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Mon 19th Dec 2011

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Marow commented on Nintendo Download: 29th November 2012 (Europe):

If Super Pokemon Rumble had been €20 I would've bought it, but now it's way too much. I don't get the stuff about not clashing with shop prices since the shops' prices are much lower anyway.



Marow commented on Review: Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy (3DS):

I loved the demo. But it felt like my touch screen would get destroyed if I actually bought the whole game. Did you feel that this was an issue? This is coming from a person who doesn't use a screen-protector.



Marow commented on Review: Mighty Switch Force (3DSWare):

Great game, I 100% it earlier today. But the file size of the game bugs me a lot, because I can't find any good reason for it being over 1000 blocks.
It's rather short (about 2h 40 min 100%), shorter than WayForward's earlier games. And if we compare it to Pullblox which has over 200 levels and is only about 150 blocks, something is really off.

I wonder why?



Marow commented on Pluck a New Trailer for Harvest Moon: First Earth:

I haven't played a Harvest Moon since Friends of Mineral Town (great game!), so perhaps this will be fun. Or maybe Rune Factory 4.

Does anyone find it funny that the character designs and cover art are totally opposite of the ingame graphics?