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Mon 6th Feb 2012

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Quarghor commented on Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy:

I never had any hopes for (nor an interest in) this one. Then a few days ago I saw the demo in the eShop and decided to at least try it, seeing as I had nothing to lose. Even if I wasn't crazy in the idea of an FF-themed rhythm game (although I love much of the series), I have some interest in the genre, having played StepMania a lot in my childhood/preadolescent years. Well, I'm sold. Yet another game I cannot afford right now!



Quarghor commented on Castlevania: Mirror of Fate "Definitely Not Me...:

I'm actually not disappointed by this. I love the Metroidvanias (with Aria of Sorrow being one of my all-time favorites), but the concept is really quite... specific, fixed, and the titles do feel very alike (apart from Order of Ecclesia). I guess you could argue the same for the classic Castlevanias, but it has been awhile. I really don't mind a return to form for now. It'll be refreshing. Looking forward to it.



Quarghor commented on Colour-Based AR Patent is Hot Stuff:

Nintendo's patent spree doesn't surprise me at all. They recently saw a certain Wiimote clone being made out to be something innovative. That's when shiz has got to stop.



Quarghor commented on God of War NES Demake Released:

Never cared for God of War, but I'm a sucker for anything-8 bit, so I'll give it a go. What can I say... the NES was never surpassed, in my opinion.

Thanks for this article.



Quarghor commented on Capcom Will Replace Evil Typo:

I don't quite get the people who plan to just sell away their copy for a little extra cash. I understand that not everyone are collectors, but how cool isn't this to own? And imagine it's value down the road... It will be even more rad then.

If I could just get my hands on it I would sincerely pride myself in owning such a thing. I would treasure it for years to come. Revelaitons... Oh, color me nuts; it's a classic already!