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Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight Brings The Beat Down

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Hit them with your rhythm stick

Last week brought us a rather entertaining Nintendo Direct broadcast from Japan, which focused on upcoming titles on the way to 3DS in Nintendo's homeland and, hopefully, other regions as well. For those of us that don't speak Japanese half the fun was figuring out what was going on, though if you're still uncertain on anything you can still check out our Nintendo Direct guide.

One title that stood out for us was rhythm-based eShop title Rhythm Hunter: HarmoKnight, which showed plucky heroes running along and bashing or shooting enemies with well-timed crossbow shots or a rather large stick. It's a new IP from the developers of the Pokémon series, Game Freak, with happy music and bright, vibrant visuals to give you a warm fuzzy feeling.

This one actually hits the Japanese eShop tomorrow, and as it's quite high on the list of titles we want to see localised we've brought together some screenshots that Nintendo has recently shared, below. There's also a video of the Nintendo Direct trailer for you to enjoy, because who doesn't want to see a giant bull's head with wings get finished off by a well-timed whack of a rhythm stick?

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BenAV said:

Really hoping we get this soon as it's my most anticipated eShop game at the moment.
It doesn't look like it'll be that hard too localise and it has Pokemon songs in it which raises appeal, so fingers crossed.



K964 said:

I'm sorry, but I can't help but laugh at the idea of a "rhythm stick." I really like the design of the music note/ golf club though.



Usagi-san said:

This looks awesome. The English gives me hope that this will be released outside Japan.



Emaan said:

It looks interesting, I love when Game Freak does little side projects like this. We better get this soon!



Late said:

@Omastar: I'm pretty sure that Bit Trip Runner isn't the first rhythm based platfrom game. I hate when people use word clone. You can as well say that Donkey Kong Country is a Super Mario Bros. clone just because it is a platformer.

I'm definitely getting this when it is released in Europe.



Mowzle said:

This looks a lot of fun - I do wish I wasn't so rubbish at rhythm games.
Have to try it if it comes to EU, though.
@ThomasBW84: Am I allowed to say, search YouTube for Ian Dury and the Blockheads - Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick?



pariah164 said:

... Oh please. After the disappointment that was Diox, the US eShop NEEDS a good rhythm game. WANT THIS NAO. Come on Game Freak!
BTW, 5th August? I think you mean 5th September. points to your release date listing



Ecto-1 said:

Based on the screenshots alone, it looks a bit like Super Mario World meets rhythm game with just a sprinkling of Pokemon references. I will most certainly be watching for localization news and reviews of this one!



Barbiegurl777 said:

Look's extremely cute! Hope we get it!

It reminds me of Disney Stitch Jam ds with the cute graphics!

Can't wait to see a NA release for it!

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



FonistofCruxis said:

I may not be that good at rhythm games but this game looks awesome! I hope this gets a western release. Its also the first first-party 3DSware game (not counting 3D classics) that actually looks interesting to me.



MrMario02 said:




MrMario02 said:




Mystic_Kirby said:

I've been seeing a strange amount of rhythm games on the 3DS; Theatrhythm, Rhythm Thief, and now this, which strongly reminds me of BIT.TRIP RUNNER.



sinalefa said:

Cool, an interesting looking new IP. With Theatrhythm and Rhythm Thief, I have been enjoying my music games lately, so this one is welcome as well, if it ever makes it to the West.



Windy said:

Wait a Second I just noticed that the game has english Subtitles in the video. This game should not be hard to localize at all. In fact they should do a duel release for all regions. Makes perfect sense right? Family Tennis was also in English except for the Voices and they didn't even switch those which in my oppinion make it a more engaging game and gave it an import feel. I felt like I had got me a New PCEngine import with Family Tennis. so whynot just direct port HarmoKnight. Oh I forgot this is Nintendo we are talking about who loves to hold back titles till the bitter end. (Ref. Last Story, Xenoblade, Dragon Quest IX)

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