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Nintendo Download: 3rd November 2011 (Europe)

Posted by James Newton

Master Higgins is back!

Hudson was a big supporter of the Wii's Virtual Console, releasing no fewer than 53 games on the service over the past five years. Now it's bringing its little mascot Master Higgins to the 3DS as well with this week's title.

3DS Virtual Console

Adventure Island (Game Boy, Hudson, £2.70/€3) — This is actually based on Adventure Island II on NES, but let's not split hairs. It's still a pretty decent platformer, as you'll read in our review later this week.


Rytmik Retrobits (Cinemax, 800pts) — The latest musical studio software from Cinemax, following on from strong showings in dance, rock and hip hop, this is a retro-styled outing. We'll see if it hits the right notes with a review shortly.

Furry Legends (Gamelion, 500pts) — Gamelion's cuddly furballs make their way to DSi some years after the game was first revealed, and while it's not a perfect platformer, it has its own charms too. Check out our Furry Legends review for more.

WiiWare Demo

3D Pixel Racing (Microforum, full version: 500pts) — We didn't like 3D Pixel Racing very much, but that's not saying you won't love it like it's your own child. You can also read our 3D Pixel Racing review for a bit more information on what the full game's like.

Anything for you this week?

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User Comments (34)



BenAV said:

Nothing I want once again.
Oh well, I'm short on money at the moment and need to make sure I have enough for Skyward Sword and Mario 3D Land on the 24th.



SimonB79 said:

adventure island will be mine come 14:00 on thursday ... its a canny little game ... plus its only £2.70 for christ sake. lol (i do wish they'd hurry up with zenpinball3D & our 10 GBA ambassador games tho /shrug)



Shadowflash said:

YES!! Rytmik Retrobits ! Now I shall patiently wait for it to come to America / save up enough money for it.



Oregano said:

Well that's a nice surprise for a VC game.

Ahh, I got mixed up and thought Freakyforms was out this week! nooooo.



Kifa said:

@SimonB79 - yeah, I wish they did that, but considering the fact that those GBA games were supposed to show up "before the end of the year" I wouldn't expect them to show up before december rolls in.

As for the games - nothing that I want, though Adventure Island looks interesting. I really hope that we will get Metroid II at some point. It's over a month now since it was released in Japan and no word about EU/US has been spoken...



Omega said:

I can't decide if I get <nothing> for WiiWare or <nothing> for VC. They are both very tempting. And reasonably priced.



brandonbwii said:

Based on the original NL review, which for whatever reason disappeared, Adventure Island 2 GB was the far better game. I'll just wait for that one.



James said:

@Omega The WiiWare version is a pale imitator of the Virtual Console original though. If you want to play <nothing>, Virtual Console has to be the way to go.



Slapshot said:

Nice! I'm glad to see Adventure Island make the jump to eShop. The more platformers the better!



Bass_X0 said:

Was hoping for Metroid, Pokemon, or Final Fantasy Legends.

We'd know already if Pokemon or Final Fantasy was coming out. Adventure Island was released in Japan a while ago so it was to be expected here at some point.



GeminiSaint said:

GB Adventure Island, yay!!
This game is actually a very good port of Adventure Island 2 on the NES (which still is nowhere to be seen in the US). Here's hoping for the eventual release of GB AI2 (which is itself a faithful port of NES AI3, btw).



KingMike said:

I'd be looking forward to AI on GB if I didn't have both of the original carts.
(and to make it more confusing, the Japanese GB releases did keep the same numbers as their Famicom counterparts)



Chris720 said:

Nothing for me this week. I would get Adventure Island but it's not really jumping out at yelling "buy me!"

I'll wait for next week then...



Omega said:

@James: Thanks for the recommendation. I agree that the VC version has been around longer and is more established. I bought 0 points via credit card and maybe download it this evening. But maybe I'll wait for a review first.



Rapadash6 said:

Ugh... this just reminded me that we in the US never got Adventure Island II on Virtual Console before the service appearently ended.



edhe said:

Adventure Island has never been my idea of fun, but I will make Retrobits my maiden 3DS purchase. Too bad it isn't a 3DSware game, but I've really had fun with the other Rytmiks, and I can really use a chiptune music maker.



Thwiidscube said:

My main focus right now is Super Mario 3D Land! There's nothing I wanted on this week's download list anyway...



Sneaker13 said:

Nothing for me. I absolutely love Adventure Island, but I still have the original cartridge.



Mystic_Kirby said:

Woooo, Retrobi-
Oh wait, EU only so far. D:< NOA needs to step up their game and just announce the release date for it here.



workerbot said:

So it's Thursday morning and there's no North America download post yet. C'mon, don't leave us hanging!



Blaze said:

Rytmik Retrobits is a possibility.... Nothing else there interests me.



daznsaz said:

got adventure island its the same as wonderboy from early sega.dont know if its same game different names or shameless rip off.good flashback game though.



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

finally switched my wii to Europe. Lost 100 points in the deal, but got 3 demos and access to countless more games for my troubles.

EDIT: Pixel racing is a broken game



WaveBoy said:

Has anybody beaten the original NES version of Adventure Island? I have, with infinite lives of course since it's dead-impossible to do so without. But that doesn't even matter, because the challenge that lies ahead imo is unequaled in ANY NES game. Forget Ninja Gaiden(even III which is hands down the toughest) or Mega Man(Hard my mega bunz, only noob dudes find it tough!).

You will die and DIE and scream tetris bits until your noggin explodes into cherry pop tarts. .....Ya, we'll see how tough Ghosts n' Goblins is for the VC Arcade once i Spook it up tomorrow night hehe. I've beaten Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts for the SNES, and while it was no doubt tough it doesn't come close to Adventure Island.

The level and enemy lay out is so ridiculous off the charts- Toughity' tough tough tough the further you get that you will be screamin swarms of Ninji's!

And I highly doubt the GameBoy version comes anywhere close to the brutal difficulty of it's NES brother.

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