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3DS RPG Fantasy Life Already Sold Out In Japan

Posted by Andy Green

Hopes of a Western release boosted

Level 5 has a few 3DS games out in Japan that are yet to be confirmed for Western release. Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney has been out since the end of November and just before the New Year the ultra-cute Fantasy Life was made available in both physical and digital form.

Fantasy Life is actually developed by both Level 5 and Brownie Brown and has had a very successful time since its launch, shipping an estimated 134,000 physical copies in its first week according to Enterbrain.

In fact the game has done so well it’s now completely sold out. Level 5 has taken to its official website to thank players for their support and has promised more stock will be forthcoming.

As the name suggests, the game is all about having a Fantasy Life as you take up one of twenty professions including lumberjack, chef, postman, treasure hunter and entertainer. It encourages you to play the game in any way you see fit. Different professions naturally result in different outcomes; taking up a role as an entertainer will see you hanging out with other thespians, while being a treasure hunter will obviously see you seeking out riches.

These strong Japanese sales will help the cause for a Western release, so we're hoping the game will be formally announced soon alongside Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney.

Would you welcome a Fantasy Life release in the West? Take a look at the cutesy trailer below from last year's Tokyo Game Show and let us know what you think to it in the comments section.

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CorusFace said:

eff yes i would support this. noa needs to seriously hit up some of these japanese titles (looking your way too, project x zone)!



Banker-Style said:

I wouldn't mind if this came over here,long as we get Project X Zone,and Ace Attorney VS Professor Layton.



Rapido said:

WTF!!! Dont hoard all of the good stuff Japanese Homies. Bring us all the good JRPG goodies. BTW, reminds me of the Dark Cloud Series.



gavn64 said:

we need games just localise em nintendo much apreciated by the way fantasy life looks brilliant



HeroOfCybertron said:

I would reserve day one if it came to NA, although if it did come outside of Japan I'm not sure how well it would sell especially in NA.



LittleIrves said:

All of the above. I've been intrigued by this since the first reveal (wasn't it a DS title back then?).... really hope this comes our way.



Windy said:

I want this game so bad I would picket NOA LOL. Seriously I really want it. It looks awesome and to be one of the best the 3DS has to offer. I dont think they have announced anything yet so not to compete with Animal Crossing. To me this looks better than Animal Crossing



pashaveliki said:

Crap... and i thought DQ IX was a dangerous game for me... this looks positively lethal (in a very good time-suck kind of way)



Windy said:

This game is so good I would Digital Download it. If you guys know me from previous posts I'm so against Digital Downloads. But this here would be a definate Digital Download if it was the only way



JayceJa said:

sort of wanted this game up until the point the airship appeared on screen. now i really want this game



Folkloner said:

I've had my eye on this since it was first announced. Sometimes I think it would have been better off if i'd been Japanese since i'm more interested in games from that part of the world.



Mowzle said:

This looks like an interesting variation along vaguely similar lines to Animal Crossing - with human beans instead of animals. I certainly saw some animals in there, but they looked like the none talking sort.
This is a game I would pre-order. Want it!



seronja said:

omg this is so adorable and yet so awesome at same time, it really is unfair that it's not in europe allready xD



RobMondavi said:

I wasn't interested in this game until I saw the trailer....It looks like they're using the DQIX engine, or have designed the game around that framework. Now that I know there is some element of battle I want this game!



Spoony_Tech said:

This would be an insta buy for me. Now get to translating this as it looks like that process will take a long time!



Peach64 said:

I didn't even know this existed, but just seeing the Level 5 name means it would be a definite buy for me if it came to the UK.



WiiLovePeace said:

Looks awesome! Being able to do lots of different things makes this a very interesting game to me.



Marakuto said:

I watched a 55 minute walkthrough and this game hits the spot! Definately one of the titles that need to be localized.



ecco6t9 said:

Maybe Nintendo will assist Level-5 in bringing the game out internationally?



TheAdza said:

Level 5 should also be considering releasing the Inazuma Eleven games in the west too. They look amazing.



Leon_Pryde said:

Just another reminder that I need to get around to learning this language.... Why isn't there a game for that?



Gamesake said:

I just hope it's better than the disappointing Dark Cloud. I'm sure not everyone is familiar with that game because there were so many other disappointing games to choose from on the PS2.



Jaz007 said:

I might get the game if it came over here, would need to read about it more and I would need to think about wether its too cutsey for me, I can't deal with too much of the stuff, the chracters need to look realistic enough for me. (think harvest moon a new beginning level of cuteness)

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