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God of War NES Demake Released

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

On PC, and it's free

There are some things that immediately grab your attention, and we'd classify the following as one of those things: God of War NES version, free of charge. It may seem unlikely, but that's exactly what indie developer Holmade Games has produced.

PlayStation 3 owners are likely to be familiar with the God of War series set in ancient Greece, which includes lots of battles with the gods. Holmade Games decided that it wanted to produce a NES 'demake' called Bit of War in dedication to the originals, and as a result it has been a side-project for a number of years. It's taken five years to develop as the intention has always been to release this game for free, so it was often neglected for other projects. It's now complete, and features all of the 8-bit sprites and chip-tunes that you may expect.

Although it's a free PC download, its NES vibe is undeniable. The trailer is below, while the game's details can be found on its web page.

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RudysaurusRex said:

Thats pretty sweet. I hate god of war but this looks like a little 'Bit' of classic goodness here.



JustAnotherUser said:

No Linux version?
Oh, well. I need to install Windows to multiboot anyway. I want to play Ghost Recon Online Beta, BlazBlue and Skyrim.



Drewroxsox said:

They should port it to the 3ds, then make a full god of war game for the 3ds... I would buy it, just as long as it has the quality as it does on the playstation ( I wouldn't expect it to be hd , but I wouldn't want to play as a glob, so the charcters should look like they would on the psp )



Raylax said:

We're featuring Game Maker 8-bit-style fangames of series that have never appeared on a Nintendo console now? Let me fetch my shovel and I'll find you enough material for another few thousand articles.



XXITheWorld said:

Am I the only one who thinks this looks really amateur-ish and really not that meaty. It looks like one of those Game Maker games I did when I was 12



metafaniel said:

@XXITheWorld I also agree however it's always 'god' (good) to see retro remakes even if not the most incredibly quality. But I appreciate much more original games like Cave Story was in it's time, or even Mutant Muds



ThomasBW84 said:

I've actually played this for a short spell and, for a free download, it's quite entertaining. The music, which you don't hear in the trailer, definitely made me smile.

@VintageBoy Hey, we saw it and thought it was charming. It's a free game with a quirky theme so we figured, where's the harm?



sirmarcelot said:

Meh, I am uninmpressed. Looks too plain. It is 8bit-ish but is not really a NES game, also it is related to a series that never even was on nintendo consoles. Seems a bit out of place.



Malevolon said:

Have you guys played this yet? From what I've played, the style is pretty epically NES! 8-bit gory boss fights is fun too.



shimage said:

@JarvanZheitk Why would they make a linux version? While I dualboot, I will usually try wine first before booting into windows. Simple things like this usually work fine.




@shimage PC gamers probably prefer to play games in their native OS to get those few extra frames per second.

not that I'm calling JarvanZheitk a PC gamer



MeloMan said:

Hilarious!! I always find it funny how developers have to purposely scale down things for 8-bit and what the outcomes usually are.



Ren said:

looks fun but I only do macs for work or real consoles. yeah, yell at me, whatever.



Popyman said:

This looks pretty bad. :/ I was picturing an 8bit side scrolling beat em up that's just as fast and frantic as the real God of War games. I love the sprite though, it's pretty great.



WiiLovePeace said:

I think NL got confused & put this news here rather than on the Push Square website. Other than the game looking like it was coded in the 8-bit era this as nothing to do with the NES, it isn't NES homebrew. It's a PC indie game based on a Playstation exclusive series hence has nothing to do with Nintendo.



Kafei2006 said:

Some of the graphics seem to be stripped off Battle of Olympus, but I might be wrong (Haven't played that game in a while)



ThomasBW84 said:

@WiiLovePeace We posted a version of this story on Push Square. The developers actually made it clear that this was designed to look and sound like an 8-bit game, with plenty of direct references to NES in their blog and the game's site (both linked in the article). They've even produced an image of a Bit of War NES cartridge (image was a bit low-res, wrong dimensions for the news article) and they're going to produce 'an old school NES manual' (digital though, and I forgot to mention it in the article).

We didn't make up the NES angle, that was all down to the developer



Quarghor said:

Never cared for God of War, but I'm a sucker for anything-8 bit, so I'll give it a go. What can I say... the NES was never surpassed, in my opinion.

Thanks for this article.

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