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Iwata: Zelda on Wii U Won't Look Cheap

Posted by James Newton

Rolling out the barrel

We all know The Legend of Zelda will come to Wii U, but whether it'll look as good as the Zelda HD Experience from E3 is another matter. Nintendo knows it has to deliver on the graphical front though, as president Satoru Iwata told investors.

Explaining that not all Wii U games will take the ultra-realistic, high cost graphical approach, Iwata did move to assure fans that Zelda will look nice and expensive:

Having said that, however, as I mentioned, it is true that, in some software areas, we need to be engaged in the power games. Take The Legend of Zelda franchise, for example, the fans must be looking for the graphic representations that they do not see as cheap at all when the title is released for the Wii U. When it is necessary, we do not hesitate to role [sic] out our resources.

Hearing Iwata say Nintendo will compete in "the power games" with Zelda makes the wait for the first Zelda Wii U screenshots even harder.


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JustAnotherUser said:

"Do a barrel role!"
I don't mind what the art style is
It's Zelda so it's going to be good (The CDi Games do NOT count).



Smooth27 said:

Sonys uncharted equals nintendos zelda and now with better graphics then uncharted..... Cant wait.
I also cant wait for a metroid on the wii u and specially.on the 3ds so nintendo can support the cpp.



Smooth27 said:

Nimtendo please go to next gen graphics so wii u can have a long life span
Im talking zelda in DX11. 10.1 is good but not next gen.



misswliu81 said:

i'd love for the zelda game on the wii U to look exactly as that demo- it was beautiful. just amazing graphics. or better still, turn that demo into a full game.



Linkstrikesback said:

I'm no longer worried about zeldas art style: If it plays like Skyward sword, being ridiculously linear, and replacing actual puzzles with which way do I swing the sword now, as well as keeping every interesting character of note in one single room (the bazaar), I give up. I hope it's more like wind waker (barring the horrible ocean/sky in skyward sword filler parts) or pretty much any of the other 3d zeldas.



shingi_70 said:

I love that picture but it's less impressive after pix broke it down and with it my dreams.



NintyMan said:

Did you think that Nintendo wouldn't give one of its best franchises the full treatment? The strong wording from Iwata only reinforces the point that Nintendo will give Zelda an epic makeover to roll out the eye candy. Nintendo has plenty of barrels, and they're not going to hesitate in rolling them down the quality bars. Now I've got Donkey Kong in my head.



Punny said:

Zelda will look AMAZING in HD. I hope the Super Mario Galaxy team can make something gorgeous, too.



Drewroxsox said:

I can see it now .... A boss where you see it's view point (1st person) on your t.v and your viewpoint on the controller. The boss is invisible, so you have to use both screen together to beat the temple.



joevox316 said:

@14 As was I. Never said that's what it meant. I just don't personally like the style and want "expensive and beautiful" to mean something other than realistic.



drumsandperc92 said:

I hope the next Zelda is more open & connected than Skyward Sword, and more full of life than Twilight Princess. Skyrim is perhaps the best model out there right now of what it could be like - different areas of the world look different, architecture, environment, wildlife, etc. But it's all connected in one expansive world that loads in real time so there aren't any loading screens unless of course you enter a city or something. SS really didn't feel connected at all, it was really a rather well played illusion by Nintendo, most likely due to the lack of power in the Wii.
It was a pretty big world but with very clearly closed in sections.
And the sky was rather bland to be honest. I loved the game but i could see a lot of improvement in the next Zelda.
Also, I hope the screenshots from the Zelda HD demo ARE the first screenshots of Zelda Wii U.
They said those graphics were in real time, and that's just the demo. So if Nintendo can pull off those graphics or perhaps better, than it will blow away anything that 360/ps3 can do easily. They are still stylized, yet realistic and absolutely gorgeous. And as cool as the TP model of Link is, I might perhaps want to see a new version of him.
I definitely want the next zelda to be in Hyrule again, on the ground, no sky, no water, just in good ol' Hyrule. But make hyrule so full of life like we've never seen it. Hyrule in the 2d old zelda games had all those trees everywhere! let's see some true foliage and next gen graphics, exploration, and seemless connectivity between locations!
A return of on horse combat, support for both traditional and motionplus controls with an adaptable AI that knows which controls your using (it'll affect how they defend, ya know?) as well as a return to the open world ness of the very first Zelda! Let there be random dungeons that aren't vital to the story scattered over Hyrule for us to find with loot, special items, and challenges! Side quests a la Majora's Mask must also return.
Zelda HD should be the most epic and packed zelda ever created!!!



Deviant_Mugen said:

I hope that whenever Metroid shows up on Wii U, Mr. Iwata feels the same. Samus would look amazing in HD (not that I really care about HD, though)...



C-Olimar said:

Guys, no joke, I actually had a dream where Nintendo announced a Wind Waker style game for the Wii U - I think it was codenamed Wind Waker 2. Wierder, the new name for the Wii U was the Nintendo HG. What does that even stand for?



Henmii said:

I am sure it won't look cheap! Skyward sword didn't have the strongest style, but can't be considered cheap! And whatever they do, I guess it will look a lot better on Wii u!



pixelman said:

@16. Ah okay. Sounded like a response to something, and I didn't see any comments about it. My bad. :3



Dodger said:

I don't want a realistic Zelda. I like games like Skyward Sword and Wind Waker that use a different art style, a pretty art style. I like it when video games play like a painting more then an action movie. That honestly is the only thing that excites me about the Wii U. Everybody else is more powerful then Nintendo at the moment and they are using their power to make everything look more realistic but Nintendo has used less power to make better looking games and I'm quite curious to see what Nintendo can do now that they finally have an HD system. Not much else to be excited about. We'll probably miss out on all the games from whatever new systems come out from Microsoft and Sony since the Wii U will still be underpowered but there will still be some great looking 1st party games.

@17 Like that boss fight from Phantom Hourglass? I'm still not convinced that the Wii U touch screen will offer anything that I haven't seen before, to be honest.



Ichiban said:

I agree with drumsandperc92, that's the kind of Zelda I want to see next.
Now im probably going to see alot of hate for this, but I tonight Skyward Swords visual style was quite lacking. Waaaaaay too much use of yellows & browns in the colour palette, resulting in the game feeling lifeless & dull. I even feel it robbed the game of any personality it had. But there were moments of brilliance littered thoughout the game, briming with life & eye popping colour. But these moments were way too far between.
That said, the Zelda Wii U demo is the best thing ive ever seen. Link literally jumped off the screen, his movements & animation were astonishing. And that was a brief demo!!



kkslider5552000 said:

1. Think of something original to say. "OUR NEW ZELDA GAME WILL LOOK LIKE A HIGH QUALITY GAME!" NO! Really? I would have never guessed.
2. I will say that while it was tolerable in 2006, I would probably hate looking at Twilight Princess' gray and brownness now and while this looks next gen realistic HARDCORE YO, it's still likely being colorful and not lifeless and avoiding trying too hard to look like other current gen games. I approve.



Vincent294 said:

I like the demo. It looks bright, sharp, and realistic. Not as gritty as Twilight Princess, but still realistic.



aaronsullivan said:

Can't wait to see the visual style of the next Zelda. Nintendo has kept the look and style of Zelda surprising for 25 years.

I don't think one console release hasn't been surprising visually and thematically.

Who knew the first Zelda's simplistic icons could hold such a deep and layered game at the time. Zelda II went side view for a huge departure. Zelda III brought subtlety and mood and detail only hinted at in the first game. Ocarina of Time went 3D. Majora's mask went insane dark and quirky. Wind Waker was so surprising it divided gamers sharply. Twilight Princess was expected to go realistic, but the dark geometric and almost digitial nature of the Twilight realm kept it surprising. Skyward Sword has the painterly, vibrant look with an unmatched expressiveness in the characters.

Can't wait to see what's next. Incidentally, all of them (save the early 2D games) would look better in HD resolution. The finer I can see the edges and the details the better.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Alright, hope we can say that the price of the game will be cheap at least. (I don't want to be a scrooge here, but the maximum of 39 € i pay for the very best Nintendo and 3rd party games just feels so damn good. I guess i'll buy a lot less games if they become much more expensive.)



phoenix1818 said:

I must agree that the demo looks beautiful exactly as it is and I would be happy to play a full Zelda game with that art style. It's a great style that is aesthetically pleasing and can provide excellent detail without becoming so realistic that it detroys the wonder of a fantasy game.

If Retro are involved in the next Metroid then I can't wait to see what their artists can pull off with the tech on the Wii U! Considering their Wii and Gamecube games still look amazing to this day, I think the next Metroid game could look absolutely amazing!



kyuubikid213 said:

Nintendo, I've stuck with you for this long. In actuality, I don't care about the HDness of the Wii U. I want to be able to play another incredible Nintendo console that made me feel as good as when I first picked up an N64 controller. I want to be able to play Zelda of course, but you don't need to try and buy me with the promise of HD. Just give me your Wii U and your Zelda.



PatcherStation said:

It'll take years for this to come out. Rumour has it that there's going to be an update of Skyward Sword (on the Wii U). Nintendo did the same with Twilight Princess (GameCube to Wii). I can see this happening.



triforcepower73 said:

They should hand majora's mask over to gretto to do a wii u remake. That would sell wii u like crazy and show how truly amazing the game is. While gretto is doing that nintendo could work on a new game for wii u hopefully with this artstyle(i think it fits zelda perfectly. not as dead serious as twilight princess went for but not as cartoony as skyward sword or wind waker was). Another team could make a game specifically for 3ds. I saw on youtube a fanmade majora's mask trailer and in the comments a lot of people were saying "go to ign and you can vote for a majora's mask remake." But it was for 3ds and wouldn't look anything like the trailer.

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