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Review: Nyko Power Grip

Posted by Patrick Elliot

Gripping or griping?

Battery power. It is both the benevolent force that makes portable gaming possible, and the cumbersome reason some gamers choose to keep their games at home.

Throughout gaming history, handheld consoles have been subjected to a slew of power-boosting peripherals promising more game time at the cost of extra bulk. The Nintendo Game Boy had the aptly-named Rechargeable Battery Pack; Game Gear had the Power Back. Even the Atari Lynx, which was big enough to be a console in and of itself, had the unimaginatively named Battery Pack.

Enter the Nyko Power Grip for Nintendo 3DS. Much like its predecessor, the Nyko Power Pak+, this handy little peripheral pops on to the back of your 3DS and promises to net you three times the battery life. Unlike the Power Pak however, which only doubled the power, you don't need to mess around with your system's battery and run the risk of voiding your 3DS warranty to get it to work. Just snap it on and get gaming.

Now, everyone likely welcomes more battery power. Who hasn't grabbed their handheld for a quick burst of gaming only to find that blinking red light barring you from a jolt of handheld happiness? But what makes or breaks a battery booster is the bulk. If a peripheral turns your portable system into an ugly, over-sized plastic Frankenstein, the added boost of power might not be worth it – especially if the thing won't fit in your pocket. Secondly, there's the comfort level. If the add-on makes the console a pain to hold and operate, the cut in portable play time might be more welcomed than strained fingers and an early onset of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Thankfully, Nyko's Power Grip puts both form and function at the forefront, creating an ergonomical add-on that both makes the 3DS easier to hold and triples its battery power. The rear of the console is transformed into a form-fitting grip with two indents for your forefingers: the plastic isn't slick so your fingers stay gripped pretty well. This semi-soft plastic design also makes the add-on super easy to take on and off, and the malleable design makes it easy for the Power Grip to snap right onto the back of your console. Once attached, you simply charge the 3DS via a normal power adapter.

Sadly, the rear attachment bars use of the 3DS docking station. If you really are set on using the dock however you could always snap off the Power Grip once it's charged. It will keep its power stowed away until you pop it back on, and it even has its own LED light indicating the charge level.

If you are one of the many 3DS owners that would like to add some more battery power to your system, Nyko's Power Grip definitely gives you a nice bit of kit to do so. It isn't overly bulky, fits nicely in the hands and is easy to use. If you only have room in your heart for one handheld 3DS peripheral, and are reserving said room for the upcoming Circle Pad Pro, you may want to pass. Otherwise, the minimal bulk, added LED and extra grip make this battery booster easy to recommend.

Nyko provided a Power Grip for review purposes.

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Gate_Shikimuri said:

Eh, no. I like it just the way it is. I mean, really, who plays their 3DS for 10 hrs. straight?

Plus, I'm waiting for Cave Story.



timp29 said:

There is definitely a market for this product. Sounds like they've done a good job of it too.



SaKo said:

I want this... If I want to use the circle pad pro, I would just take this off.



Shadow_Chad6982 said:

when i first got my 3ds i hated the battery but now i dont really care considering i charge it every night, so i think i'll pass on this



kingothekoopas said:

power outages happen allot where i live, so this would be something nice to have. besides, i'm not a huge fan of monster hunter (it's good, but not my taste), and the circle pad pro just seems so... huge.



Nintonic said:

I don't get why people are so worried about the battery, my laptop can only go for 1 full hour and lose all of its power and to be honest, I really don't care. Sure I could use an extra hour every now and then but getting a better battery is not very practical, same with the 3ds.



ZukutoBen said:

I recently purchased a Power A PowerCase yes that is what they called itspelt same way which extends my 3DSes battery life to 10 hours it cost me 16 British pounds and you can buy this case instore ASDA I recomend this to any owner.



Detective_TeeJay said:

I already have the Power Pack +, which is surprisingly slim fitting, and I won't be using the Circle Pad Pro, so I'll pass on this. Great idea, though. I can see this selling.



ZukutoBen said:

Youll see a blue stripe in the middle of surrounding black on the top part faceing you when looking at the front of the box only in this colour sadly.



Aqueous said:

I already get about 6 hours out of my system without these power extensions. It's another not in blue also and is a knock off of the last power expansion. Why can't they just make a better internal battery instead, sigh.




I think removing the internal battery will void the warranty. At least, that's what I conclude from someone who said that their Nyko+ voided their warranty.



TLink9 said:

@17 Removig the battery doesn't void the warranty. The Nyko+ does because it has no official nintendo seal.



Spoony_Tech said:

Is there any pricing on this? I think I might pick this up and scrap the nyko + so like was said above can swap it out for the circle pad pro.



Teh-Ray said:

I wish these companies would think about the fact that not everyone buys black systems. That, and I love my charging cradle.

Oh, and the 3DS's battery life is fine.



chiptoon said:

Of course what we all want is for this and the circle pad to have a beautiful off-spring

does that sound weird?



BenAV said:

If I'm going to buy something like this then this is exactly what I want.
I don't need to have it attached all the time, but if I'm out and my 3DS starts to run out of battery I can just pull it out of my bag and snap it on.

I currently keep my netbook in my backpack and a USB charger so that also solves the problem, but something like this could be worth the purchase in the future.



Morpheel said:

I love my nyko power pack+, and it's still pretty new so I don't need a replacement yet, but this looks pretty cool.




NO to both peripherals. I charge very regularly as you prob should so I am fine. Circle pad pro represents an archaic control mechanism (though cool). Both will be valued by many though



Marios-love-child said:

I mostly use my 3ds at home anyway so have never had a problem yet with battery life.

Although admitedly that may well change once Mario Land 3d and Mario Kart 7 are released



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

@2 - I'm guilty for playing my 3DS for eleven hours straight. OoT is so much fun that I was possessed to do so, but I'm giving my 3DS a break and playing in short bursts now.



Drewroxsox said:

Sorry but no thanks Nyko. I bought the rechargable battery for my wiimote and it stoped working after two months. The same thing also happened with duracell. I don't know what happens with the batteries. I guess if you leave them on the charger too long, it'll fry the battery. If that's the case, then that's just dumb because they should stop it from charging when it's full. I'll be sticking to things that have a nIntendo seal on them from now on.



Kifa said:

I'll skip that thing - 3DS has enough battery life for my needs and added bulk would ruin the idea of 'handheld' for me.

As long as the system can provide enough juice for one day of gameplay bursts without chargint, then it's fine by me. And 3DS does that, so I see no point in carrying this thing around. And I imagine that for longer trips you will always have a socket of some sort nearby...



Aqueous said:

@bobbiKat - It won't the manual shows you how to remove weak batteries.
@Andrewroxsox - over charging does and will kill battery life and run it down to nothing, also it can't get as much charge with use but that won't kill it



shinesprite said:

I'm wondering why Nintendo didn't use a LED screen (instead of LCD)? From what I've found, they take far less power to operate (about 1/3) at the slight cost of color variety (roughly the difference between setting power saver ON vs OFF on the present system). I've spent considerable time watching various 3D LED displays and, from my understanding, the quality of 3D is on par with conventional LCDs.



Sam_Loser2 said:

I haven't had much troble with the battery do far, but there have been a few annoying moments for me. I'm more likely to get this than the circle pad pro.



MeloMan said:

I may consider this even though I charge often, it's just that some times I have to leave and I may be partway down on my charge while I walk around with my 3DS on sleep mode... at least until Nintendo gives us the next iteration of 3DS which will likely have more battery life. Nyko's been pretty good these last couple of generations for me. Not to mention I wouldn't mind an easier way to grip my 3DS as well. (the less I can smudge off the serial number the better chance I have to be able to sell back my 3DS



Jono97 said:

Battery life doesn't really bother me. But, It might if I go on a vacation to another country. Anyway, you can keep the 3DS in sleep mode with wireless on for the whole day and it would still have 3/3 power.



TwillightPrince said:

I hope there will be a third party slide pad pro with inbuilt battery and I hope it's better designed than the official one.



Mr_DSi said:

This looks pretty cool but since most of the time I play my 3DS I'm at home, I don't think I will be needing it. I also have a car charger just in case I want to play while I'm in the car.



StarDust4Ever said:

I've got the CTA-digital power grip, and it works like a charm. The things got monster bulk but I don't care as I have huge hands; it fits in a backpack plenty easily. How large is the Nyko battery? The CTA-digital one is 2600 mAh. If the Nyko battery is comparable, I may get this one as well for the enhanced portability...



NintenHero said:

lol maan the bulk ain't worth it... but it may be useful to some people who need it, really though, just make a more powerful battery and end the story please... and nice review.



mushroomer said:

@YelloWishua im thinking about getting this.. Im going on a trip to japan which is about 12 hours.. now im not gonna play 10 hours but, i do want to play kid icarus for more than the 2 hours i get from the built in battery.

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