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Australia Gets Chance to Win Mario 3DS Consoles

Posted by James Newton

And 3D Classics: Kid Icarus

Europe, your maniacal grip on 3D Classics: Kid Icarus and those Mario 3DS consoles is loosening.

Nintendo of Australia just opened up its very own It's a Me, Mario competition with near-identical rules to Europe's: register two 3DS games with Club Nintendo and you get a free code for Kid Icarus, with entrants over the age of ten also able to enter to win a Mario, Peach or Toad-themed 3DS console.

One interesting difference is that while Europe has 3,000 consoles up for grabs, Australia has just 150. Still, better than nothing, eh?


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HipsterDashie said:

Seems fair. I mean, I was always under the impression Australia only had a population of 12 people and a bowl of assorted citrus fruits anyway.



Aviator said:

Done and done.

And get your facts straight hipster. It's New Zealand that have their human population outnumbered by animals (sheeps).



cnm_nintendo said:

NOOOO!!! WHY!??? I registered 2 out of the eligible games BEFORE THIS. WHY NINTENDO WHY!!!?? D:



47drift said:

Question about these contests: Do previously registered games count? I'd hate to have to buy two new 3DS games just to be eligible for something like this when it comes stateside.



stipey said:

@cnm_nintendo: it says you can have registered them since early November. Sorry if that doesn't make no sense, I'm a tired boy right about now.



Aviator said:

I entered StarFox and Mario Kart (pretty much following their releases) and got both Kid Icarus and an entry to win a 3DS.



cnm_nintendo said:

Oh really? Re-reads terms & conditions Ohh.. My bad o-o Got a bit excited there. Sorry about that.



AutumnShantel said:

I'd want the Peach or Toad one, not Mario. Considering the flag next to my name, I really don't have to worry about it.



Shworange said:

Still waiting for north America! I havent added my recent 3ds codes in hopes that this would come here!



Geonjaha said:

Your chance of winning the 3DS is close to zero anyway - just be happy with the game, which is great. Also - prepare for Americans complaining despite now being able to get 3DS games for Club Nintendo Coins.



C-Olimar said:

Nintendo should just give Australians free 3DS consoles. That'll keep them inside and stop them from beating us at sports!



bahooney said:

I've been complaining a lot about NOAmerica lately. And for anyone that's doubted me, you know you've got it bad when NOAustralia, infamous for the poopery, get something awesome before you do, with no announcement for your country in sight. Ace!



BenAV said:

Now time to sit here and wait for up to seven days for my email.



TingLz said:

@Geonjaha: Oh no, how dare we complain about this stuff!! It's not like we get everything that every other region gets...oh wait...



AVahne said:

America being left out yet again. Let me guess, we'll get this contest in May.



Ruthven said:

Try living in NZ (New Zealand) and being a Nintendo Fanboy like me... It wasn’t until Nintendo AU took over NZ a few years ago, that we finally started getting the AU promotions (with NZ tacked on the end). PS: Sony calls NZ a “Playstation Nation”, most “Hard Core” gamers in NZ just laugh when you even mention Nintendo.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

Why the heck isn't it in America? Maybe soon... I got SM3DL and MK7 for Christmas and haven't put them online just for this they'd better come to America soon😁



Moonhillwat said:

I'd like to know why Nintendo's taking their sweet time with giving Kid Icarus 3D an official worldwide release.



Zero123 said:

I can't register my Super Mario 3D Land for some reason it says the code is expired but the code expires in 2015and i have registered LOZOOT




AutumnShantel said:

Just for the record, I wasn't complaining about the US... I'd rather live here than anywhere else any day



emmamaybe said:

I am in Australia and just registered two of the eligible games, but nothing happened - how long am I supposed to wait before I get a code or "banner" as it says? How long did any of you wait?

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