The 3DS eShop is picking up steam lately, what with the recent update and excellent software like Pushmo, and Nintendo wants to keep that momentum going into early 2012.

The company just released a broad outline of its release schedule for the eShop in the first quarter of next year, with some good titles in the mix. Sadly there's nothing more specific than Q1 for any game, meaning we could see them any time between 1st January and 30th March. It's also disappointing to see Zen Pinball 3D won't launch until early next year.

3DS Download Software for Q1 2012

Colors! 3D
Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword
Dillon’s Rolling Western
Kirby’s Block Ball™ [3DS Virtual Console]
Mutant Mudds
Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH
Jett Rocket Super Surf
Mighty Switch Force
Zen Pinball

The Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS will also be busy with a variety of downloadable offerings. Dillon’s Rolling Western™ brings tower-defense strategy and touch-screen driven action to the Old West. Armadillo ranger Dillon defends pioneer villages against waves of attacking rock monsters using gun towers, defensive structures and his own exciting attack abilities. In Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword™, players travel to ancient Japan and guide a young warrior as he battles waves of enemy soldiers. Players must identify the enemy’s attack, dodge and counter-attack with the mystical Sakura Sword to win the battle. The critically acclaimed VVVVVV and NightSky from Nicalis, mind-bending action of Mighty Switch Force from WayForward and immersive 3D visuals of Mutant Mudds™ from Renegade Kid™ round out a diverse selection of downloadable games.