bad game." There's a difference. I liked that game tbh.



SCAR said:

What about Super Mario Galaxy and New Super Mario Bros. U? He was a pretty big part of those games. Tennis, golf, etc. What the...? Maybe a couple of pages in his diary are unreadable or ripped out...?



CoffeeWithGames said:

First, awesome write up!

I only briefly played Luigi's Mansion, but Luigi is known in our house even by our oldest (not even 4, but he was running around with Mario and Luigi toys yesterday).

Knowing this is The Year of Luigi now, I'm wondering if Nintendo is doing a Luigi's Mansion HD for the Wii U? Either based off the original, like The Wind Waker, or perhaps some of those Luigi's Mansion 2 Wii U retailer listings could end up being true?

I mean, if this is The Year of Luigi, I would think they have more planned than just one game on one system, right?



Sneaker13 said:

I always loved Luigi. I think Zero Punctuation nailed it by saying in one of his reviews that Mario is basically a non-character. Don't get me wrong, I love all the games, but story wise, I have always find him uninteresting. Luigi on the other hand is awesome. I just finished Bowser's Inside Story and he is brilliant in that game. I love Luigi's Mansion 1 and 2 as well. It's such a shame that he probably always will be in the shadow of his big brother. I hope he will get more solo games or at least you can choose him in games like NSMBU. Go Luigi.



rjejr said:

Do the Luigi levels have a date yet? I tried clicking on "Coming soon" under games but couldnt get it to work, I only got the 42 released games, which is admittedly more than I knew the WiiU had. Why do games like AC4 and Pokemon x + y have release dates in Oct but first party WiiU games are dateless?

Good read though, ignore the haters. Im playing Paper Mario now and enjoy sneaking into Luigis hideaway and reading his diary. How many videogame characters get to keep their own diary? Its a Luigi staple.



sweetiepiejonus said:

Whoa hostility out of nowhere. I was playing off what you originally said not something I misread. You said "As for the first Luigi's Mansion game, I can't really say it was a bad game." Your exact words.
The "I can't really..." part of your quote implies that you aren't saying for certain. I was just helping you think clearly since you don't seem to be. But then again I may need to learn to read after all.





Look, I'm not getting into this with you. All I mean is when I said the part about some parts may not be as good as gamers would have expected it to be, all I mean is that a lot of gamers MAY have not liked the game at all instead of some actually caring for it. I always try to be clear when I express my opinion on some topics like this.



sweetiepiejonus said:

It wasn't something I wanted to get into in the first place. You aren't grasping the original comment I made and got all defensive for nothing.

Maybe I am illiterate but your last comment is even more muddled than the first. Plus you don't need to say you "always try" that's evident as you were not clear which is why I was able to play off your words to begin with.

Tell you what. I'll go learn to read if you go take your recommended dose of Diazepam, and forget this nonsense.



Dpishere said:

Luigi has had some rough times, glad he is finally stepping out of his brother's shadow and into the spotlight. Let us hope it stays that way for a long time!



Bakajin said:

Mr. Luigi, just so you know, whenever I play Mario World I always start up a two player game, give all Mario's extra lives to you, and then kill him off right away.



rodaco said:

Luigi's Mansion 2's online is kinda neat. I've been enjoying it a lot!



sr388survivor said:

A thought occurs... Is Luigi British or did he write his diary in Italian and you translated it into British English?
Great, creative article. Nice to see some lighthearted, fun articles instead of all the doom and gloom we've been getting used to.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Nice article.
Luigi's still discriminated in some of the newer Mario platformers where you can play as him. His limelight-hogging bro gets to collect all the important coins and stars leaving the poor little greeny with nothing more than an assistant's role over again.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I like the references to "Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader." One of the best launch games ever!

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