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From the creators of Metroid comes Kid Icarus: an action-platformer starring angelic warrior Pit, whose quest is to rescue the goddess Palutena and save Angel Land from the evil Medusa.

Armed with his trusty bow and arrow, Pit must battle from the underworld to the sky, to seek out the Three Sacred Treasures - only then will Pit have the power to take on Medusa.

Look out for Pit's return in Kid Icarus: Uprising for Nintendo 3DS!

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Pit of class

Kid Icarus was always a bit of a weird game. Originally released alongside Metroid and using an almost identical game engine, it was quickly overshadowed by the popularity of Metroid's giant game world full of areas to explore and, save for a (more...

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Geonjaha said:

Makes sense, too bad it's apparently the last 3D-Classic unless they decide to make more.
@4 Seriously, stop using that video - it's getting really annoying.



therick112 said:

I was hoping this would have been included in the NES portion of the Ambassador Program, but this is definitely an acceptable alternative, and makes a ton of sense to try and play up KI: Uprising.



Megajack said:

OH YA! i was a fan of kid icarus since super smash bros. brawl! this is awsome! i have kid icarus on my NES and my wii and im definatly gonna get it for the 3ds



TikiTong said:

Correct me if I'm worng, but I heard this 3D Classic would be free. Is this true????



Mariokart7fan said:

@9 only if you register two 3ds games by the 31st of december on club nintendo of Europe
(that means only people in europe will get it for free)



mushroomer said:

パルテナの鏡 <----- that is the japanese title for the original Kid Icarus.
Translates "The Mirror of Parthenon"
interesting how the change of just the name makes a game more child like or serious...



Undead_terror said:

looks ok but it would be nice if they release a 3d classics zelda 1 or 2 next! total buy if i got the money.



winter123 said:

WTF... I saw this, was going to go buy it right now... Then saw Europe only. Nintendo does not want my money, end of story.



winter123 said:

Kid Icarus Uprising was going to be a bargain bin game for me... honestly it looks boring... but now I may need to preorder at Amazon just to get this 3d classing... brilliant marketing, I suppose.

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