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Miyamoto: "Eventually Nintendo Must Survive Without Me"

Posted by James Newton

It is inevitable

All the talk of Shigeru Miyamoto retiring or stepping down — neither of which he's doing, of course — got many thinking about Nintendo's future after its talismanic figure leaves. Miyamoto himself spoke to the Wall Street Journal blog briefly about company life after his departure, and acknowledges Nintendo must prosper without him:

We have to construct the structure so that the organization so that it can make it without me. I should also admit that it might be better without me; I mean that a different approach and different talent might emerge, though I shouldn’t dwell on this because then the article might indeed say ‘Mr. Miyamoto is thinking about retiring,’ because that is not the case.

Miyamoto realises better than most that allowing a younger generation to come to the forefront will enable Nintendo to keep creating great games for years to come. Not that he's thinking about retiring, though, because he's not.


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Chrono_Cross said:

Well it's official: Miyamoto is not retiring, or stepping down, or doing anything of any sort at this time. Good know.

Because I hate change. And I hate how you find the perfect picture for these news reports James Dx



SLiM said:

The day Miyamoto retires will be a sad day. Until then I will continue to enjoy all the awesome games he directs.



Expa0 said:

Miyamoto sadly seems to gradually get more and more senile, he really should retire soon.



Yrreiht said:

As sad as that day will be, Nintendo will still be awesome and i'll never stop playing their games



NiaLovesNinty said:

The photo is priceless lol. It will be interesting to see how Nintendo fares when Miyamoto steps down. Not saying I want him to quit, but I'd actually welcome the change.



NintyMan said:

Well, there comes to a point in time in life when one must stop what they're doing. Miyamoto will stay around for a long time yet, but the day when he must pass the torch to his right-hand man Tezuka or rising Mario developer Koizumi will come, whether we like it or not.

Then again, it's interesting to imagine a day in Nintendo when it's Tezuka, Koizumi, and Aonuma leading the pack while Miyamoto is off on some Japanese resort relaxing his old bones.



Blaze said:

Time might not be on his side, but I expect he's still got a good five - ten years with Nintendo. He's only 59, which isn't that much considering the average Japanese Man dies at about 85.



naut said:

shudder. The day Miyamoto dies will be a terrible one indeed.



Robo-goose said:

Miyamoto secretly wants to live forever, which is why he's doing his best to force the younger generation of game developers to think the way he does, and make what he wants. I bet he has an entire section of Nintendo devoted to figuring out how to prolong life/clone armies of himself. One day, there will be millions of Shigeru Miyamotos, marching down the game development streets, murdering any game developer who isn't a Shigeru Miyamoto. First he'll target the guys in charge of making games, next he'll destroy their entire companies by killing all of the members. Sega and Ubisoft will fall first, next will be Activision followed by EA. There will be pockets of resistance comprised of members of Valve, Atlus, and indie companies, they will struggle to survive, they must if they wish to save gamer-kind.
They won't.
Nintendo will eventually start to root out Valve's whereabouts, Gabe Newell will be a victim in 2019. Once Valve falls, everyone will start loosing hope. The indie companies will attempt to join Nintendo in a fruitless effort to stay alive, but will be captured and tortured for information instead. They will give up the location of Atlus in yet another fruitless effort to stay alive, but all that they did was spell the end of non-Nintendo gaming, and the end of the lives of many other developers as well...
Atlus will relocate on the island Wake before Nintendo finds them, then try to build a small navy and airforce for themselves.

In the year 2021, Atlus will start to test its naval and airforce power by sending aircraft carriers to attack Nintendo-occupied Guam.
The attack will be successful.
Atlus will get over confident, and start to show its full power to Nintendo by attempting to take Agana, Tinian, and Saipan.
These attacks will also deliver good results... So it seems...
Nintendo sees these attacks as a chance to finally root out Atlus, the army of Miyamotos is eager to attack.
Nintendo will launch a fleet of forty-seven carriers, eighty-nine heavy cruisers, one-hundred light cruisers, and two-hundred and twenty-two destroyers. A small force of seventeen Nintendo submarines will alert the optimistic Atlus Navy to Nintendo's presence. Atlus will use its three destroyers to fight back the submarines, not knowing that they are being surrounded by a gigantic fleet.
Nintendo now sends in its full fleet to finally wipe out the Atlus survivors, whom they believed to have all but disappeared two years before, when Gabe died.
Nintendo destroys all Atlus ships in Saipan, Tinian, Agana, and Guam. Nintendo learns of Atlus's Wake-based home.
Atlus tries its best to escape from Wake before the inevitable end.
They're too slow.
Nintendo catches the Atlusians mid escape.
Nintendo has no mercy.
Every developer with Atlus is promptly wiped out. Before death, Fleet Admiral Markus Vaughn gives a farewell adress to his men, "Gentlemen, we had a good run. It has been an honor to serve by you, and to resist the Npire with every fabric of my being. I wish you all a good afterlife. Farewell!".
No one survived, Nintendo had finally wiped out every last developer who wasn't a Miyamoto on the entire planet.
But that's only every developer on the PLANET. They failed to consider the resistance on the moon...



Luffymcduck said:

@15 You should write a best seller book about this.

Nintendolife always has the best pictures for each news article. Like Rakham Red from Tintin in news about DS piracy.



SanderEvers said:

Everybody dies someday, and other people will replace them and may even do things better.



Token_Girl said:

It's good to hear that they are thinking about succession planning - many businesses do not and pay the price. I have no problem with some fresh blood now and again, and there are a fair amount of stories where devs go beyond Miyamoto's expectations or convince him to allow something different in their games. I think it's good that he's been starting to give those under him more freedom - and frankly, looking at the major Ninty franchises the past couple of years, there's not too much to worry about.



MarioFan1985 said:

I have heard this before. Of course, a lot people were in both an uproar and happiness with this. But then, I heard that he really wasn't planning on retirement just yet. Well, I knew that Miyamoto-san wouldn't do what Keiji Inafune did, just leave without a successor (which puts Megaman's future in Jeopardy), so that way, we'll still see Mario and Zelda games be made even after Miyamoto-San's eventual retirement.



Link79 said:

Mickey mouse was just fine after Walt Disney died.
As long as Miyamoto's successors uphold the values and quality standard of Nintendo I'm sure Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong will be just fine without him.



MeloMan said:

All great things must come to an end sooner or later... It may sound silly, but however old I am when Miyamoto retires, I think I may actually shed a tear. We'll see when we cross that bridge. Until then, keep giving us the goods, Shiggy.



Jr-Joe said:

Shigeru Miyamoto is truly a great videogame designer and producer, If He never ceased to design and produce then we wouldn't really appreciate his work. Thus far Nintendo has been a blessing to me.



bezerker99 said:

Scientists are working on Miyamoto clones at this very exact moment in time. Long live Shiggy!!!



Punny said:

Nintendo will definately NOT be awful without Mr. Miyamoto. The company was still great when Gunpei Yokoi passed away, so Nintendo won't be bad when Mr. Miyamoto leaves. His impact lives on in many of Nintendo's great staff and helpers, even Retro Studios. Still, when he does leave, it will be a sad day...



GlasS said:

If you freeze him, he can't make games, and he can't think, either. It's not like he's gonna pop out in forty-five years with an entire franchise thought out. He has to age to make games.



antster1983 said:

Apple now have to survive without Steve Jobs. I'm sure Nintendo will survive without Shigeru Miyamoto.



StarDust4Ever said:

It will be a sad day when Myamoto does leave someday, whether by choice or by necessity. How will Nintendo carry on his legacy without him? Maybe it will be like they did with Walt Disney Studios. If he ever does pass on someday, hopefully not for another 30 years at least, I hope they do a biography on Nightline or 2020.

Seriously, though, why do so many Mario fans look up to Myamoto like he's some sort of god? He's just human like the rest of us...



JGMR said:

He's a human being, not a 'god' on which we are dependent. Creativity does not end when one ceases to be, in fact everybody has a talent which one can explore and develop. Stop idolizing people.



Onett said:

I grew up with Shiggy. Shiggy stepping down would be like sending my father to a retirement home. The day he passes on will be the day I feel like I've lost a relative that has brought years of joy to my life.



RYBlast said:

The quality of Nintendo's games will be fine without him, but where will the genius ideas Miyamoto has that evolve into fantastic game elements go?



rafaelluik said:

@15. Robo-goose OMG, which is crazier: thinking you just wrote this stuff or that you had this written already!?



NintenHero said:

@15. Robo-goose lmfao!!! wtf yo? xD that was funny.
And Miyamoto is right, hopefully we will get developers who will be as good as him for Nintendo. But not just Miyamoto, all the others guys as well.
I'd miss Miyamoto whenever he retires though... he's my Inspiration.



Edwrd said:

Nintendo online store needs to get rid of the stupid credit system, I know Xbox does this too, but Steam or the iTunes store doesn't, neither does every other online retailer, imagine if Amazon or Apple did this, imagine the backlash from their customers! Don't make me pay $10 for a $6 game, what am I going to do with the balance?? If Miyamoto (with all due respect) is ok with this system of payment, that part of his decision making powers already need replacing! Or more accurately, whoever made this decision at Nintendo need to get with the times or should be replaced (no mercy! )



Edwrd said:

@James Wow, thanks thats good news! ^_^ That buy credit by block situation stopped me from buying a lot of games. Now my only complaint is, they should get rid of the block scheme completely and how many years has it been for this good for consumer change Nintendo!



Henmii said:

Miyamoto is right: One day Nintendo has to go on without him. It's sad to hear though that he sees himself as a restriction of upcoming talent. Or in other words: As long as he stays, no other talent can truly flourish.

Nintendo should not bank to much on Miyamoto! Give other talents a chance too! Why can't other talent grow while Miyamoto is still around? That's bad management from Nintendo then!

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