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Ubisoft 'Not Really Saying' That Rayman Legends is Wii U Exclusive

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Could have fooled us

While EA was the major partner of Nintendo at E3 2011, Ubisoft undoubtedly assumed that role this year, showing off its Wii U content in its own press conference before appearing on stage with Reggie Fils-Aime the following day. One title that looked attractive and made good use of the Wii U's GamePad and graphical capabilities, though it wasn't the only one, was Rayman Legends, the second title in the mascot's excellent comeback series. We were also under the impression that this was a Wii U exclusive, prompting the team in Nintendo Life Towers to talk about it being a 'scoop' and major boost for the system.

It seems that we had the wrong impression, as Senior Game Manager Michael Micholic said in a video interview with Joystiq that Ubisoft is is 'not really saying it's a Wii U exclusive', and that it's exploring other platforms. The implication is that it's focused on the Wii U version and features such as those on the GamePad for now, but that other systems are under consideration for other versions of the title.

None of that changes the fact that Rayman Legends is coming to Nintendo's system, but it does mean that it may not be an exciting exclusive. That said, it's one to look forward to, as our hands-on preview later today will explain.


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BenAV said:

I don't know why, but I'll be less likely to get it if it's not an 'exciting exclusive'.
I'm not sold on it yet anyway, as Origins was good but not great in my opinion.
I'll probably get it when I can find it cheap.



Kyloctopus said:

I thought Ubisoft said they are going to put some of their Wii u games on mobile devices.



Yasume said:

Lol, it's bad news after bad news the last couple of days regarding the Wii U, isn't it?




Why is its bad news for the Wii U? We ought to want these games to succeed so we get more of them. WiiU will stiil prob be the only version offering NFC anyway.Ubi r doing the right thing



WiiLovePeace said:

I don't know why anyone reported it was a Wii U exclusive since Ubisoft never said it was, at least not in their conference. In any case I have no interest in this game at all. Played Rayman Origins on Wii with a friend, the controls sucked, finished the 1st world & neither of us could figure out what was going on or what the story of the game was or what we were collecting stuff for. I don't know how or why anyone could think it was such an awesome game. Maybe one day I'll figure out how people think it is a good game



Koos said:

The other platforms are tablets. They will never bring this to the other consoles. They know nobody will buy it now that the Nintendo console version is also HD.



Grackler said:

If it's designed for WiiU first and ported later, then it's practically an exclusive title, you know the WiiU will get the best version possible, not bolted on tablet rubbish. Hurrah!



rjejr said:

@LEGEND_MARIOID - I completely forgot about that trailer. Was any of the NFC stuff shown or talked about at E3? I don't recall a single thing other than the Gamepad has NFC in the Nintendo Direct video.

WiiLovePeace - Were you really looking for a story and plot in a 2D side-scroller and wondering what you were collecting stuff for? We played that 3-player on the PS3 and it was a great game.

Maybe Ubisoft aren't announcing it's an exclusive nor announcing it on any systems b/c - drumroll please - it's coming out on the PS4/Xbox720 which will also be released w/ touchscreen controllers? Or on the Xbox360 w/ Smartglass support?

I don't care where else it's released I'm really looking forward to this one w/ the GP use. Seems like an easy way to get a ton of replay-ability out of the game as people take turns playing w/ the GP trying to out do each other's cleverness.



Cyrso said:

Anyways, just like Rayman Origins this game will be awesome. ^^



Not-Another-Ad said:

Ever since this was announced as a Wii U exclusive,I knew this would come to other consoles.

I love my Wii U with all my exclusive games,that those Xbox/PS3 gamers can't play.



luminalace said:

There are no such things as exclusives nowadays unless the hardware manufacturer pays a 3rd party for a game ! I would be surprised if Rayman Legends doesn't come to PS3/Xbox 360 and even Vita and 3DS later on! The Wii will probably be the only console to miss out on it! Poor Wii!



CanisWolfred said:

@WiiLovePeace Because it's a fun and fluid platformer with lots of challenge, great use of checkpoints, and fantastic level design that becomes more evident when you get past level 1. And since when did people need a reason to collect stuff? Or even needed a story in a platformer at all?



Bankai said:

Vita version please. Day one buy. These games are better portable, and the Vita has the grunt. Rayman Legends is awesome on Vita.



ejamer said:

I can't see why Ubisoft would want it to be exclusive if other platforms have the hardware needed to play or the game can be tailored to fit those platforms with limited effort. Expanding their market as much as possible only makes sense.

The game won't be any worse on Wii U if goes multi-platform, especially if Wii U is the lead development platform.



RevolverLink said:

The day a Rayman game remains an exclusive is the day Mario starts showing up on Sony & Microsoft consoles.

Ubisoft likes to port the guy onto almost every system under the sun. Heck, Rayman 2 is still getting new retail releases.



shonenjump86 said:

It will probably be overlooked as an exclusive anyways since New Super Mario Bros Wii U is coming as well. So Ubi Soft should bring this to other consoles. I have Origins on 360 and I would like to have Legends on it as well. I don't plan on buying a Wii U right away when it's released.



sketchturner said:

I hope that it comes to Wii!! I am not at all interested in the WiiU pad functions, and would be much happier to play a version with that not included. This would certainly help the game sell like crazy, just like Twilight Princess bridging the gap from GCN to Wii.



Emaan said:

First ZombiU and now Rayman Legends, yes Ubisoft you're very supportive of Wii U.



JebbyDeringer said:

There is no way it will be Wii exclusive, exclusive means nothing anyways, usually it just means exclusive for a limited time.



Sir_Deadly said:

Umm yea, the only thing i remember for that "leaked trailer" was Exclusive Content not exclusive game for the wii u! Plus it would make no since if it was, since origins was multi-platform. I also saw someone sad it was "bad news" for the Wii U, it would only be bad news if it didn't come to Wii U!!! And I am pretty sure the reason they only showed the Wii U version off is Because the exclusive content and its probably the best version of the game!



Mandoble said:

During the E3 demo the gameplay was fully focused on the touch screen, so the natural console for it would be the Vita and then iPads and similars.



Edlicious said:

Well I mean I dont blame them for wanting to port it over, there is no gaurentee that the wiiU will even sell well.



TheAdza said:

I very rarely buy games that whore themselves around multiple systems. It makes them feel less special when you see that your game can be played by anyone with a PS3/360/Wii/WiiU/PSVita/PSP/3DS/DS.



CanisWolfred said:

@TheAdza Yes because being a special little snowflake is sooo importantant, compared to the developers making the most on their investment, and everyone getting to play a great game.



citizenerased said:

This really caught you guys off-guard? ... Okay. The original was brought to virtually every platform out there, obviously the same's gonna happen to this one. The amount of exclusive content is still a great, great thing though. And if they wait a while to release it on other consoles, even better!



sinalefa said:

I really don't see what it is so bad of it not being a exclusive. More people will buy it, thus ensuring success for it.

I would still get it for Wii U, as I could play with my friends who own Wii. And since it would be in HD anyway, there would not be a benefit for getting it in say, PS3 for me, as opposed to Origins.



Kage_88 said:

"We were also under the impression that this was a Wii U exclusive, prompting the team in Nintendo Life Towers to talk about it being a 'scoop' and major boost for the system."

I don't mean to sound like a duck...but that was some pretty shoddy journalism right there.

I was always sceptical about Rayman's Wii U exclusivity, simply because I never heard it directly from Ubisoft...still, it just means more people get to play it - and more sales for such a creative title can only be a good thing.



Haxonberik said:

They never said it was exclusive, I remember them saying at the demo "These character (Murphy) will be exclusive to the Wii U" meaning the game wouldn't be exclusive, people just got the wrong idea.



Dauntless said:

What is with the title? It never was exclusive. It just has some WiiU specific features.



hillbill26 said:

I don't care if it's an exclusive or not, because if it's an exclusive, it just. Eans we can rub it in other people's face if they can't play the game. All I care about is that it is on the Wii U



Henmii said:

I guess Ubisoft plays it save: When it fails on Wii u (maybe because the Wii u itself fails), then they want to also release it on other platforms!

Anyway: Wii u is the lead platform, and the game looks fantastic!!



Giygas_95 said:

Greetings from the future! This game will NOT be a Wii U exclusive! And no one will ever see this comment!

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