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Adventure Time is Coming to DS

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Life in the old dog yet

Just as the 3DS seems to be taking over from its predecessor, the DS reminds us all of its existence with an intriguing title on the horizon. Though not quite on the same scale as the announcement of Pokémon Black and White 2, confirmation of a game based on cult-favourite animated series Adventure Time, to be developed by Wayforward Technologies, is still good news for those attached to their older handheld.

Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward made the announcement on his Twitter page, confirming that he'd work closely with the developers. Wayforward has a good record on DS, with retail titles such as Contra 4 and Aliens: Infestation being high-quality examples, and solid games also appearing on DSiWare.

We suspect that the combination of Adventure Time and DS could work rather well, especially with the right people involved: it's worth keeping an eye on this one.


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DarkKirby said:

Adventure Time is awesome, but I have doubts about Cartoon Network games, especially on the DS instead of the 3DS.



Marakuto said:

If this turns out to be great I would not stop playing as I watch the show (Jake & Princess Bubblegum should get married :3).



Bobhobob said:

You know, when I saw the headline, I got excited because Adventure Time is awesome. But then I got sad because Cartoon Network games suck. But then I got happy again because WayFoward is developing it!



TheRegginator said:

WayForward makes excellent original games, but the licensed games they make are just shovelware.



EarthboundBenjy said:

Come on and grab your friends! We'll go to very distant lands!

Games based on cartoons tend to be kind of terrible. But I'm gonna be optimistic about this one, because there's just something special about Adventure Time that seems like it'd make a great game.



EarthboundBenjy said:

On another note, I hope it's not just some generic platformer. I have a Spongebob game on the GBA that's pretty much a generic platformer, and that kind of stuff always feels like a cash-in for fans of the show.
This game needs to be an ACTION-ADVENTURE! With Dungeons! Chambers! Evil creatures! Treasure chests! Doorways! Traps! I'd be in my elemeeent!

Also needs minigames you can play on Beemo.



Dak_n_Jaxter said:

This sounds fantastic. I'm playing Risky's Revenge right now for the first time... really great game.



Taya said:

Weird. I thought Pendleton Ward said the Adventure Time game was for the 3DS.



Drewroxsox said:

After reading articles on this website for almost a year, it's clear to me that America f______ up English.



Wildvine53 said:

Ward is actually going to contribute to the game, which is being developed by WayForward. Man this game is gonna rock!



steamhare said:

I love the show's pacing and zany adventure plots. If the game manages to do the same, it will be worth playing. Bonus points for Wayforward development.



Capt_N said:

Not a fan of (AT), but I hope those that want it, won't be disappointed.



GamerZack87 said: Adventure Time...but...dislike third-party games...GUH! It's too much!
Zack races to the Candy Kingdom to munch on a tree



NImH said:

YYYYESSSS! Wayforward is the only dev studio that I would've trusted with an Adventure Time game. This is gonna be awesome!



Myx said:

did not buy latest 3d hardware to play DS games on it. the same goes to the VC-fest they are celebrating since the launch of the 3DS.



Chobi said:

OMG! Adventure Time + Wayforward!?! This is going to be like peanut butter and Chocolate! I can't wait for a trailer to surface.



TikiTong said:

Since its WayForward, I'm totally fine with it. BTW Love that picture Mr. Ward drew !!!



shinobi88 said:

Let's not forget that WayForward has blown some golden opportunities. How about Batman the Brave and the Bold being too easy, too short, and too slow? I suspect similar results for another game based off of a cartoon.

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