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New Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Teaser Site Opens

Posted by Orla Madden

Possibility of a sequel?

Square Enix has mysteriously launched a new teaser site for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, promising visitors that something is "coming soon". What that something is, exactly, we don't know.

The game was released in all regions this year - except South Korea - so could a sequel be in the works, or is it too early for one? Speculation across the internet is that the game may be receiving a port to another device, with iOS and Android both being top of the list. Or perhaps this is an all-new entry in the Theatrhythm series that doesn't use the Final Fantasy franchise - as was hinted at by producer Ichiro Hazama back in June.

All we can do is wait and see, so please comment below and let us know what you think.


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Cipher said:

This is one of my favourite 3DS games, and the thought of some people only playing it on a phone makes me very sad. It deserves far better.



edhe said:

@BenAV Yeah, Square-Enix have form. They made a teaser website for The World Ends With You, that ended up being an iOS port.

I'm sure a sequel will come eventually. Saying that though, I can't really think of a Square-Enix game that has music as iconic as Final Fantasy - I wonder if they're considering doing some sort of compilation of games?



GameCube said:

A sequel would be a dream come true since Theatrhythm is my GOTY.
Maybe they could do Theatrhythm: Kingdom Hearts edition next.



Lan said:

I bet that site took the better half of ten minutes to make. Also, IOS port.



BenAV said:

The World Ends With You was such a great game, but then they decided to turn it into a phone game and it just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth every time I think about it since.
Now they're doing the same thing with Theathrythm Final Fantasy.
Square Enix must love making games that I really like, just to crush my memory of them.



edhe said:

But Theatrhythm would work quite well on the iPod touch. Maybe they'd be able to include many more songs as well.

Obviously, it'll be much cheaper than the 3DS RRP.



HandheldGuru97 said:

Give me Theatrhythm Chrono Trigger or give death! If this a IOS port I may have to change my user name....



47drift said:

Though this is likely an iOS port, I'd love if they pulled a surprise like Theatrhythm Dragon Quest.



cfgk24 said:

I wish iphone would go away - so boring and dull yet a commercial success that drags proper devs away from our purpose built 3ds consoles!

Theatrythm was an almost perfect game btw
Theatrythm BIt Trip and Cave story 3d would be awesome



Folkloner said:

If bringing it to IOS allows them to sell more copies of the game and as a result develop a sequel then i'm begrudgingly for it, but there's no way this is going to play as well as on the 3DS.

For the more difficult songs where you have register swipes in 10 different directions/ways in a matter of seconds, I just think a big-ass finger will lack the finesse of the stylus, not too mention that a bigger input device (said finger) will obscure that key part of the screen where you need to be able to see what you're doing.



bluecat said:

Probably a port to phones. Can't see how there can really be a sequel at this point? At least in the vein of Final Fantasy that is.



Tomires said:

Ultimate^2 mode everyone? I don't think it's going to be much playable without a resistive touch screen + stylus. Even capacitive styli aren't all that great for this kind of game.



Hokori said:

@BenAV I know what you mean, TWEWY meant a whole lot to me because I gave mine away to someone sorta meaningful in my life, and then they go and make it a crappy phone game it was like that generous gift I gave away meant nothing....
Anyway I hope for a theatrythm TWEWY for 3DS..... ONLY no crappy iOS port



SheldonRandoms said:

Theatrhythm crossover with Elite Beat Agents is what i'm hoping for, even though it's unlikely to happen, but a port to ios is what's most lilekly gonna happen, just like what happened with TWEWY, and also how can anyone play this game with a finger and one screen?



Pikachupwnage said:

I swear if this is an iphone port....... Lights a pitchfork on fire

I would be fine with a Vita port or a Wii U port or anything just as long as they don't make a big deal out of a phone port.

Much rather a sequel or a big gob of new DLC though.



Bankai said:

Also, you anti iOS people need to stop embarrassing yourselves. Yes, you keep telling us that you don't like iOS games. Good for you.

Once again, you're factually wrong to say the iOS can't play good games. There is NOTHING in Theatrhythm that wouldn't work just as well on the iOS devices.

There is a point where being stubbornly loyal becomes childish.



Armyboy1994 said:

This isn't coming to phones.

1. The screen would be too tiny for such game.
2. Ultimate Mode would not work with your thumb and/or fingers.

However looking through the source code on lines 6 and 37 it mentions Final Fantasy.

This leads me to 3 options.

1. This is an all in one. The game + all DLC
2. This is Theatrhythm Final Fantasy 2
3. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for Wii U.

Also the source does mention iPod, iPhone, Android and Windows CE(Windows Phone) Going on this site on all 4 devices yields a different combination of notes but I highly doubt its coming to mobile devices.



Bankai said:

Armyboy - there's a game on iOS called "Groove Coaster." It does virtually everything you do in Theathrhythm, is far more challenging, and is perfectly comfortable to play.



Armyboy1994 said:

@WhiteKnight Nope still not similar. Theatrhythm has arrows that's just tapping and holding. its the directional arrows in the game that trow you off guard.
There is no way of being able to do this with your fingers.

So I'm sorry but it wouldnt be best suited for android. Even with all the guitar hero and rock band and groove coaster this has so many things besides tapping and holding.



Bankai said:

No, it doesn't. I've played enough Theatrhythm and also the iPad music/ rhythm games (such as Groove Coaster - which does have directional flicks so I dunno what you're on about there - and SYMPHONICA, which is by Square Enix and is a more complex and multitouch version of Theatrhythm, but with classical music rather than a Final Fantasy score) to know that there are no inhibitors to the iPad and music games.

Theatrhythm is an entirely touch-driven game, for crissakes. Once again, stop turning your personal biases into some kind of "proof" that the iPad can't do something that it is perfectly capable of managing.

You don't want it. That's your loss, but that doesn't make it a bad idea.



Armyboy1994 said:

@WhiteKnight Nah this is not coming to mobiles any time soon anyways. I'm sure Square Enix has the brains to know how illogical this is. I say again try doing one winged angel with just your finger its impossible. This game requires a stylus not a finger.



Bankai said:

@Armyboy1994 Square Enix has released more games on mobile this year than any other platform.

I'm sure Square Enix has the brains to realise that most people wouldn't have any trouble using their finger rather than a stylus. And if they really did just have to use a stylus they could just buy one for the iPad all of five dollars.

And Square Enix gets to make more money from the game than it ever would have on the tiny 3DS install base. Win win.



Armyboy1994 said:

They may have but this game using your finger would be so inconvenient, and i wouldnt think it would sell well if you have to get a stylus for the iPad. Its illogical to see that this would come to mobile because it wont. They will keep this on either 3DS or Wii U. A tiny install base? BWHAHAHAHA 23 million 3DS vs the 10 million iPads sold last year. Face it. This game would not do well on iOS or Android. This game is best suited for Wii U and 3DS. Not a mobile phone.



theblackdragon said:

the last 'coming soon' we saw from them where everyone got all excited and looked forward to something in a series thanks to a Squeenix teaser site, it turned out to be TWEWY for iOS. to be honest, Theatrhythm is so boring, though. iDevice users deserve a turn at it too i guess.



Hokori said:

@WhiteKnight 22 Million is small? Wow Vita got a really tiny instal base then
I'm glad i Sales arnt as high anymore... I like apple devices but, for games.... Ugggg people are to distracted because they wanna save $$$ I can't tell how much I hated watching the kids on my bus pull out there iPhone to play fruit ninja... While I'm there playing games from the likes of Pokemn black to Links awakening to x-scape to RER



Bankai said:

lol. You don't get to claim logic and then be factually incorrect. There's over 100 million iPads in the market. The iPhone 5 alone sold 5 million on release weekend. The total potential install base for any new game released on the app store is somewhere in the vicinity of 200 million devices when you take into account iPad mini, older iPhone models and the iPod touch models.

Yes the 3DS is factually a small install base for a publisher - it's barely over 10 per cent of the potential audience of the iDevices (and yes, Harmo Knight, the Vita's install base is even smaller. Congratulations for bringing up a completely irrelevant point).

So once again we get back to the whole "oh I wouldn't like to play it that way so CLEARLY it's not going to work. If you can't wrap your head around how to use a finger to tap on a little dot on a screen, that's your problem. That doesn't make it a bad idea for Square Enix.



Armyboy1994 said:

It's completely irrelevant if I like it or not. Like I said Look at one winged angel on ultimate then come back saying you can do that with your finger. You can't its impossible. It's either a sequel or a Wii u version. As The developers said when the first one was announced. "We feel best suited towards a stylus for Theatrhythm games."



Hokori said:

@WhiteKnight So??? Which sells more? lobsters? Or chocolate bars? And anyone who knows where I'm going with this can see this post ISN'T irrelevent



Bankai said:

Harmoknight. I'm talking about numbers here. Square Enix wants to make, you know, money. So porting a game on a platform with 200 million + users makes a hell of a lot more sense. Whether you like the platform or not is completely irrelevant because guess what? Square Enix doesn't really care what you think.

And I agree with Square Enix - I really couldn't care less what you and ArmyBoy think about playing games on iDevices. Theatrhythm would play fine on it. That's fact. If this is announced on iPad, no doubt it will be a fraction of the price that I paid for the 3DS game, so I could trade in the 3DS game for a points card or something. Good stuff.



Hokori said:

@Waltz they could sell each song for .99 which I guess could happen
Also I'm not Singled out as the only person who hates iPhones for gameing you know HALARIOUS



Armyboy1994 said:

No it wouldn't play fine on it that's the point. Ultimate score would be impossible for users and a two thumb approach wouldn't work because there goes half of the screen. Im sorry but it's not coming to mobile. Its either a sequel or a new game theatrythm belongs on 3DS not some .69p garbage.



Armyboy1994 said:

and to be fair I hardly doubt its coming to iOS as Final fantasy IV is coming out 20th Dec. So they would want to focus on that.



Bankai said:

And once again Armyboy confuses his personal difficulties in using his fingers for, not only a fact that the game can't work, but 'proof' that an entire global corporation is going to not release a game it would make a fortune from.

The arrogance is breathtaking. Even by my standards.

Also, Square Enix released three or four games in the space of two weeks recently. You don't 'concentrate' on marketing game releases in the same way when it comes to the app store. Releasing multiple games in a short span of time seems to be perfectly acceptable for the big publishers there.



theblackdragon said:

Come on now, let's stop making it personal, please. We don't even know if this will be an iOS title or not, so can we save the cat-fighting for when everything's been revealed and we know for sure what's what? ffs :/



Armyboy1994 said:

This is Final Fantasy. not chrono trigger. Seeing as its the 25th anniversary. I can see them focusing on Final fantasy IV more. Go out get a 3DS and get theatrhythm. Try to play it with your finger. It wont work.
Releasing multiple games would hurt their sales as people wont know which one to buy especially if they are £10 each. Face it Theatrhythm FF will always stay on 3DS not crappy iOS



theblackdragon said:

@Armyboy: We don't know that. Please, let's all calm down and wait for the game in question to be properly revealed, it's not worth getting worked up over until we know for sure what's what. :3

edit: both sides, knock it off, right now. the tail-chasing is over. please respect that each of you feel differently about a potential iOS Theatrhythm and move on.



Firejonie said:

I'm going to say either a port, new DLC, or a new game in the Theatrhythm series.



Hokori said:

I just hope we get more theatrythm for 3DS I guess IDC if it comes to phones as long as its not exclusive (and I'd rather pay $40 off eShop then $20 of off app store)



theblackdragon said:

@Waltz: to delete comments via phone, tap your user icon once. you should see the comment background highlight itself and the normal 'edit/delete/report/etc.' options pop up.



Bankai said:

On topic again - if this is a iOS port, I do hope SE branches beyond the Final Fantasy series. I would love to see music from, say, Nier on there. Because Nier has the best game soundtrack ever, see.



Millenia said:

@ocarinadude14 Ys does not stand for anything... haha. It's pronounced as "ees". It is a video game series that is popular in Japan but not so much here (no idea why). Check out Ys Books I & II on virtual console, or maybe even Ys: The Oath in Felghana on Steam.



Emaan said:

Knowing Square Enix so well, I'm not getting my hopes up for any sequel. Remember the teaser site for The World Ends With You? Let's all just remember that for a second.



Hokori said:

@Emaan Oh gawd I don't wanna remember the day I found out my sweet kind hearted deed ended up being all for not...



ueI said:

I think this game would play very well on a tablet. Even if I'm wrong and a tablet version sucks, it's not going to hurt anyone for the game to be ported. Better a port than just letting the franchise rot in a ditch.



Gamesake said:

I'm sure Theatrhythm was made with a tablet in mind. At least that would explain why it wasn't fun to play.



Ispheria said:

thinking..thinking...thinking...can't think of a way they could possibly make a sequel that didn't anger fans. i'm gonna go with port



nandoticon said:

Look at the Meta="Description"
<meta name="description" content="シアトリズム ファイナルファンタジー" /> Translated it like: Final Fantasy something Final Mix.
So, more musics, or the game with the DLC included, or the game with music from other games. A final mix of this.



Phle said:

Yup, it's probably a port, likely for iPhone and iPad possibly Vita. I just feel I have to defend these "iOS haters". I love my iPhone 5, I really do. I use it for a lot of things, but I when I'm going to play games, it's just not the right device. The only "game" I play on my iPhone is Chibi Pet (virtual pet). I want the actual games on my 3DS, Wii or Wii U. Possibly on my Mac. I hope it's a port for Vita, I think Vita owners might appreciate it more than most iOS users would.



theblackdragon said:

@nandoticon: directly translated, シアトリズム ファイナルファンタジーis 'shiatorizumu fainaru fantaji-', there's nothing in what you've posted about a 'final mix'...?



pariah164 said:

Hm. The realist in me says an iOS port, the optimist is hoping for a sequel, and in between rests the possibility of a Vita port. I DO have a Vita now... :3



Kisame83 said:

iOS port, I'd bet my bottom dollar. Here is why-

First, the trend. Chrono Trigger and TWEWY both had mysterious teaser sites ultimately pointing to mobile ports.

Second, there were early rumors of the game having an upcoming iOS port back during development. It was even covered briefly on Touch Arcade (an iOS gaming site). And Square Enix recently put out a music game featuring classical music that uses Theatrhythm's gameplay almost exactly from what I could tell.
Lastly, it is the poster child for DLC. Something previously unseen on Nintendo consoles, but the a standard on iOS.

So we have a proven trend of iOS reveals for a game that was rumoured to be in iOS development even before release, featuring an engine they have used with another iOS game and sporting a DLC model that just screams mobile IAP.

If anyone counts all that up and thinks sequel, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I would love to sell you. When was the last time they announced a sequel by putting up a teaser site for an already released game? If you answered "never," I have a cookie with your name on it.

EDIT: That was quick- Theatrhythym dropping tonight on iOS.



Kisame83 said:

Oh, and to the haters- I prefer my 3DS and Vita as well for gaming. But if you think iOS provides no solid gaming experiences then you haven't looked hard enough. Keep in mind, I don't prefer touch-based gaming (even with the stylus on DS/3DS. But I have a lot of fun with some games. I'll throw a list to check out if you have an iPhone/iTouch/iPad of what I play.

Pro Zombie Soccer Apacolypse
Sonic & Sega All Star Racing (only tilt game I enjoy)
Into the Dead
Draw Slasher
Superbrothers Sword and Sworcery EP
The Walking Dead (prefer it to console)
GTA Chinatown Wars and Vice City work surprisingly well
Gunman Clive
Dark Incursion
Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012
Dofus Battles 1 and 2
Plants vs Zombies (much cheaper than on consoles)
Crystal Defenders
Defender Chronicles
Infinity Blade 1 and 2
Batman: Arkham City Beatdown (IB clone with Batman characters)
King of Fighters-i 2012
Papaer Monsters
Shantae ported really well on ipad
Rayman Jungle Run
Polyroll (Sonic/Mario fusion clone that surprised me)
Cut the Rope
Spy vs Spy
The Hacker
TWEWY Solo Remix
Mage Gauntlet (Secret of Mana inspired ARPG)
Final Fantasy Dimensions
Penny Arcade 3
Cthulhu Saves the World
Lunar Silver Star Story Touch
Dragon Fantasy
Saturday Morning RPG
Any Cave bullet hell shooter
Zombie Gunship
Phoenix HD
Galaxy on Fire II
Organ Trail (classic Oregon Trail with zombies)
King of Dragon Pass
Sky Gamblers Air Supremacy (Ace Combat clone)
Arc Squadron and Star Battalion (Star Fox clones)
Ravenmark (EXCELLENT strategy game with awesome lore)
Hunters 2
Starbase Orion
Mecho Wars (Advance Wars Clone)
Partia (Fire Emblem clone)
War of Eustrath (Super Robot Wars style SRPG)
Final Fantasy Tactics
Spectral Souls

I think of it less as a portable gaming console and more as a portable PC. And like the PC, I dont prefer it for gaming but I do have dozens of games over the years that are fun to fire up when the mood or need arises. That's just my library (and not nearly all of it), which is more than enough to qualify a decent system.



Bankai said:

So, has everyone with iDevices picked this up yet

Plays pretty awesome



Windy said:

@Kisame83 I know there are some Haters out there. But gaming is good on pretty much all devices except for the Atari Jaguar By the way that list you made is pretty awesome!

Sorry Jag Fans it was just hard to like that system. Tempest was awesome though

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