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Mon 21st Jan 2013

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Makkiez commented on Platinum Games Is Interested In Acquiring The ...:

I think it's sounds more insulting, How would you react if someone says, ''Yes i wane buy you but for cheap'' that's how harsh the Gameworld is. Darksiders was a Awesome game and loved playing it it's sad to know that there will not be any other darksiders game. Good news is that Crytech took most peeps from Vigil games to work for them! i Stil hope ''Fingers crosst'' to see a New darksiders!



Makkiez commented on Call of Duty: Black Ops II Patch On The Way:

Same issue as most people here Game freezes. Overall there's nut much trouble. However i would like to be abel to press the ''Home button'' when in Multiplayer since you can only do that when in Singel player.



Makkiez commented on Talking Point: The Trends and Inconsistencies ...:

@TheLilK98 I'm not saying that you don't i just say that the US get's there hands on more games than EU witch is a fact since more and more people saying the same thing. Like i sayt before not saying you guys don't get crap games because you will but it's not as much as people from the EU. i still wonder why touch....



Makkiez commented on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate:

stupid question maby can i use my gameped if i play Monster hunter tri for (wii) or not because planning to buy it for my wiiU for the time being?