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Monster Hunter 4 Video Was All Real-Time, All the Time

Posted by James Newton

Actually playable

If, like us, you were wowed by the Monster Hunter 4 video Capcom revealed back in September but thought "that can't possibly be accurate" — apparently it can.

A recent Iwata Asks interview (via Andriasang) reveals that not only was it real-time footage of the upcoming 3DS game, it was actually played by Capcom staff members.

The initial footage was thought to be more concept than concrete, but now we know it was actually playable. Check out the trailer for yourself below and imagine playing it in 3D sometime.

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Late said:

Um... what? I never even thought of that. Wasn't going to buy a MH game after getting the Tri on Wii but I may still change my mind.



erv said:

I still only want an online monster hunter and nothing else, impressive as this may seem. After tri's multiplayer experience I can't help but feel empty hunting alone.

Here's hoping the wiiU version will rock in the online department.



JayArr said:

God I hope that was like a one time section early in the game. If they try to seriously throw platforming garbage into Monster Hunter I will be raged......



linkdeku7 said:

This may be a stupid question, but is there also going to be a Wii U version? Has such been announced?



James said:

@linkdeku7 Capcom's not mentioned anything about Wii U yet, so the answer is "we don't know".

@Lan Was probably played on a developer PC but not sure if that makes any real difference in the long run



rjejr said:

The first time I saw the Kid Icarus trailer I was so excited somebody actually made a Wii game that looked good. (Yes I know it is' ta Wii game bu that's what I thought when I first saw it) This looks even better than that. MHtri is the only MH game I've played (finally beat that stupid bird) but this looks better than that. No way my guy could run that fast, jump that high,or climb shear walls.



zezhyrule said:

No. Guess MH will now turn into a running cinematic game. I blame the 3DS.

"Run and hide from monsters, this time with flashy camera angles and THREE DEEE!"



Morpheel said:

They probably added the flashy camera angles later to make it more movie like, I doubt Capcom would kill the series using unpredictable camera angles.



Traxx said:

Well, I never thought this looked very well if it were pre-calculated stuff. But if this is actually the gameplay-engine without enhancements it looks ok for being on the 3DS.

@zezzy: You ever have seen a MH cinematic sequence without the hunters running from the monsters...? This movie may feature the ingame gameplay, but it doesnt necessarily mean you have to play like the dude did.



Traxx said:

Although its real time footage, it's still a trailer, hence all the camera angles and the player doing his thing there. We don't know yet what we are actually supposed to do in this environment. Maybe escaping, maybe just the opposite: following the monster to its hidden lair.



TromboneGamer said:

I was thinking it could definitely be possible just not sure what would make it into the final game and how it's going to turn out.



X-145 said: I can't wait to see more of this beautiful footage! Take that HD Fanboys!

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