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Columns Coming to 3DS Virtual Console with Local Multiplayer

Posted by Mike Mason

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The Japanese eShop is getting a Columns-shaped treat soon. The Game Gear version of SEGA's addictive puzzler will join the 3DS Virtual Console line-up on 8th August.

It'll also have a function that we've rarely seen so far on 3DS Virtual Console: you'll be able to play in local multiplayer, provided that both users have a copy of the game.

Columns will cost ¥300. There aren't any release dates for the West yet; we'll keep an eye out for you.


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RupeeClock said:

Aww, for a minute there I was excited that it would be the Megadrive version, signalling the start of Megadrive games on the 3DS Virtual Console service.



Hokori said:

Sega is always a step ahead of Nintendo on Nintendos own console... first with online VC for the wii, then the more easy option to switch the screen and color for GG games, and now portable multiplayer, ice climbers is different because it's an NES game



CrazyOtto said:

@RupeeClock I'm guessing Genesis/MD games will start coming to the eShop after plenty of GameGear games come there first.

It's cool seeing that at least Game Gear games will allow multiplayer, something that the Game Boy VC games SHOULD have. Sega does what Nintendon't at Nintendo's own thing!



Takosuke said:

Columns has always been the most boring falling block puzzle game to me, but my friend loves it and if it's cheap I'll consider getting it.



accc said:

I really don't see why they need to give us the Game Gear version rather than the superior Genesis version. The Game Gear had a much lower screen resolution than what the Genesis output, resulting in a cramped viewing area which made the game harder and less enjoyable to play. I would suggest that everybody skip this version and use the Club Nintendo surveys to tell Nintendo that they don't want the Virtual Console to become a dumping ground for inferior versions of games.



RadioShadow said:

See Nintendo, this feature would have been nice for the Gameboy games.

Shame Columns is a bit boring and the multiplayer isn't that great. The Game Gear sequel is suppose to be way better, so I would wait for that version.




I never really played this game on GAME GEAR before. The only thing close to Columns that I have is a game called Super Columns. And that is one mom plays the heck out of at times. Heck, if multiplayer options are being put out onto on old portable versions of games on the eShop, why not add it to games that have come out before like say Mario Kart 64 on Wii VC when that came out. That would have been awesome.



Fabian said:

@TheDreamingHawk I don´t even thoght about that but you are absolutly right if they can make multiplayer possible they can relase Pokemon Games.Thats so cool.



Nestalgic said:

If it's priced right, I'd consider this. I still have my Sega CD 3-in-1 with columns on it. Haven't played it in at least 15 years though!!!!!!



RR529 said:

@accc, we're getting the GG version, because the GG is a handheld, just like 3DS. If you want to download classic home console games, download them on a home console (such as the Wii). As 3DS is a handheld, it's only fitting that classic handheld games get their chance to shine on it.

Honestly (besides for the ambassador ones), I think the inclusion of NES games is pointles. They've been available on Wii for years, so there should be no reason to consider them until we run out of portable classics.




Even though it's nothing much of an issue for SEGA to be adding stuff like say online multiplayer to Super Street Fighter II on GENESIS in the Wii Shop Channel, and then now adding local multiplayer to Columns on GAME GEAR in the eShop. Can anyone imagine them going a step further as to where they would add online co-op to games like say for example: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist. I mean, the idea may have been done once in the scenario I'm thinking about on XBOX Live Arcade before, but just imagine having the option to team up with other players or friends to go through a game like that. Or any other game that would be 2 Player. I mean, if Nintendo don't take note of what SEGA is doing, and they don't wind up trying something like that for themselves with one of their old games like say Mario Party 2 for example, or any other game that is multipayer, or anything else that SEGA is doing. Then it REALLY would be feeling nowadays that SEGA REALLY is able to do what Nintendon't.



kurtasbestos said:

This game is nowhere near as good as the Genesis/Mega Drive version (or my other favorite in the series, Columns Crown for GBA), but man... online Columns action sounds pretty fantastic.



shinobi88 said:

I prefer the GG version of Columns to the Genesis version. It may not be as feature rich, but it was built for a handheld and just seems to fit perfectly.

Glad Sega is going all-out with these GG releases. But will we ever see the games that will get fanboys REALLY geeked up, like Streets of Rage, Ristar, and Gunstar Heroes??





I'm glad to see someone other besides myself for once give credit to a game like Columns on GAME GEAR. Normally, some gamers would say, don't try this game, you won't like it. Or, it's on a SEGA portable, therefore if you play it, you know it will suck. As an opinion I mean. The way how I see it, like I said before, whether it's on a console or on a portable. The same thing goes for ANY game that's multi-platform. Don't go criticizing the game unless you try it first. As for any of the 3 above games you mentioned. Maybe at one point we will down the road on the eShop. But I want to see Castle Of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse appear first if anything.



alLabouTandroiD said:

There are a lot of games on the 3DS VC i'd download if they got the mutliplayer support they had in their original release (bar the cable linking).



RetrogamerFan said:

Would get this if it came to Europe even though I've got both the Megadrive and Master System versions already. I don't find a lot of difference between the MD & SMS versions in the gameplay stakes, but the music on the Megadrive version is brilliant, whereas i find the SMS music rather grating and too high pitched. The megadrive music changes organically depending on how you are doing in the game (more than just speeding up as you approach the top). I just don't find it the same on the MD colleciton i have on PS2, this just spools music from the CD so doesn't react at all to your progress in the game.

Really glad Sega are including features like local co-op. I wish Nintendo could sort this out for the GB/GBC games. Link-up Tetris, Qix, Golf, King of the Zoo were all awesome back in the day.

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