Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is already pre-occupying plenty of gamers in Japan; it was released in The Land of the Rising Sun on Wii U launch, joining its 3DS cousin. The West will get hold of the game, both in the home console and portable variety, at some point in March 2013.

A lot of people have been wondering whether or not a USB keyboard will be compatible with the game, allowing players to chat to one another online. Fortunately, Capcom Senior Vice President Christian Svensson has provided an answer on the Capcom Unity forums.

I've just been told by the [Product Manager] that there will be a day 1 update that will add functionality to support USB keyboards for chat (naturally, there's also a soft keyboard for those to use... and other features we'll talk about later).

So there you have it, you will be able to use a USB keyboard with the game on day-one as soon as you apply the update. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate isn't out for a while yet, so in the meantime have a look at our first impressions of the game to find out how it's shaping up.

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