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Dead Island: Riptide Developer Says The Engine "Runs On Wii U Without Any Problems"

Posted by Damien McFerran

Dev contests publisher Deep Silver's previous stance

At the weekend we reported that Dead Island: Riptide would be skipping the Wii U because a port would require a complete re-write of the game's code.

That was the official stance of publisher Deep Silver, but developer Techland has countered the claim by stating that the engine runs perfectly on Nintendo's console.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Techland International brand manager Blazej Krakowiak said:

Chrome Engine runs on Wii U without any problems. We tested and confirmed that long time ago, back in 2012.

While it's true that Nintendo's latest console would be a new platform for us, there were simply no plans to develop a Wii U version but that decision has nothing to do with a need to rewrite our engine.

Krakowiak added that a Wii U version was very much down to Deep Silver "to discuss if they so choose".


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TwilightV said:

This could be bad for their relations. Maybe the devs should find a new publisher.



Benjamin said:

BREAKING NEWS: 3rd Party Publishers Attempt to Crap on WiiU, Devs Say They're Full of Hooey. More at 11.



PhillaLoup said:

Good to see Developers speaking up. It pretty much seems that it is really up to the publishers nowadays and that they just don't like to support Nintendo for some reason.



ultraraichu said:

Got to love the developers of today. when pubishers says we can't because of (insert reason), developers says we can and/or we did but the pubishers won't let us.

Nice to know it's possible though and that no developlers "disappear" after going over the higher ups



DePapier said:

It tells a lot about what other developers/publishers have been saying about porting on the Wii U. I think our laziness argument is gaining credibility.



DarkKirby said:

While I knew the publisher was full of crap as pretty much all games are developed for 1 console and ported to all others, I'm surprised the developer spoke out against them. You see SimCity's developers pissing their pants in full support of it's crazy DRM for EA's sake.



mingzu said:

Crazy to see that the dev is brave enough to come out and say this. On the other hand it is sad to see that we can't get a a true answer on the question "Why is your game not coming to the Wii U". Sometime we get lie about the engine and the other time we get some blurry comments that they want to use the unique features and that's not in the budget.



DarkKirby said:


It is of my opinion that publishers are playing a game of chicken with Nintendo. They know there is potential for increased profit for releasing on Wii U, but they also know Nintendo is in real need of 3rd party support right now, and games in general. So they want Nintendo to give them some something special for "supporting" the Wii U, but Nintendo doesn't want to give in, in a who needs who more game of chicken.



moo99 said:

@DarkKirby I think wooing publishers is a factor, but not the only one. I think the catch-22 "Wii U isn't selling enough because Wii U doesn't have enough games because Wii U isn't selling enough" is the main reason publishers won't invest and I see it being the same down the road for future systems.




What!? I can't believe Deep Silver misled the press. I should have known since the Wii U is similar to the Xbox 360.



Haxonberik said:

Games are not being ported because publishers dont want to risk resources into a game for a console with such an install base. If Nintendo doesn't move to change this before the PS4/Xbox720 releases and devs start abandoning the PS3/Xbox360, we'll get stuck in a Wii situation again.



bizcuthammer said:

Honestly, we're lucky to have the third party support we have at all from ubisoft and a few others. Publishers just dont like nintendo for whatever reason (i think its all a perception issue) and we're unlikely to see every third party game come to wii u. It's gonna end up similar to the gamecube, i think, with some third party titles making it and others not. Better than wii, but we're still gonna get shafted a bit.



Rockman said:

Wii-U bashing.. ahh well.. were used to it now.. Let's get the Nintendo titles rolling and sell this console.. that'll bring back the developers..



gsnap said:

story of the wii u's life. "Well, we could easily bring it to the wii u, but what's in it for us?"

That's reasonable to an extent, but when you start lying to your customers, then you've crossed the line.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Rockman Well yeah, that's essentially what happened with the 3DS. It's position is good now with 3rd parties but before it was pretty bad for awhile until the system shifted enough units (mostly due to high profile Nintendo releases).



rjejr said:

I think developers have to lie, b/c if they say what's really on their minds - "Nintendo isn't bringing out any games for it's own console, why should we?" - it's going to cause problems in the future.

How many games has Nintendo released so far for their own system? How many more have release DATES (not magical "quarters")? Nintendo has been working on this console for how many years since the last SSB and kart games came out? 5 years. FIVE YEARS. It's been 3 years since SMG2, and it was only 2 1/2 years between 1 and 2. So after Nintendo has been working on this system all these years they still don't have dates for 3 of their biggest selling franchises? And people are mad other companies don't have their new games releasing on the Wii U? Companies that have to wait for and pay Nintendo for dev units, but Nintendo can't even seem to make games for it's own system?

I'm not going to give any other company any grief for not supporting Nintendo's system when isn't even supporting it themselves.

Maybe Nintendo should get out of the home console business, put all it's weight behind their handheld division, and then just give the handhelds HDMI out.



AltDotNerd said:

Why is everyone suddenly deciding to "skip the Wii U"? It's like they're actually listening to that d-bag Pachter and following the "Wii U is Nintendo's last console" crap. I still can't wait for all the downright amazing first-party games coming out!



Jaco said:

@rjejr no... no...

The turnaround for the galaxy games were quick because the game was using the same engine and they are probably making huge improvements to the engine so it'll look amazing on wiiu for the next mario.

While it would be nice to have mario kart and smash bros now, these games are usually never rushed (or many other Nintendo games at that) and I would rather wait a little while for an amazing game than a pretty good game today. I think Nintendo was hoping for third party during this time (like Raymond legends) while they finish games like pikmin for early summer.. but as we know, things aren't going perfectly for nintendo probably not how they planned it.



SpaceApe said:

Devs not willing to make for the Wii u when sale for the Wii U are tanking big time.



mostro328 said:

@rjejr atleast nintendo has confimred they are working on those titles and will be released these guys are not even trying



FullbringIchigo said:

as soon as Nintendo bring out their big guns (Zelda, 3D Mario for example) the system will fly off the shelves and then all these publishers will be begging to bring games to the WiiU



fishwilson said:

@rjejr thats not actually such a bad idea! I think maybe somewhere down the line nintendo will more or less merge their console/handhelds. And it will be awesome. When you have a powerful home console "hub" from which you stream games to some handheld tablet/gameboy via the internet....



GiftedGimp said:

Ok.. This pretty much sums up the Feeling I've been getting from various developers, both smaller idie devs and the bigger mainstream devs.
The devs themselves like the WiiU, and would quite happily bring as many games as possible to the system... the publishers are the ones really putting the brakes on.
This isn't the first time a publishers reason a game isn't on wiiu is a lie, I can't help feeling there's a lot of publishers unofficially on the payroll for MS/Sony.



t_vo said:

Every machine that is developed for is an "extra" cost. Maybe there is collusion between the publishers to have only 2 machines to develop for. I think it's obvious who they have chosen as those 2 machines.



dizzy_boy said:

if the publishers don't want to deal with nintendo, the devs should just go direct to nintendo themselves with their games, and ask nintendo to publish for them instead.



Kirk said:

Yup, I'm pretty sure a lot of these publishers etc are just full of it. They just don't want to support the Wii U, for whatever reasons, and that's the fact of it.



Neram said:

That's what I thought, publishers making more excuses. Third-parties just don't want to support Wii U.



Drobotic said:

The devs should leave the publishers if they're gonna lie about the Wii U just to make an excuse about skipping a system.



Vincent294 said:

@Drobotic That's pretty far, but man, Deep Silver sucks. That's a huge lie. Just come clean. Say "we just don't want to invest in Wii U until its sales pick up." Apparently they're too embarrassed to say that. It just makes them look worse.



marck13 said:

Great from the devs, but stuck with sh***y publishers.
Someone get'em a new publisher!



3dbrains said:

Maybe publishers forgot they are trying to make money? I mean ffs come on! millions of customers WILL buy these games on WiiU. Thats profit... M O N E Y.

EIther that, or these DEVELOPERS are too lazy? and USELESS? and DUMB? to not want to be a part of the money made by most historically famous GAME company - ever.

It shocks me. $£€

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