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Rumour: Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge Defecting To The 360 And PS3

Posted by Damien McFerran

Exclusive no longer?

Update: It's now been confirmed that this title will arrive on PS3 and Xbox 360, which will include 25 extra missions, more costumes and all Wii U version DLC.

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Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge wasn't perfect, but it was special. A re-tooled edition of the PS3 and 360 original and exclusive to the shiny new Wii U, it felt like a gift to long-suffering Nintendo fans so used to being left behind when it comes to multi-platform action titles.

Sadly, it would seem as if the fabled exclusivity period is at an end. Japanese retailer Rakuten has listed the game for the PS3 and 360, with a release date of April 4th. Naturally these versions - if they do indeed exist - will lack the dual-screen controls seen in the Wii U edition, but Rakuten's listing mentions other elements found in the Nintendo iteration - such as new playable characters and revised enemy AI.

How do you feel about a Wii U exclusive - which was actually published by Nintendo - jumping ship to other consoles? Drop a comment to share your thoughts.


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PinkSpider said:

It's kind of expected now, resident evil revelations is now coming out on all major consoles, Nintendo seems to keep losing there exclusives



Byuu said:

This rumour has been confirmed by Famitsu today: it will be released on April 4th in Japan.



PinkSpider said:

But then saying that its not really a Wii exclusive just an updated version of a game that's already on the other 2 consoles



JLSniper said:

Who's willing to actually buy this on a 360 or ps3? Didn't this game (without those extra features) already come out for it.



DePapier said:

They should be hanged for treason. Nintendo paid for this game to support their new console, and now the game is supposed to be released on the competitors'??? I hope they'll give dividends to Nintendo for each of the Razor's Edge they sell on PS360. And frankly, had I own NG3 the original on PS360 I would have asked for a refund to get the new one.

I mean, these folks have bought the game FULL PRICE: you want them to buy it AGAIN because you screwed up?!? Give them a f***ing update!!!



Zyph said:

I think Razor's Edge in the west was only a timed-exclusive.
Nintendo is not the publisher in Japan so this news make sense. However in the US/EU I think they'll need to change the name and publisher for this game to be released overseas.
IMHO I think the Wii U version is still the definitive version. TN focused there attention of RE on the console and of course the added bonus of touch controls. I hope they can still support the platform with big updates in the future.



Haxonberik said:

Seems wierd, Nintendo was actually involved with this games enhanced edition, and I dont think Nintendo would just let them re-release this.



TobieOBrown said:

@PinkSpider Resident Evil has never stayed exclusive to a console. RE4 was GameCube exclusive before it was ported to everything with an electric current.



Wildfire said:

If had I known this before hand I wouldn't have bought this game and support team Ninja. Sorry but I'm getting tired of games that are suposedly Nintendo consoles only and then there they go to other platforms. And this wouldn't bother me at all if the inverse happened as well. But no. There'll be no Lords of Shadow 2, there'll be no Metal Gear Solid, no new Suda 51's games on Wii U and for that I have to keep that dust collector of PS3 in order to play them? I say if the owners of other platforms want to play certain games buy the damn console like I did to play Lords of Shadows. Plain and simple. But I know that the industry doesn't work that way and ultimately is Nintendo who's being screwed all the time.
At least they'll never have Zelda, Super Mario, Metroid and other great Nintendo properties!



Kagamine said:

If I had owned the original version this would actually make me quite mad. I'd much rather have a patch for the broken parts of the game (enemy AI and and such) than buy a whole new game. But I guess there isn't any profit in that.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

Business are in business to make money. I don't mind especially seeing the down turn in the console market and so many companies close. I'l pick up the game for the 360. I hope they bring some of the WiiU features to SmartGlass on the 360.



Peach64 said:

Wow... so they brought out a spruced up port of a PS360 game for Wii U, and now a spruced up version of their spruced up port for the oringinal consoles again? Make one game, sell it three times. Incredible.



hYdeks said:

Nintendo keeps loosing there exclusives, wtf? Just when I have a slight reason to want something nintendo, I hear it's coming on other consoles! I'll get it on my ps3, but there better be a good reason coming soon to get a Wii U



Sean_Aaron said:

I should think that people who bought Ninja Gaiden 3 on those other systems are the ones who should feel hard done by.

I bought the game because it looked interesting and I enjoy it. Why should I care what other platforms it runs on?



Jaz007 said:

I'm surprised that Nintendo didn't make a timed exclusivity deal that would prevent this from happening.



Shanksta said:

I'm not really upset that other people are getting the same version as the WiiU, since all that has really changed is dismemberment and a few other things. People on PS3 or 360 can't play on a gamepad. Plus most people who wanted it already bought it when it came out, and if I remember a lot of people were mad about it too so why would they buy it again?



Ryno said:

Looks like Japan only? This game was published by Nintendo themselves in the west.



luminalace said:

The sad thing is that here in Australia we are still waiting for the game. Are we Aussies going to get the same game minus DLC after it releases on PS3 and 360. I wouldn't be surprised.



AVahne said:

It COULD be Japan-only. Even so, Wii U version should get every single new costume and level addition that PS360 players get.



WanderingPB said:

Well it was something to brag about while it was a Nintendo exclusive but unfortunately maybe right now the numbers arent there. Look at Miiverse NG3RE has a small but satisfied community compared to Mario and other popular communities. Felt like one of our best kept secrets til now...Like every other developer Team Ninja needs money plus there are many upset fans who bought the original NG3 for the other consoles that they also have to address. I dont blame them but im absolutely happy i bought this on the WiiU and am looking forward to the other great games coming out this year for WiiU



cornishlee said:

I'm enjoying this and I hope others do too. Preferably supporting the Wii U and developing the support for the platform but that's just me being selfish. The developers and publishers deserve to make what they can out of the property. As for publishers, I'll be interested to see how they square this with Nintendo if they want to bring out on the other platforms over here.



timp29 said:

It comes down to a simple mantra:

Why make lots of money when you can make REDICULOUSLY MORE MONEY



DePapier said:

OK, now with the update of this article this game is a refund for me. I bought NG3:RE FIRST AND FOREMOST to SUPPORT Team Ninja for supporting the Wii U at launch. And even though this is clearly a fanboy decision I will NOT accept such a two-faced conduct. The Wii U is desperately in need of games proper to the console and of developers showing their support to what the console can do, and I will NOT fund the whip which will be used to badmouth Nintendo's new console.

If that's how it is, my refund money is going straight to Gamepad-centered Rayman Legends and Rayman Origins for the same price. THANK GOD I only bought this less than a month ago on Amazon.



MasterGraveheart said:

Garbage. Once again, third parties want to screw over Nintendo. And don't anyone try to deny it. It's not like Nintendo did anyone favors back in the day.



belmont said:

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge (PS3 & Xbox 360) will be released on 5th April 2013 across Europe.

This was a tweet earlier today from Tecmo Koei Europe.

Wow a re-release on PS3 of a Wii U game that was originally released on PS3!



ultraraichu said:

So would we call this a re-release or a port, I'm not sure with the video games world anymore.



DePapier said:

@cornishlee As I've outlined, in buying Rayman Legends and Rayman Origins instead on the Wii U and the Wii with that very same money.



DePapier said:

Now it's the Wii U version that looks bad. But worst of all, now people owning PS360s who laugh at Nintendo and yet would be tempted to buy the Wii U to play those kinds of "exclusives" are just gonna assume that there are no Wii U exclusives save for Nintendo games, and are gonna wait for Bayonetta 2 (and maybe even ZombiU) to become multiplatform, even though that SHOULD never happen. Then guess what: that good segment of potential Wii U customers will NEVER buy a Wii U. I mean, why bother??

So now I believe it's up to Nintendo to make sure they're respected. I would actually suggest that Nintendo should start making some new "hardcore" games like they once made games for casual with Wii Sports and the likes: since with the Wii U, the hardcore gamer is the new casual. Wiimote shooters... We actually do need that.



sdcazares1980 said:

If you guys think that Nintendo screwed you over because it was supposed to be a "console" exclusive, you were just kidding yourselves. Nintendo does not own Tecmo. Just like it doesn't own Platinum Games as well, I wouldn't be surprised that Bayonetta 2 will not be a Nintendo exclusive for very long.



Fillytase said:

Pretty sure I read the 360 and PS3 versions are Japan-only, because as others have said, Nintendo published the game in the West.



Gamer83 said:


I'm sure NG 3 Razor's Edge didn't really do much for Wii U sales, the overreaction to stuff like this is ridiculous. Treason? It's an f'ing third party game, they can do what they want with it. People crying about this come off as a bunch of childish fanboys.



Capt_N said:

If their was any (actual) exclusivity (deal(s), then it has expired, as per Japan territory. Though I don't own a WU, I can understand some being upset, that a game that maybe once was "supposed to be exclusive" to the console has now gone multiplatform, although in this particular case, it already was. If you wanted to nitpick, it could be argued that the WU for a time, had an updated/gameplay-fixed/bugfixed/whatever-may-have-broken-or-needing-updating version of the game. To me, this appears to be a game that really should have specific strengths/bonuses for each platform it's on, but devs/pubs are under no obligation to do what fans want.

As for exclusivity, remember Mega Man-MM3? Back in the Nes days, Nintendo had, I believe, a policy that games that appeared on their systems could not appear on any other platform. Obviously, this policy had some sort of expiration, or other invalidating factors, as when Sega had the Sega Channel, Mega Man: The Wily Wars came out for it, which was basically a SG/(S)MD/16-bit update/remake of MM-MM3, including an additional mini-game, called Wily Tower, & the games had a save feature.

Point is, unless a co./dev/pub really wants to, any given game may, or may not be exclusive to Nintendo's platforms. Hopefully, this gen('s/,) multiplatform titles will more, or less be designed w/, & to each specific console's abilities in mind, & that each game harbors a slightly different experience, so it can be unique, even if only slightly, than compared to experiencing it on another platform.

Of course, that wouldn't be financially efficient for devs/pubs, so cookie-cutter games(read: no real distinction among any given platform's iteration of any given title) pretty much mean, in a worst case scenario for console manufacturers, that the console that get's the most thorough attention/tender love, & care from the devs/pubs, will be the one that, depending on game output by said devs/pubs, will probably garner the general public's money, & fanbase, for this generation.

All factors considered, always saying that one really only buy's Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo games, w/ any non-Nintendo games that come along being icing on the cake, does get rather old, & annoying. But, it really can be the reason you buy Nintendo's consoles. It all comes down to what you want, in a gameplay experience. /endrant



Brotagonist said:

Tecmo didn't "betray" anyone, they didn't commit "treason". They are a third party company. They"re selling this to make money, not to make you crybabies feel bad. I honestly think I got dumber reading some of these comments. Anyways, this is good news for me, I don't have a Wii U, and I'd much rather have Razors Edge instead of the original.



Sean_Aaron said:

Comments about what other console owners will say strike me as a little strange, but then I haven't chatted with children on the playground in thirty years so maybe that kind of thing hurts...

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