Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

3DS eShop

  • US 8th Nov 2012, $5.99
  • EU 15th Nov 2012, £5.39
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  • Review Johnny Hotshot (3DS eShop)

    A total misfire

    From the studio that brought us such eShop disappointments as Zombie Slayer Diox, Samurai G and clear game of the year contender Chuck E. Cheese's Arcade Room, we now get a Western-themed mess called Johnny Hotshot. And it manages to feel almost consciously terrible. The story of this game is irrelevant, but since the developer saw...

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Johnny Hotshot Screenshot
Johnny Hotshot Screenshot
Johnny Hotshot Screenshot

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About The Game

YEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAA! Johnny HotShot is an arcade action unlike any other!

After being warped into the world of one of Johnny’s favorite arcade games, Cowboy Hotshot, Johnny must take on the role of sheriff and purge the town of the bandits led by Mr. Wang! Test your reaction skills in the Shooting Gallery, unleash justice upon bandits in the Saloon Shootout, and master the art of Lassoing bandits in Catch ‘Em All! Will Johnny every make it back to his own world? Why is Mr. Wang in the Cowboy Hotshot arcade machine? Do these questions even matter? Justice shall prevail!


  • Johnny is back in a brand-new adventure!
  • Behold the transforming arcade machine!
  • Deceptively challenging shoot-outs!