Pokémon Black and White 2 is getting ever closer, and we can expect the hype machine to continue kicking into gear. One tactic seems to be to remind you that you should really still be playing the original Pokémon Black and White, and one way to get you back into the action is to run a legendary 'mon giveaway.

Between 27th August and 6th October, a number of GameStop stores in the U.S. will be offering the Keldeo for free: you just need to check that your local store is participating and show up with a copy of the game and a DS or 3DS to play it with. If you're in Europe and have a local GAME or Gamestation store, meanwhile, the same offer will be running in some outlets from 1st September to October 11th. As the offers end the day before the sequel hits each regions, you should know that transferring Keldeo to the new title will, apparently, give it a boost with the Secret Sword move. So there you go.

Are you planning to track down this free 'mon for your collection?

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