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Pick Up Keldeo For Free in Pokémon Giveaway

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Off to the shops with you

Pokémon Black and White 2 is getting ever closer, and we can expect the hype machine to continue kicking into gear. One tactic seems to be to remind you that you should really still be playing the original Pokémon Black and White, and one way to get you back into the action is to run a legendary 'mon giveaway.

Between 27th August and 6th October, a number of GameStop stores in the U.S. will be offering the Keldeo for free: you just need to check that your local store is participating and show up with a copy of the game and a DS or 3DS to play it with. If you're in Europe and have a local GAME or Gamestation store, meanwhile, the same offer will be running in some outlets from 1st September to October 11th. As the offers end the day before the sequel hits each regions, you should know that transferring Keldeo to the new title will, apparently, give it a boost with the Secret Sword move. So there you go.

Are you planning to track down this free 'mon for your collection?


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Dreadjaws said:

Meh, I prefer digital giveaways. I'm not travelling to the other half of the planet for a free Pokemon.



Wheels2050 said:

While fortunately I'm currently in the US (Australia misses out on a lot of event Pokemon) I'd prefer to be able to access the event through wifi. I'm hoping I can just park my car outside Gamestop and grab the Pokemon - I really don't feel like going into the shop to do it!

Still, it's an event Pokemon which is nice



GameCube said:

@Wheels2050 Getting you into the shop is the whole point, it's a promotional tactic. GameStop/Station probably pays Nintendo some amount for exclusivity on this, so they can get you into the store in the hopes you'll buy something else while you're there....



rjejr said:

@photofool83 I'm a little confused on the pre-ordering thing myself - I know I read that somewhere - but we'll be there on Monday anyway just in case. It's like a 2 minute drive and I always need to pick up something at the Target next door.



Gridatttack said:

Might not look like a good pokemon, but secret sword is a decent move.
Anyway, I already got a shiny one, that the game recognizes as legitimate, via a glitch in wifi



CanisWolfred said:

Keldeo's story is great, but I already saw it on Youtube. If there was a way to get it without going to Gamestop, I'd do it, but since that's not the case, I'll have to pass.



Bass_X0 said:

DLC (which is what Keldeo is) is okay if you have to pay travelling costs to go to GameStop but not if you have to pay to download DLC to your console at home?




Sold my Black game already Poor Pokemon, looks like he fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down



Onett said:

It appears that GameFreak and Ken Sugimori lost inspiration and run out of ideas. That thing is absolutely atrocious. Perhaps its time for GameFreak to hire on some new talent or reassess the time frame in which they expect Ken to come up with new monsters and present them. Overall, generation V had some weak designs in comparison to previous generations.



Pokefanmum82 said:

it's not ugly and looks nothing like a my little pony. I'm not sure new people could do any better. And you are still going to get pokemon that people think are ugly no matter who designs the pokemon. So all of you haters, go away. No one said you had to get it. Just that you could if you wanted to



Hokori said:

@Onett Because Dugtrio, Magneton, Electrode, Duotrio, and the Nindorans were so creative, I don't get all the gen V hate, I honestly like the looks of characters like Garboador and others, after all in Japan it's call pocket........wait for it....... MONSTERS meaning they look like? monsters



Mulder1617 said:

There are actually some pokemon creator programs out there or hacks I guess you could call them that you can use to generate a Keldeo, Genesect, or Meoletta which are the three extras you can unlock in Pokemon Black and White. So, if you don't have a Gamestop or Gamestation or GAME you might want to try that route (even though its technically not "legal" to use them in battles online).



shinpichu said:

Exactly. People bashing the newer designs are just caught up in they're own nostalgia - it's not like EVERY one of the original 151 was a winner.



Torchwood said:

If I live close to a Gamestop that has it, I'll get it. I caught em all and stopped caring about Pokemon about a year ago, but I still need the event legendaries for Black/White...



pariah164 said:

Not sure IF want.... Maybe I'll snag it, maybe not. I got over a month to decide. :3



Onett said:

@shinpichu I never said they all were. I'd like to recommend that everybody not fly off the hinges and make assumptions about my taste just because I don't share the same opinion. I'm merely pointing out that the number of Pokemon with underwhelming design is becoming significantly higher with each release of a new gen that introduces new mons, particularly Gen V. Its just an observation. Pardon me if my opinion rubs you the wrong way.

FYI, I took off my nostalgia glasses long ago.



Wheels2050 said:

@Knuckles: re-read my post.

@GameCube: I know the reason for having an in-store promotion, I just don't want to actually go in-store to get it. There's approximately zero chance of me buying anything while I'm in there, so it's not like GS is losing out if I can do it from the car park.



FonistofCruxis said:

I'm surprised with all the hate. Its not creative and there are many stupid and ugly looking Pokemon in gen 5 but this isn't one of them. Not that it matters to me as I don't like Pokemon anyway.



shinpichu said:

@Onett I'm sorry if I took what you said the wrong way, but I see way too much hate from people all over the newer designs just because the aren't gen 1/2/3/whatever generation was their first.

And saying you have your nostalgia goggles taken off is different from actually doing it.



randomlypikachu said:

why all the hate on keldeo? .-. i just dont understand why people keep calling it ugly. is it truly that ugly and im just overthinking the hate here? or are other pokemon from the past games just better looking >.> cus that doesnt really meen keldeo is ugly, that just meens past pokemon are better looking. is there another reason im just missing here? i really am trying my best to understand what people have against keldeo's design but ... it just doesnt look ugly to me .-. at worst i could say it looks plain but, not ugly.



GreenDream said:

So... Keldeo is an orphaned, exotic unicorn of the forest, with a "Secret Sword" ability, akin to Samurott? With every Pokemon gen, it's been getting more difficult to tell what exactly these things are... I had to look up info just to understand what it was...

And... we have a unicorn already: Untitled

Honestly, though, Keldeo would make for an interesting cameo appearance in My Little Pony:



Knuckles said:

@Wheels2050 I don't have to, you said you would park outside your gamestop and download it.

I guess your gamestop has a better local range than mine, as I always had to go inside.



Klinny said:

I actually think Keldeo is pretty cute, and I'll be trying to get him from a Gamestop myself. I live in Canada, and I've never seen an in-store promotion here, but we go across the border regularly for shopping so I'll stop by the Gamestop there and check it out.

(Even though they constantly pressure me into buying/pre-ordering games/joining their membership club despite being from another country... :/ )



Kitsune_Rei said:

Grr so if I want this, I gotta bloody buy b/w, I can't just wait for b/w 2. Jerks! I can't find any mention of this on Gamestops events section of their website, how do I even know if this will happen around me?



Klinny said:

@Kitsune_Rei Keldeo is transferrable to Black and White 2, and finding trades online (especially the serebii forums) is usually pretty easy. If you're not particularly concerned about it being cloned, anyways, which it almost most certainly will be. I think that could be a better alternative to buying Black or White, though.

As for knowing whether the event is happening or not, I think you just have to go to Gamestop and ask, (or call them). I asked an employee earlier in the month, though, and he told me that he didn't know yet, and that I should come back closer to the event date.. :/



Marakuto said:

I'm gonna go to Gamestation to get a 3DS game so I might aswell do this too and then battle someone on NL or a tough opponent.



atariman said:

I have to say, Pokemon for the Wii U sounds great! but the thing is I'm not sure if I'm getting the Wii U.




Looks like I'll bringing home a Keldeo AND a 3DS next time I go to GameStop! By the way, does anyone know when the Meloetta and Genesect events are coming to the US?



Hamtaro said:




Klinny said:

Picked him up at EB Games today. I was surprised that Canada was actually participating in this one!



Heikaru said:

It says the ofer ends the 6th does that mean I can go on the 6th and get it???

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